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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon - 5th Anniversary

It was a chilly start to the morning for this 5th anniversary race. Thankfully, the front of my corral was under an overpass so a group of us that met up during the 10K huddled together under the cover and geared up for the race.

It ended up being a pretty nice morning to be out for a run.

This was an exciting race for me because I am a Legacy Runner for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  That means that I was participating in my 5th race (every Tinker Bell race so far).  This entitled me to a special bib, a legacy runner gift, my name on a board at the expo and a special lanyard.  It was fun to see all the support for legacy runners!

 photo 2016nl5k1_zpsfcm8ki73.jpg
 photo 2016nl5k2_zpsj2fvdvug.jpg
In a corner of the expo there was a sign for legacy runners and my name was this very long list
 photo 2016tbh43_zpssjyziuax.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Bib - Notice the Legacy Runner notation
 photo 2016tbh63_zpsdfeemslw.jpg
Coast to Coast Wristband - since I completed the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon and if I finished the Tinker Bell Half I'd receive the Coast to Coast Medal
 photo 2016tbh58_zpsypc5d5a0.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Participant Shirt
 photo 2016tbh59_zpsynlnmtpf.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Participant Shirt
 photo 2016tbh44_zpspol5amqg.jpg
Official Program Guide
 photo 2016tbh45_zps2v4f0nam.jpg
 photo 2016tbh46_zpsdiadtqcq.jpg
Legacy Runner Gift - Tinker Bell Mirror with saying "How magically five years have flown by. A quick little wink, the blink of an eye. We congratulate you on your anniversary, and celebrate your five year legacy."
 photo 2016tbh47_zps772ba6ub.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Bondi Band
 photo 2016tbh49_zpshqflxowa.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Car Magnet
 photo 2016tbh52_zpsmkufcpez.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Commemorative Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016tbh55_zpss2pvcnpq.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016tbh48_zpsvk03kmmk.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Bondi Band
 photo 2016tbh50_zpsyla01bzf.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Car Magnet
 photo 2016tbh53_zpsgww99hhh.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Commemorative Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016tbh56_zpsf4ay7alw.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016tbh51_zpst1xljf4o.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Weekend Commemorative Charm Necklace
 photo 2016tbh54_zpstchtnurc.jpg
Coast to Coast Commemorative Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016tbh57_zpsptlm6k6z.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Participant Drawstring Bag
 photo 2016tbh60_zpsac2q4wth.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend T-Shirt Front
 photo 2016tbh61_zpsghlvgww4.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend T-Shirt Back
 photo 2016tbh62_zpscmorft41.jpg
2016 Coast to Coast Tech Shirt
 photo 2016tbh12_zps47pcy8ro.jpg
The rain stopped before we started to move forward
 photo 2016tbh13_zpsnazyn3qa.jpg
Minnie and Daisy at the start to send us on our way
 photo 2016tbh14_zpsnz8tb1fg.jpg
Minne, Daisy and the announcers
 photo 2016tbh15_zpstiuq7fha.jpg
Mile 1
 photo 2016tbh16_zps1qfkyali.jpg
It's my favorite pirate once again
 photo 2016tbh2_zpsl7e62384.jpg
Coming out of Tomorrowland
 photo 2016tbh17_zpsfuduzzh7.jpg
Mile 2
 photo 2016tbh18_zps5p0ekndi.jpg
A little blurry, but Tinker Bell is out there for photos
 photo 2016tbh19_zpsgbxwwyqp.jpg
The Lost Boys do love hanging out at carousels
2016tbh photo 2016tbh20_zpsnaaftfdh.jpg
Back side of the castle
 photo 2016tbh3_zpsbnohstxb.jpg
See, I can smile on a race course and what better place than coming through the castle
 photo 2016tbh21_zps4xdavdlg.jpg
Heading in to Frontierland
 photo 2016tbh22_zpsco0rnhhp.jpg
Mark Twain River Boat
 photo 2016tbh23_zpsnmrwmdaf.jpg
Sorry for the blur, but there are two fairies outside of Golden Horseshoe for photos
 photo 2016tbh24_zpswecjlvgx.jpg
A beautiful morning to be in Disneyland
 photo 2016tbh25_zps4bxvlvep.jpg
Headed down Main Street towards the entrance
 photo 2016tbh26_zpsjojwtwbl.jpg
World of Disney
 photo 2016tbh27_zpsyawymgi3.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel with the World of Color Fountains going
 photo 2016tbh28_zpseaxsid9u.jpg
Goofy and Chip and Dale were outside of Silly Symphony Swings for photos
 photo 2016tbh29_zpsf6j21pil.jpg
Radiator Springs
 photo 2016tbh4_zps8v8iotve.jpg
Strolling through Cars Land
 photo 2016tbh5_zps3axntzph.jpg
The lady behind me is so happy
 photo 2016tbh30_zpsvdrjbcxi.jpg
Heading for the exit of Cars Land
 photo 2016tbh31_zpsfl4bcyv8.jpg
The Tower is hiding behind the greenery
 photo 2016tbh7_zpsowag9alc.jpg
So many fun things to see
 photo 2016tbh32_zpswvh3kvrs.jpg
More fairy friends out for some photos
 photo 2016tbh6_zpsfh7uzceu.jpg
The White Rabbit doesn't seem to be in a hurry this morning
 photo 2016tbh33_zpslsuseqey.jpg
Mile 4
 photo 2016tbh34_zpsgtgukrjf.jpg
Going through the Esplanade by the entrance to California Adventure
 photo 2016tbh35_zpsqzstmhxo.jpg
Mile 5
 photo 2016tbh36_zpsl3rq8kiz.jpg
Mile 7
 photo 2016tbh38_zpsbwulmmd9.jpg
Mile 9
 photo 2016tbh39_zpsfsdscosg.jpg
Mile 10
 photo 2016tbh40_zpskata73af.jpg
Mile 11
 photo 2016tbh41_zpsmrxiymxy.jpg
Mile 12
 photo 2016tbh8_zps9nqzhvc0.jpg
Coming in to the finish line stretch
 photo 2016tbh42_zps0tddjvg8.jpg
Mile 13
 photo 2016tbh11_zps6dikifpa.jpg
Always a big smile when you hit that last timing mat
 photo 2016tbh1_zpsel3yrqmw.jpg
Notice anything strange about this finisher photo? Yep, they put the 10K I Did It border on it
 photo 2016tbh10_zpsmltj8lra.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Finisher Photo
 photo 2016tbh9_zpsfsilauar.jpg
2016 Coast to Coast Finisher Photo
 photo 2016tbh64_zpsmulq3km6.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medal
 photo 2016tbh65_zps1kzuivbd.jpg
So many lanyards - there's the normal lanyard and the legacy runner lanyard
 photo 2016tbh66_zpsyjxwek7j.jpg
So fun, I had to show it again
 photo 2016tbh67_zpsgow1kq1o.jpg
2015 Pixie Dust Challenge Medal - I love all the colors and the size of this medal
 photo 2016tbh68_zpsrbclkx0r.jpg
2016 Pixie Dust Challenge Lanyard
 photo 2016tbh69_zps9cqhtl1l.jpg
2016 Coast to Coast Medal
 photo 2016tbh70_zpsu2ak8ktm.jpg
2016 Coast to Coast Lanyard


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