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Saturday, February 25, 2017

2016 Never Land 5K - 5th Anniversary

The Never Land 5K during the Tinker Bell Weekend is still my absolute favorite runDisney 5K.  There are no assigned corrals, you line up in the dark on Main Street, Tinker Bell flies and it has a different story line each year.

This year we were to crow each time we saw Peter Pan's shadow.  His shadow was in a lot of places and there was a lot of crowing going on!

I am proud to say that I have done all 5 of the Never Lank 5K races - and I hope there are more to come!
 photo 2016nl5k3_zpsjhpfknuo.jpg
Never Land 5K 5th Anniversary Bib
 photo 2016nl5k8_zpsthspvzvs.jpg
Never Land 5K Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2016nl5k7_zpstgiru1yb.jpg
Never Land 5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016nl5k6_zps12svamjr.jpg
Never Land 5K Commemorative Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016nl5k4_zpshxodbyyi.jpg
2016 Never Land 5K Car Magnet
 photo 2016nl5k5_zpsdevc7ggc.jpg
2016 runDisney slider pin
 photo 2016nl5k9_zpspwz4d83s.jpg
The announcers
 photo 2016nl5k10_zpsmy3uqmlw.jpg
Tinker Bell flying over the castle before the start of the race
 photo 2016nl5k11_zps23tcqlsv.jpg
I am right at the start of the race and we are off with streamers
 photo 2016nl5k12_zpsfz3ops2a.jpg
Going by Small World
 photo 2016nl5k13_zpst5gixdfx.jpg
The pirates are out in force this morning
 photo 2016nl5k14_zpsfrasvj0n.jpg
I think this is Captain Hook and Smee, but it's a really bad picture
 photo 2016nl5k15_zps6xbkbn7x.jpg
Captain Hook's shadow
 photo 2016nl5k16_zpshvbgx3h9.jpg
Mile 1
 photo 2016nl5k17_zpshglilplp.jpg
The side of Tower of Terror as we head in to California Adventure
 photo 2016nl5k18_zpswwqnuqe3.jpg
The course isn't super crowded when you get to start in the front of the pack
 photo 2016nl5k19_zpsp1hg3tpy.jpg
Carthay Circle is so pretty all lit up
 photo 2016nl5k20_zpsi0rrtxrx.jpg
Red Trolley Car
 photo 2016nl5k21_zps0ml0okxs.jpg
More pirates and they were cracking jokes as we went by
 photo 2016nl5k22_zpsuadjpjpp.jpg
Headed in to a Bug's Land
2016nl5k photo 2016nl5k23_zpshrycvhyq.jpg
This sign would become my private joke all weekend - I love it!
 photo 2016nl5k45_zpseidsrhkl.jpg
Strolling down a neon lit Cars Land road
 photo 2016nl5k24_zps0yyeplto.jpg
Mile 2
 photo 2016nl5k25_zpsrtnboql7.jpg
A dancing pirate
 photo 2016nl5k26_zpsr48dcueh.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel - heading in to Paradise Pier
 photo 2016nl5k27_zpsiigeajha.jpg
On to the pier
 photo 2016nl5k28_zpscnxyjxat.jpg
The Lost Boys hanging out at King Triton's Carousel
 photo 2016nl5k46_zpsrlsjff3l.jpg
Not sure why I look so sad
 photo 2016nl5k49_zps35h4en8j.jpg
I did something I have never done during a runDisney race - I stopped to have my picture taken in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel!
 photo 2016nl5k30_zpsrvetdbbo.jpg
Getting ready to go by Grizzly River Run
 photo 2016nl5k31_zpsuitrjoqu.jpg
Hello giant bear!
 photo 2016nl5k32_zpsfxydzmtp.jpg
Peter and Wendy!!!!
 photo 2016nl5k33_zpsbuuqq02n.jpg
Heading by World of Disney
 photo 2016nl5k47_zpslyngbgo9.jpg
Downtown Disney
 photo 2016nl5k34_zpsbiy3ncwd.jpg
The Build a Bear Workshop sign
 photo 2016nl5k35_zpsu37em6bh.jpg
The Lego Store
 photo 2016nl5k36_zps1pq8n7b8.jpg
Mile 3 - and I did it again, I stopped for a picture. It was fun to be able to do this!
 photo 2016nl5k48_zpsubvg4irh.jpg
Don't go in to the light!
 photo 2016nl5k37_zpsik2zgmhz.jpg
Heading in to the finish line chute
 photo 2016nl5k38_zpszebz5as0.jpg
Almost done
 photo 2016nl5k39_zpsywfme5bm.jpg
Pirates and the announcers at the finish line
 photo 2016nl5k40_zpsxyuykayd.jpg
Finish Line Banner
 photo 2016nl5k41_zpsozwwec1j.jpg
They had generic backdrops setup and that I waited in line and had someone take a picture because I wasn't confident that I would get my official photo
 photo 2016nl5k44_zpsighclxdg.jpg
But, this time I did
 photo 2016nl5k42_zpsxiwapdmc.jpg
2016 Never Land 5K 5th Anniversary Medal
 photo 2016nl5k43_zpsmpn7ip7z.jpg
2016 Never Land 5K 5th Anniversary Medal


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