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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2016 Tinker Bell 10K

I enjoyed the Tinker Bell 10K - the course was pretty crowded the whole time, but it was still manageable. 

 photo 2016tb10k58_zpshhm1yne9.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Bib - this was my bib for the 10K and Half Marathon since I was registered for the Pixie Dust Challenge
 photo 2016tb10k63_zps5m4vawzu.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Participant Shirt
 photo 2016tb10k59_zpshhn4f5rr.jpg
Official Program Guide
 photo 2016tb10k62_zps7zjyfkoc.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016tb10k61_zpskn78etfw.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Commemorative Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016tb10k60_zpsgv1f5psj.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Car Magnet
 photo 2016tb10k64_zpsamitruvo.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Weekend T-Shirt Front
 photo 2016tb10k65_zpsde8nkfcf.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell Weekend T-Shirt Back
 photo 2016tb10k1_zpsbf8y4sur.jpg
Some pre-race rain made for some slippery conditions at certain points on the course
 photo 2016tb10k2_zpsqoaeh9tr.jpg
Announcer and Sign Language Interpreter
 photo 2016tb10k3_zpsjhevnhsq.jpg
So close to the start line the big screen is right overhead
 photo 2016tb10k4_zpsuv7oqgm3.jpg
Mile 1
 photo 2016tb10k5_zpsqbhkirxb.jpg
Toon Town
 photo 2016tb10k51_zpsbw3cgien.jpg
Strolling through Toon Town with all the crazies
 photo 2016tb10k6_zpsy74v53fu.jpg
Mile 2
 photo 2016tb10k7_zps2vkzrte7.jpg
Cast Members were ready for rain, but where they ready for dinosaurs?
 photo 2016tb10k8_zpsv6uvjv2e.jpg
The course was crowded on the way to the Matterhorn
 photo 2016tb10k9_zpsdpjoyjpv.jpg
This pirate and I became friends during our three days of races together
 photo 2016tb10k52_zpsu9k4py2k.jpg
Look at all the happy faces around me and I look like I'm going to die in front of the carousel
 photo 2016tb10k10_zpsbflenr7e.jpg
The backside of Sleeping Beauty castle
 photo 2016tb10k53_zpsoisbekzu.jpg
Isn't the castle pretty all decked out?
 photo 2016tb10k11_zpsobb2yclt.jpg
Heading in to Frontierland and there is still a big crowd on the course
 photo 2016tb10k12_zpsaswjdzrd.jpg
A blurry riverboat
 photo 2016tb10k13_zpsytsogpyz.jpg
Two fairies out for photos at the Golden Horseshoe
 photo 2016tb10k14_zpshyksrj0b.jpg
So many runners behind me makes me smile
 photo 2016tb10k15_zpswcqqlwbo.jpg
Coming around to the front of the park
 photo 2016tb10k16_zps3gw6nioq.jpg
Hello Walt and Mickey!
 photo 2016tb10k17_zps5zms0x85.jpg
So blurry, but how often do you get to see Main Street completely empty during a race
 photo 2016tb10k18_zpslorurrbv.jpg
Heading towards Tomorrowland
 photo 2016tb10k19_zps4ghbjuya.jpg
Yellow Submarines in the morning
2016tb10k photo 2016tb10k20_zpsto3kf6p9.jpg
Wonder where the rocket is headed today
 photo 2016tb10k21_zpsibmh35vw.jpg
Mile 3
 photo 2016tb10k22_zps51pqxomp.jpg
Tinker Bell is spreading some Pixie Dust on us as we go by
 photo 2016tb10k41_zpssr0tu4dm.jpg
Such a fun painting
 photo 2016tb10k23_zpshmnxx2h3.jpg
Heading to the front of the park and the flag pole just caught me in this moment
 photo 2016tb10k24_zpsnflpmale.jpg
At the Front of Disneyland
 photo 2016tb10k25_zpsmtuenwsh.jpg
Disneyland 60th Banner
 photo 2016tb10k43_zpsm374wmjw.jpg
This hill tunnel is seen way to many times during Tinker Bell Weekend
 photo 2016tb10k26_zpswml2yezr.jpg
Heading across the Esplanade to California Adventure
 photo 2016tb10k45_zpsi0w1jhdp.jpg
Tinker Bell was out here taking photos this morning
 photo 2016tb10k27_zpsw8qt6rdt.jpg
Carthay Circle
 photo 2016tb10k44_zpsolsht6nn.jpg
A beautiful pic of the fun wheel
 photo 2016tb10k39_zpsyakef1mz.jpg
Paradise Pier
 photo 2016tb10k55_zps7pvwsruk.jpg
A happy face during the race
 photo 2016tb10k32_zpsb2hmzxee.jpg
Apparently, I take this photo at every race
 photo 2016tb10k33_zps8b9wmiz7.jpg
My laugh of the day
 photo 2016tb10k34_zpsvrthrlzp.jpg
Grizzly Peak is looking menacing this morning
 photo 2016tb10k35_zps4iqsttmu.jpg
So many cute little cars
 photo 2016tb10k37_zps6wjyeyvn.jpg
Two more fairy friends out for photos
 photo 2016tb10k38_zps8gmvqlwx.jpg
Grizzly Peak from a bug's point of view
 photo 2016tb10k28_zpssts11xkn.jpg
Still a lot of crowding on this course
 photo 2016tb10k29_zpsh5j1bv0b.jpg
Tower of Terror
 photo 2016tb10k31_zpsrcxunusx.jpg
It almost looks like Jurassic Park, but no, just heading out of the parks
 photo 2016tb10k30_zpsafs774jg.jpg
Mile 4
 photo 2016tb10k36_zpsmsdz2x2p.jpg 
Mile 5
2016tb10k photo 2016tb10k46_zps6drsguyu.jpg
Mile 6
 photo 2016tb10k47_zpskx5kmzst.jpg
Headed by the Disneyland Hotel
 photo 2016tb10k48_zpsz9dcsabf.jpg
The finish line banner and announcers
 photo 2016tb10k56_zpsscd3xia3.jpg
Crowded even at the finish line
 photo 2016tb10k57_zpsmokib5jd.jpg
Gotta step on that timing mat
 photo 2016tb10k50_zpsf4jledk8.jpg
Official Finisher Photo
 photo 2016tb10k49_zpsjg57jmvz.jpg
Had to wait in quite a long line to have another participant take my photo for me, but I still didn't trust Photopass
 photo 2016tb10k67_zpsnoyeozdo.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell 10K Medal
 photo 2016tb10k66_zpsoxkutl9w.jpg
2016 Tinker Bell 10K Lanyard

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