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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Yep, I know this is a bit late, but here's a short story about last year's Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  I hurt my back in September 2015 and that injury persisted in to 2016.  I was hoping I could do Dopey, but it just wasn't in the cards.  I made it through the 5K without to much trouble and then the 10K just about killed me - thankfully, Chris was with me and helped me get through it.  I spent the next two days cheering on friends during the half and full marathon.  It was still a great weekend doing what I could and getting to spend time with great friends.
 photo 2016WDW21_zps7zk66qze.jpg
Official Program Guide
 photo 2016WDW7_zpsytaxevjg.jpg
2016 Vinylmation
 photo 2016WDW13_zpscmlf25wa.jpg
Front of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2016WDW14_zpstoeeogcc.jpg
Back of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2016WDW12_zpsebobvx5m.jpg
Commemorative Charm Necklace
 photo 2016WDW4_zpsf3ygqw7j.jpg
Commemorative Button
 photo 2016WDW15_zpstqdxmlpd.jpg
WDW 5K Participant Shirt
 photo 2016WDW2_zpsbb8eme2o.jpg
WDW 5K Car Magnet
 photo 2016WDW5_zpshzintjly.jpg
WDW 5K Button
 photo 2016WDW8_zpsoorygxwl.jpg
WDW 5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016WDW10_zpsbrln1sh2.jpg
WDW 5K Medal Replica Pint
 photo 2016WDW16_zpsvoqmxgdc.jpg
WDW 10K Participant Shirt
 photo 2016WDW6_zps9s2xvgsu.jpg
WDW 10K Button
 photo 2016WDW9_zpselwqunyf.jpg
WDW 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2016WDW11_zpsfnexzt7g.jpg
WDW 10K Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2016WDW3_zpsgzec9frw.jpg
WDW 10K Car Magnet
 photo 2016WDW1_zpsdizaomyr.jpg
Dopey Bib
 photo 2016WDW41_zpsl9qwrh3l.jpg
WDW 5K Finisher Photo
 photo 2016WDW17_zpsi4qlphkz.jpg
WDW 5K Lanyard
 photo 2016WDW18_zpsgj8uql94.jpg
WDW 5K Medal
 photo 2016WDW46_zps26kvwf4w.jpg
Thanks to Chris, I actually finished this race
 photo 2016WDW42_zpstrspcgvc.jpg
WDW 10K Finisher Photo
 photo 2016WDW19_zpsh9iys99t.jpg
WDW 10K Lanyard
 photo 2016WDW20_zpslonuflks.jpg
WDW 10K Medal


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