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Miles Completed = 29.01
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Review: Feb 22 - 28, 2016

Here's this week's recap
Total Calories:  1402
AM Workout:  Bike - 30mins, 15.3mph avg, 7.8mi, resistance level 3
Notes:  I pushed a bit today, but certainly not as hard as I could have pushed.  Still I felt like it was a positive workout.

Total Calories:  1291
AM Workout:  Run/Walk - .14mi warm up walk, 2mi @ 14:50 per mi (1min walk/30sec run), .24mi cool down walk
Notes:  Everything felt really good during my run/walk today.  I decided to push a little bit more and worked hard to not let my mind tell my body it was tired - a lot of this is mental.  I'm still working on my breathing.

Total Calories:  1420
AM Workout:  Elliptical - 39mins, 1715 revolutions, ramp incline 10%, varying resistance, 1.01mi
Notes:  I really pushed during this workout today and managed to get a few extra minutes in.  I will say that my legs are feeling the extra effort I'm trying to put in this week.

Total Calories:  1288
PM Workout:  Bike - 45mins, 11.4mi, 15.3mph avg, resistance level 2
Notes:  I intended to do a run/walk today, but I met a lady that lives in my development and she asked if I minded her walking with me...not my typical style, but I just walked with her.

Total Calories:  1402
Notes:  The body was asking for a rest day today and I obliged.

Total Calories:  1119
Notes: Plans changed today so I wasn't able to get my workout in, but that's okay.

Total Calories:  1320
PM Workout: Elliptical - 30mins, ramp 10% incline, resistance level 1, 1562 revolutions, .92mi
Notes:  I really struggled with this workout today.  I'm not sure why I'm so worn out, but man I just feel like I've been beaten up this week.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -4.7 pounds
Yes, finally something I've done has finally started to pay off with a better number on the scale.  I know that I've upped my workout intensity and I'm really trying to keep the calories in and calories out in check.  I plan to continue with this and hopefully it will continue to work.

Run/Walk Miles: 2.38
Bike Miles: 19.2
Elliptical Miles: 1.93

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles:  13.79
Bike Miles: 41.5
Elliptical Miles: 5.64

Training Notes
This week I was focusing on not letting my mind defeat my efforts.  I wasn't going to tell myself to stop just because and I didn't.  The effect was that I managed to get some great intense workouts in and push a little more than I have.

Health Watch
I am continuing to watch my calorie intake versus my calories burned each day.  I've been trying really hard to maintain the 1000 calorie deficit that is called for in order to lose two pounds in a week.  Happily, I have done that or better each day this week so hopefully the scale will also show this effort.


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