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Friday, December 11, 2015

2015 Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K (Wine and Dine Half Weekend)

Prior to leaving on the trip to Walt Disney World, runDisney sent a card with the $15 gift card for participants of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.
 photo 2015jj5k1_zps8omnnnrg.jpg
Front of card that came with the gift card
 photo 2015jj5k2_zpskslxxwrp.jpg
The inside of the card with the gift card attached
 photo 2015jj5k3_zpsysptcfsr.jpg
The other side of the inside of the card
 photo 2015jj5k45_zpsnrqk7i4q.jpg
$15 Gift Card

I seriously considered not even going to this race weekend. My back is still experiencing issues when I walk and it worries me. A couple of weeks before this race I was at a local 5K and I stepped down off a low wall, well, I thought it was a low wall until I stepped down with all my weight on my right leg and immediately felt pain shoot from my knee all the way down to my ankle. I had jammed my knee and it hurt - I still did the 5K and later that day I ended up going bowling and that was not a smart idea. I was still trying to get the swelling to go down and my knee cap stopped tracking correctly and was popping out several times a day - this is not new to me as I have knee issues, but it still concerns me when it happens. Still, I had paid for the races and I figured I could use a break from work and headed to Walt Disney World any way.

 photo 2015jj5k39_zpsilvgtph2.jpg
Wine & Dine After Party Wristband
 photo 2015jj5k40_zpsdkbupgkg.jpg
Official Race Weekend Program
 photo 2015jj5k41_zpsdrlh0vzm.jpg
2015 Jingle Jungle 5K Bib
 photo 2015jj5k43_zpsxfpylwl9.jpg
2015 Jingle Jungle 5K Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2015jj5k46_zpsfifgpsb0.jpg
Jingle Jungle 5K Car Magnet
 photo 2015jj5k48_zpsxdj0x8ce.jpg
5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015jj5k42_zpsl4rbob2l.jpg
2015 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Bib with Drink Voucher attached
 photo 2015jj5k44_zpsolfbypua.jpg
2015 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015jj5k47_zpsnktdim4q.jpg
Wine & Dine Half Marathon Bondi Band
 photo 2015jj5k49_zpsefmww4ux.jpg
Half Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015jj5k50_zpspxofucjg.jpg
Half Marathon Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2015jj5k51_zpsh7p2gmxi.jpg
Wine & Dine Half Marathon Commemorative Necklace

 photo 2015jj5k4_zpsshidul9h.jpg
Even though I wasn't on the first bus to the race, I was still there plenty early and there weren't too many people yet
 photo 2015jj5k5_zpsftkftdge.jpg
The snow machines were cranked up to high this morning..as you can see there's even accumulation. I can guarantee you that it wasn't because it was cold...In fact, it was super warm and so humid. I stopped for a bio break and no joke, the toilet paper was damp, almost to the point of being considered wet - blech.

I got in my corral as soon as it opened up so I was pretty close to the front (as usual) and all of a sudden a guy on the outside of the fence says, "Hey, it's you." I was stumped for a second and then he said, "from the Disneyland Half." Then it clicked it was one of the guys that I had talked to for a couple of hours while waiting for the half to start. His wife was doing the 5K and he was going to be doing the half later. We chatted for quite a while about runDisney, DVC, and just life in general - such a nice couple. It made the time go faster for sure.
2015dlh photo 2015dlh50_zpselfy2rhf.jpg
The guy on the left behind me is the one that recognized me from the Disneyland Half
 photo 2015jj5k6_zpstpod1x0b.jpg
Fancy electronic signage for this race
 photo 2015jj5k8_zpskgbtnuin.jpg
Rudy, Mickey and Minnie - I think they were all melting this morning it was too hot for winter clothes
 photo 2015jj5k9_zps1vqwss8j.jpg
 photo 2015jj5k10_zps72cnieks.jpg
 photo 2015jj5k11_zpsuwxslxjw.jpg
 photo 2015jj5k31_zpsknx9hh13.jpg
 photo 2015jj5k32_zps5nbcb2dz.jpg
And we're off...
 photo 2015jj5k12_zps11oddqeb.jpg
Looking across the Animal Kingdom parking lot towards the park
 photo 2015jj5k13_zps4k7ecfld.jpg
Mile Marker One and we're heading in to the park
 photo 2015jj5k14_zps8b6rqufp.jpg
The Tree of Life is beautiful this morning
 photo 2015jj5k15_zpslyxum39q.jpg
Rafiki and Timon at the entrance to Africa
 photo 2015jj5k34_zpsm62kz0a4.jpg
Too early in the race to look this bad
 photo 2015jj5k16_zpsn76izsmk.jpg
Baloo and King Louis
 photo 2015jj5k17_zpsvntck46e.jpg
Expedition Everest in the early morning light
 photo 2015jj5k35_zpsshlvs2mq.jpg
Walking along enjoying the ground to make sure I don't trip
 photo 2015jj5k18_zps94vmlaiq.jpg
Looking across the water from Asia
 photo 2015jj5k36_zpspcy7pddo.jpg
You'd be right if you think it was hot and humid
 photo 2015jj5k19_zpsnwnceap4.jpg
Heading back out of the park
 photo 2015jj5k20_zpsd04szspg.jpg
Going backstage
 photo 2015jj5k21_zpsvtzzqjsb.jpg
Chip and Dale
 photo 2015jj5k22_zpsmsdpfq8k.jpg
 photo 2015jj5k23_zpsxctlmlov.jpg
Watch out for crocodiles!
 photo 2015jj5k25_zpsuungfd98.jpg
Goofy and Donald are looking festive in their holiday wear
 photo 2015jj5k26_zpsuphmvbax.jpg
Headed back out the way we came in
 photo 2015jj5k27_zpsrxuagufl.jpg
Goofy and Donald from the other direction
 photo 2015jj5k28_zpsrxyi0srp.jpg
Pluto from the other side
 photo 2015jj5k29_zpsk7tdoiia.jpg
Mile Marker Three
 photo 2015jj5k33_zpsvmvkwbnq.jpg
The finish line stretch
 photo 2015jj5k30_zpskvcwcvje.jpg
Headed to the finish line

It was so hot out that they were handing out wet Dr Cool towels at the end.  This was the first time I've ever received a cool towel after a runDisney 5K - you know the weather is bad for them to do that!
 photo 2015jj5k37_zpsbubz7taf.jpg
Got my medal and I'm smiling, but doesn't the guy behind me look super happy?
 photo 2015jj5k38_zpsx2ohxfqq.jpg
Official Finisher Photo
 photo 2015jj5k52_zps79x84qx7.jpg
2015 Jingle Jungle 5K Medal
 photo 2015jj5k53_zpsj9tvmyvw.jpg
2015 Jingle Jungle 5K Lanyard

I did okay during the 5K, but my back and knee were still pretty sore by the end.  I thought I'd rest and see if I was going to be up to the half marathon or not.  After resting, I knew I would struggle to finish the half marathon so I decided to sit this one out.

I thought about heading over to the staging area, but decided to skip that and head straight to Epcot instead.  On the way to the bus stop I saw some lightning in the distance, but it looked like it was off a little ways.  I figured I would catch a couple of attractions and then find a good place to watch the race and that's exactly what I did.

I found a spot to watch the runners right by the Guest Relations area across from Spaceship Earth.  This put me close to where the runners would head backstage and out to the finish.  As I was waiting a guy stood next to me, he was spectating his daughter.  It seemed like it was getting late and it was - that's when I started checking social media.  The runners were evacuated from the fields at Wide World of Sports due to a storm that came roaring through.  This delayed the start of the race by just over an hour.  In addition, the half was no longer 13.1 miles, instead it was just around 7 miles.  The course was shortened and skipped Animal Kingdom altogether since the storm was dropping a lot of rain and there was a lot of lightning.

Finally, the wheelchair participants came through, followed by the elites and then the rest of the pack came through.  I stayed to watch every runner go by.  It was a long time standing and I was feeling it by the end, but it is always enjoyable to spectate.  The interesting part to me was that the runners didn't look like the race had been shortened.  You would have thought that they were coming up on mile 13 not mile seven - yes, the weather was that bad, hot and humid.

I have to say that if I would have known the race was going to be shortened I absolutely would have done it.  I am pretty sure I could have completed the shortened distance and it seemed like they were being pretty generous with the timing since the race was so much shorter.  Still, I am glad that I opted out and got to watch everyone go by!


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