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Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Dumbo Double Dare - Disneyland 10K

The pictures are a bit grainy and old looking as I was having issues with my phone this morning, but they still convey the "picture!"

 photo 2015dlh22_zps1cc8w7ey.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Bib
 photo 2015dl10k76_zpsy8r4ntnc.jpg
Disneyland 10K Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015dl10k73_zpslrutcjso.jpg
Disneyland 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015dl10k72_zpsbgmia4ry.jpg
Disneyland 10K Car Magnet
 photo 2015dl10k85_zpsnlvsyuec.jpg
There were tons of Marathonfoto photographers in Downtown Disney taking photos on the way to the staging area
 photo 2015dl10k77_zpszwti6ewp.jpg
The staging area - I didn't stay around to see the whole show today as I wanted to get to my corral
 photo 2015dl10k1_zpsaudtvmsi.jpg
At the front of the corral

Standing in the corral there were no speakers back where we were so we couldn't hear anything that was going on up at the start line. It was sad because we could see the villains on the screen and there was definitely a story line, but we couldn't follow any of it.

 photo 2015dl10k2_zpsxmenk5ql.jpg
Walking to the start line
 photo 2015dl10k3_zpsiqqagyur.jpg
Rudy pumping the participants up and getting us ready to go
 photo 2015dl10k79_zpstfq6t7ry.jpg
The rush of the start line
 photo 2015dl10k5_zpssiwmw2xg.jpg
Heading in to the convention center
 photo 2015dl10k6_zpspxbivs3r.jpg
So many great costumes during this race. This Magic Mirror was amazing - kudos to him for wearing it for the whole race!
 photo 2015dl10k7_zpshbhhlfaw.jpg
There are bottlenecks and then there was this - the entire race came to a complete stop at this point because the course narrowed so much there was just no room to move forward
 photo 2015dl10k8_zpsuhrxfgfp.jpg
I only caught three of the four in this photo, but I loved these costumes
 photo 2015dl10k10_zpsjtxraoed.jpg
Turning on to Disney Way
 photo 2015dl10k12_zps6ckobjt9.jpg
Wish I could have got a good picture of the mile two marker as it said - "It's Only Mile 2," but I apparently missed mile marker one altogether
 photo 2015dl10k13_zps66himpp0.jpg
Marching Band
 photo 2015dl10k14_zpswgx1lqn5.jpg
Loved this group - there was about 10 runners dressed as little green men and they had these little squeak toys that they used as they went along and it was cool to see them altogether
 photo 2015dl10k15_zpsijigbaej.jpg
Cars Land
 photo 2015dl10k81_zpsk3wlh0rq.jpg
Yes, I was very warm
 photo 2015dl10k16_zps5izvfwd6.jpg
Lonely little tractor
 photo 2015dl10k17_zps4xqt2ze1.jpg
Leaving Cars Land
 photo 2015dl10k18_zpshlsktftr.jpg
On the way to Paradise Pier
 photo 2015dl10k19_zpselj4qzvd.jpg
Voodoo Man
 photo 2015dl10k20_zpsebyf7ntw.jpg
This family had Little Bo Peep, Buzz and Woody...I love the pull string on the back of Woody - super cute!
 photo 2015dl10k21_zpsyx7zucnz.jpg
Something new this weekend - signs that were placed prior to a character stop so that runners were aware where a character was going to be located
 photo 2015dl10k22_zpsfkcqmyzx.jpg
 photo 2015dl10k23_zpsnnuwjp8a.jpg
Jack Jack!
 photo 2015dl10k24_zpsa3ryecvw.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel and Water Spouts from World of Color
 photo 2015dl10k25_zps3apnnj9x.jpg
On to Redwood Creek
 photo 2015dl10k26_zpsec6z9qay.jpg
Mile Three - Ursula graced this mile marker
 photo 2015dl10k27_zpsziw5llo6.jpg
Carthay Circle
 photo 2015dl10k29_zpsm6pprp2v.jpg
Red Trolley - kind of tucked back off the course so it was good for pictures
 photo 2015dl10k30_zpsxgelesps.jpg
Hyperion Place
 photo 2015dl10k31_zpstzd8kruq.jpg
King John - cool
 photo 2015dl10k32_zps29oqtriw.jpg
The Dr is in
 photo 2015dl10k33_zpsgmf2bqr6.jpg
The Hollywood Tower Hotel - I think I'd like to drop in for a visit
 photo 2015dl10k34_zpsxiqlsudp.jpg
Headed out of California Adventure
 photo 2015dl10k35_zpsmfzv5lis.jpg
The tunnel of doom - with some dandy chimney sweeps in front of me
 photo 2015dl10k36_zpsuvmogvxi.jpg
It's so nice to be welcomed!
 photo 2015dl10k37_zpsp0afy3i5.jpg
King Triton and Ariel costumes - that's commitment
 photo 2015dl10k38_zpsb0bmwuqs.jpg
Headed in to Disneyland
 photo 2015dl10k40_zpsebunlqfe.jpg
Walking down Main Street
 photo 2015dl10k43_zpsmpp2f7qf.jpg
The Matterhorn from Tomorrowland
 photo 2015dl10k44_zpscpful4xm.jpg
Mile Marker Four - Frollo, that's one evil dude
 photo 2015dl10k48_zps3vsfgfol.jpg
The Evil Queen and Queen of Hearts were doing photos together - awesome!
 photo 2015dl10k49_zpskq0c344p.jpg
The combination of future and retro was to amazing
 photo 2015dl10k50_zpsifpzbq9h.jpg
This single amputee was alongside a double amputee and I have to say there's not much in this world that shows the human strength, courage, determination and inspiration than these two men toughing out this course!
 photo 2015dl10k51_zpsmfhthlll.jpg
Love the horses
 photo 2015dl10k52_zpsoebzsi3x.jpg
Toon Town
 photo 2015dl10k55_zpsa7le0lye.jpg
Mile Marker Five - another bottle necked area for sure
 photo 2015dl10k56_zps6mqy3vbj.jpg
The reason for the bottleneck - Smee was right across from the mile marker
 photo 2015dl10k57_zpsmcjbbdz7.jpg
The castle from the back side
 photo 2015dl10k82_zpsqqqukgle.jpg
Through the castle I go
 photo 2015dl10k58_zpsetcxibh0.jpg
In to Frontierland
 photo 2015dl10k59_zpspeeej0w8.jpg
The Haunted Mansion
 photo 2015dl10k60_zpssb9a4oac.jpg
Sully out for a stroll through Critter Country
 photo 2015dl10k61_zps373f02ns.jpg
Briar Fox and Briar Bear
 photo 2015dl10k64_zpsdl5uej9k.jpg
Main Street Vehicles and Cast Members wave us out of Disneyland
 photo 2015dl10k66_zpsdhn31cir.jpg
Mile Marker Six - phew, almost done
 photo 2015dl10k68_zpsuhbjgd4c.jpg
DJ at Down Town Disney
 photo 2015dl10k69_zpskc1hnxlp.jpg
Disneyland Hotel
 photo 2015dl10k70_zpsayzchqve.jpg
The Finish Line Stretch
 photo 2015dl10k80_zpsy4x1pukc.jpg
So glad I'm almost done
 photo 2015dl10k71_zpspcranep5.jpg
Cruella de Vil taunting people at the finish line
 photo 2015dl10k84_zpsos3agewl.jpg
Got my medal
 photo 2015dl10k83_zpsvo0gbenm.jpg
Official Finisher Photo
 photo 2015dl10k74_zpsfe0ywjco.jpg
2015 Disneyland 10K Medal
 photo 2015dl10k75_zpsay94qvam.jpg
2015 Disneyland 10K Lanyard


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