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Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 Disneyland Half Marathon

 photo 2015dlh1_zpsgsvmbext.jpg
Carpet on the way to packet pickup
 photo 2015dlh22_zps1cc8w7ey.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Bib
 photo 2015dlh21_zpszytzkn8d.jpg
Official Program Guide
 photo 2015dlh39_zps4mrgiui7.jpg
Disneyland Half Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015dlh23_zps9maucxfm.jpg
Disneyland Half Anniversary Luggage Tag
 photo 2015dlh32_zpsmrlc08lm.jpg
Disneyland Half Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015dlh31_zpsgfhfyrbw.jpg
Disneyland Half Marathon Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2015dlh28_zpsivvjlyqj.jpg photo 2015dlh29_zpsqyrzq0ep.jpg
Disneyland Half Identification Pouch with Temporary Tattoo
 photo 2015dlh27_zpshj8kigvr.jpg
Disneyland Half Bondi Band
 photo 2015dlh24_zpsvl1ldldh.jpg
Disneyland Half Car Magnet
 photo 2015dlh20_zpsbs4bcxlw.jpg
Anyone that knows me, could probably guess that this is my favorite runDisney shirt ever. This is my favorite saying and one that I adopted while training for my very first unofficial Dopey (5K and Goofy)!
 photo 2015dlh40_zpswoagzpp3.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015dlh33_zpsjnaj3c2k.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015dlh30_zpsutjnxw1a.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2015dlh26_zps4gxrcg4w.jpg
Dumbo Double Dare Bondi Band
 photo 2015dlh25_zpsemq209ip.jpg
Dumbo Double Dare Car Magnet
 photo 2015dlh34_zps4tb86ovl.jpg
Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2015dlh19_zpsjqcqmbyq.jpg photo 2015dlh18_zps98gk4xxu.jpg
2015 Disneyland Half Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2015dlh2_zpsyb2kvmth.jpg
Right up at the front of the corral again
 photo 2015dlh50_zpselfy2rhf.jpg
As usual, I met great people to chat with while waiting for the race to start. The guy behind me to the left has been doing runDisney races for the last three years and the guy behind me to the right is a legacy Disneyland runner. We had some great conversations while waiting to go!
 photo 2015dlh3_zpsz7sggexh.jpg
This picture is looking to the front of the corral I was in. These people are all trying to get in to their corrals which are completely full and the the walkways to the entrances are completely full. Those of us standing in the corral are getting frustrated and are just hoping that they won't let these people go in front of us. IF you've done any runDisney races you may have seen Tom - he is a runDisney Cast Member and he arranges the corrals and organizes the corrals to move forward. This man is amazing. He was able to organize this sea of humanity and make sure that those not in the corrals did not cut in front of those of us that had been waiting for hours. He deserves major kudos for doing the job he does as he gets yelled at and he maintains his composure, friendliness, firmness and command of the situation like no one else.
 photo 2015dlh4_zps4gmj13ev.jpg
Moving toward the start line 0 isn't it amazing how many people can end up in front of you when you start at the very front of the corral?
 photo 2015dlh5_zpsvrh19ybq.jpg
Rudy and Carissa with Mickey and Minnie
 photo 2015dlh6_zpsodta6phj.jpg
Watching the show on the video screen
 photo 2015dlh7_zpsyyczrk2q.jpg
And we're off...
 photo 2015dlh41_zpshi5mwmmo.jpg
Looking at the start line from the other side
 photo 2015dlh8_zpsz6ic6vyk.jpg
Mile One Marker - my phone is acting up and it is not taking pictures correctly...and that is just the beginning of one of the worse races of my life
 photo 2015dlh9_zpsyb0kns2p.jpg
Cars Land
 photo 2015dlh43_zpsknqi8fqj.jpg
Still so pretty in Car Land in the dark
 photo 2015dlh44_zpskdjsclyl.jpg
Yes, this picture is representative of what I was feeling during this race
 photo 2015dlh10_zps5jb29xec.jpg
Jack Jack
 photo 2015dlh11_zps64vrl98j.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel
 photo 2015dlh12_zpsvtyvmxgh.jpg
Pinocchio and the Wolf
 photo 2015dlh13_zpseihunuxp.jpg
Mile Marker Two on Main Street
 photo 2015dlh14_zps8q01prsj.jpg
Main Street Vehicle and Castle
 photo 2015dlh15_zpswe0qguoo.jpg
There's a character over there, but I don't remember who it was now
 photo 2015dlh16_zpsyarvqdgf.jpg
The beautiful horses
 photo 2015dlh17_zpsklrrmln6.jpg
Snow White and the Evil Queen

And this is the point that I had to put my phone away. It wasn't taking pictures correctly and I was tired of trying to fight with it.

 photo 2015dlh45_zpsn3m2axtd.jpg 
Angel Stadium
 photo 2015dlh49_zpslddmmgvq.jpg
Almost there
 photo 2015dlh42_zpssf8qf8cm.jpg
I'm done
 photo 2015dlh48_zpshwzb9dwg.jpg
Got my Half Medal
 photo 2015dlh46_zpsi78opmui.jpg
And my Dumbo Double Dare Medal
 photo 2015dlh35_zpswtohairw.jpg
2015 Disneyland Half Anniversary Medal
 photo 2015dlh36_zps1qmponvv.jpg
2015 Disneyland Half Lanyard
 photo 2015dlh37_zpsnbkg0uni.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Medal
 photo 2015dlh38_zpsx8iecmgv.jpg
2015 Dumbo Double Dare Lanyard

These medals were well earned this year. I hadn't trained as well as I should have, but while I was waiting to start I thought the race was going to go well. My AT was feeling pretty good and my legs felt fine so I was hopeful. The race started and literally two steps in to the race I knew it was going to be rough. My lower back had completely tightened up and nothing I did was making it loosen up. All I really wanted to do was stop and bend to touch my toes, but I knew if I did that I wouldn't keep going. So, I trudged on, mile after mile.

All the classic cars were out again this year which is one of my favorite parts of this course. I struggled to enjoy it, but still had fun thanking the car owners. As we came to the end of the cars a lady came up behind me and told me thank you...I was a bit confused, but she explained that normally she runs the whole race, but wasn't able to this year and had never walked one before. She told me she saw me and that she could tell I knew what I was doing and so she was shadowing me. I told her she was doing great, just keep going and you'll finish. Then we parted ways. The stadium was up next and the hill down to the field about did me in, but I love the energy there and it kept me going. Not long after exiting the stadium you hit mile 10 and I always say anyone can do a 5K...that day, I was putting that to the test. I did it, but it wasn't pretty.

Once I got my medal, I stepped off to the side and bent to touch my toes. It helped ease some of the pain. I grabbed a bag of ice for my back, got my dumbo medal, waited to get a picture and then headed toward the snack boxes. On my way, I saw Tom from runDisney and I stopped and thanked him for another great runDisney event. He truly did an amazing job getting people where they needed to be...He grabbed me and said thanks and thank you for being out here. It was nice.

After getting my snack box and banana I started to head out, but I didn't get very far. I made it to the stage area and had to sit down on the benches there. My back would stop hurting the moment I sat down - it felt good, but of course the rest of me would start to stiffen up. The walk through Down Town Disney and the Esplanade normally takes 10 - 15 minutes depending on the crowd...This day, it took me an hour to get through as I had to keep stopping to sit down and stretch. Almost an hour an a half later I made it back to my room and I pretty much collapsed. It was certainly a rough day.

Even though it was a painful race, I managed to finish and get my medals and I'll take this experience for what it was and work to move forward.


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