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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015 Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K

 photo 2015dl5k43_zpsga9drf5a.jpg
2015 Disneyland 5K Bib
 photo 2015dl5k48_zps5avbknee.jpg
Participant 5K
 photo 2015dl5k45_zps622nzkie.jpg
Commemorative Disneyland 5K Pin
 photo 2015dl5k44_zps5ht3getk.jpg
5K Car Magnet

I headed over to the staging area around 4:15am.

 photo 2015dl5k58_zpsnjvq7jk8.jpg
A pre-race photo by the Lego Store

 photo 2015dl5k1_zpsh83fjh4f.jpg
Entering the staging area
 photo 2015dl5k2_zps99pyssi5.jpg
 photo 2015dl5k3_zpsushdn1zu.jpg
Rudy and Carissa came out on stage with the DJ, and the Fab Five and as they were doing their little act, the villains took over to warn us all that good will not triumph over evil.

I headed to the corrals around 4:40am. I was in corral B and I ended up right at the front of the corral. The atmosphere was nice, the weather wasn't too bad and the time to move came pretty quickly.

 photo 2015dl5k4_zps0s7dkves.jpg
Heading up to the starting line
 photo 2015dl5k5_zpsrqqxikzg.jpg
the view of the other participants headed out on the screen
 photo 2015dl5k6_zpsgxvhnpzd.jpg
Rudy, Mickey and Minnie getting the crowd going!
 photo 2015dl5k51_zpsvfhdpd8q.jpg
The start line from the other side
And we're off...
 photo 2015dl5k7_zps41gyzfu1.jpg
I was directly under the confetti and I was removing confetti from my clothes for the entire race

We headed up the hill and around the corner and in to California Adventure
 photo 2015dl5k8_zpsnewbczwz.jpg
 photo 2015dl5k9_zpspokxjcly.jpg
Backstage Radiator Springs Racers
 photo 2015dl5k10_zpshimnqbah.jpg
Entering Cars Land
 photo 2015dl5k11_zps0jxzlp1o.jpg
Lightning McQueen
 photo 2015dl5k12_zpsn0oj8vjw.jpg
Tow Mater
 photo 2015dl5k13_zpsh2wl1dqk.jpg
Leaving Cars Land
 photo 2015dl5k14_zpsvxas9whn.jpg
Heading to Paradise Pier
 photo 2015dl5k15_zpsnewysckr.jpg
Mile Marker 1
 photo 2015dl5k16_zpsyvdcoszc.jpg
Headed to Grizzly River Run
 photo 2015dl5k17_zps79eidei2.jpg
Redwood Creek Challenge
 photo 2015dl5k18_zpssazjttkv.jpg
Chip and Dale
 photo 2015dl5k19_zpsqbqa7ygs.jpg
Carthay Circle up ahead
 photo 2015dl5k20_zpsg9xsn8uw.jpg
Red Car Trolley

At this point we headed out of California Adventure and in to the Esplanade
 photo 2015dl5k21_zpsljvbmaxy.jpg
The monorail was parked over the Esplanade
 photo 2015dl5k22_zpsevsnz52e.jpg
Headed in to Disneyland
 photo 2015dl5k23_zpsmct71puv.jpg
On the way to Main Street
 photo 2015dl5k24_zps5omv9jzw.jpg
Main Street Vehicles
 photo 2015dl5k25_zpsy8f2qfng.jpg
Pinocchio and Geppetto
 photo 2015dl5k53_zpsnhcqe4xe.jpg
Walking down Main Street
 photo 2015dl5k26_zpsggllgwu9.jpg
The Castle
 photo 2015dl5k27_zpsi6wzeujv.jpg
The Matterhorn in the pre-dawn morning
 photo 2015dl5k28_zpsvamfsjex.jpg
The Mad Tea Party
 photo 2015dl5k29_zpsn8bqnqtl.jpg
Storybook Canal Lighthouse
 photo 2015dl5k30_zpsuhsej4vx.jpg
I think the whale is mighty hungry this morning
 photo 2015dl5k31_zpshxahpqep.jpg
Snow White in front of the Carousel

Headed on to Big Thunder Mountain Ranch area and mile two.
 photo 2015dl5k32_zpsvqae41lk.jpg
Mile Marker 2

Malificent was out on the bridge above Pirates and she was taunting all the runners. One of the runners shouted, "evil never wins." Malificent responded with this super long, super evil laugh and then said, "you'd better just keep running!"

Then we were on our way past the Haunted Mansion and then on to Splash Mountain
 photo 2015dl5k33_zpsmzt5ajgu.jpg
Hey, Jack - you take care of that mansion
 photo 2015dl5k34_zpsosbmuk2t.jpg
Winnie and the gang
 photo 2015dl5k35_zpsaq7xzgti.jpg
Custodians cheering backstage
 photo 2015dl5k36_zpscr3xizuf.jpg
Main Street Vehicles and Cast Members sending us on our way out of Disneyland

Headed in to Downtown Disney

 photo 2015dl5k37_zpswn58c3zu.jpg
World of Disney
 photo 2015dl5k38_zpskeqdjeeu.jpg
The Lego Store
 photo 2015dl5k39_zps3l75rztv.jpg
The DJ just before mile 3
 photo 2015dl5k40_zpsibtvmljl.jpg
Mile Marker 3
 photo 2015dl5k41_zpsiadkngbb.jpg
Going by the Disneyland Hotel
 photo 2015dl5k57_zpsdaaqmw5i.jpg
I'm thinking I was glad it was almost over
 photo 2015dl5k42_zpscbwumlf2.jpg
The finish line
 photo 2015dl5k56_zpst3w6ph7q.jpg
Got my medal
 photo 2015dl5k55_zpsoe11odu5.jpg
Official Finisher Photo
 photo 2015dl5k46_zpsxzqojbmd.jpg
2015 Disneyland 5K Family Fun Run Medal
 photo 2015dl5k47_zpshp1ybh4u.jpg
2015 Disneyland 5K Family Fun Run Lanyard


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