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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Tinker Bell 10K

This was a rather strange 10K. I pinched a nerve or something in my back this morning while getting ready for the race, but it only hurt when I breathe.  I left the room without my water.  De'Dee fell close to mile three - said she was okay but she hit her shoulder and elbow really hard.

The one time I really wanted the snack box there were no snack boxes.  I would find out later that the reason for the lack of snack boxes is because they found expired items in them.  I think it was applesauce that had expired.  Just goes to show that you really shouldn't count on anything.

There was also total chaos to get finisher photos.  They set photos up right at the end of the race with a fence divider and there wasn't anyone out to direct people in to lines and people were confused about where to go.  I really haven't ever seen the photo area so disorganized.

We took our time and walked the course knowing that there would be a half marathon the next day.  Despite all the strangeness we still had a good time.
 photo 2015tb10k74_zpsekqvekd1.jpg
2015 Pixie Dust Challenge Bib
 photo 2015tb10k6_zpsvtchfcpb.jpg
2015 Tinker Bell 10K Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015tb10k5_zpszcwrzqin.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Medal Replica Pin
 photo 2015tb10k4_zpsky8evsyh.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Car Magnet
 photo 2015tb10k1_zpsxck1wtkf.jpg
Tinker Bell 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015tb10k66_zpsxefqompg.jpg
Heading to the staging area through Downtown Disney
 photo 2015tb10k7_zpsilvygoav.jpg
The stage at the reunion area
 photo 2015tb10k8_zpsagkp8eam.jpg
View of the finish line from the reunion area
 photo 2015tb10k9_zps8cshcn69.jpg
Getting ready to go and it's starting to get light
 photo 2015tb10k10_zps3imhl3cr.jpg
Rudy up on the stage sending runners off
 photo 2015tb10k11_zpshjxdevxx.jpg
Another shot of Rudy - are you wondering why they are dressed so casually? So was I
2015tb10k photo 2015tb10k65_zpsb5gtukua.jpg
The start line from the other side
 photo 2015tb10k12_zps3kcl3no0.jpg
This race starts out on the streets
 photo 2015tb10k13_zps8lvlrqlx.jpg
A cheer squad on the right and a sea of runners headed up a hill...at least the hill gets done at the start of this race
 photo 2015tb10k14_zpsw7496alm.jpg
Mile one is done
 photo 2015tb10k15_zpspdi43pkz.jpg
In the esplanade headed towards Disneyland
 photo 2015tb10k16_zpslalqpwxo.jpg
The train station and a smiling Mickey to welcome us to the park
 photo 2015tb10k17_zpspgg6bvde.jpg
Headed down Main Street - don't you love the girl in the full Pluto costume?
 photo 2015tb10k18_zpssb5jzkd0.jpg
Across the street from the mile two marker Chip and Dale were out for photos
 photo 2015tb10k19_zpsjo0qaavn.jpg
Look at the pretty little castle
 photo 2015tb10k20_zpsxbcp2ocl.jpg
Just a little shot of perspective - the castle and Matterhorn fit in the same shot without panorama
 photo 2015tb10k21_zpsl3b10vmj.jpg
On the way in to Frontierland
 photo 2015tb10k22_zpseg0se0gy.jpg
It's probably a little tough to read, but the man standing there is wearing a sweatshirt that says, "Fairy Coach" - I can't help it, I just find it extraordinarily wrong. I suppose to some it could even be construed as offensive. What do you think?
 photo 2015tb10k23_zpsnqvt74g4.jpg
Big Thunder Mountain
 photo 2015tb10k24_zpsnfkbi9mm.jpg
Headed in to Fantasyland
 photo 2015tb10k25_zpsdcyzdnbh.jpg
Back side of the castle
 photo 2015tb10k26_zpslivjtf7f.jpg
Alice and Mad Hatter by the carousel
 photo 2015tb10k27_zpssjrg1quz.jpg
Pretty colorful teacups
 photo 2015tb10k28_zpstiqabkpg.jpg
Iredessa looking lovely in sunny yellow
 photo 2015tb10k29_zps9aqxw3uh.jpg
Swan topiaries in the castle foregrounds
 photo 2015tb10k30_zps2ffcjdd5.jpg
Going through Tomorrowland
 photo 2015tb10k31_zpsom7mraqu.jpg
The orange monorail over the submarine voyage
 photo 2015tb10k32_zps760gcjsm.jpg
The Matterhorn looking majestic after all this time
 photo 2015tb10k33_zpstdismgah.jpg
Rosetta is pretty in pink and quite sassy
 photo 2015tb10k34_zpsspvofi3c.jpg
It is a small world after all
 photo 2015tb10k35_zpsufywaa5m.jpg
Feeling a little silly and it is appropriate since we're headed in to Toontown
 photo 2015tb10k36_zps27mqkzyd.jpg
Clara Belle and Clarence are looking quite dapper today
 photo 2015tb10k37_zpsfpphj63e.jpg
Mile marker three
 photo 2015tb10k38_zpsrpjn7uhb.jpg
This Tinker Belle shadow may look pretty, but it spelled disaster for my walking buddy De'Dee. I've seen it happen to many people, but never thought it would happen to someone I was with. She was snapping a picture and didn't see the cone in front of her and she went down hard on the concrete. I was so worried that she hurt herself badly. After a few seconds a Cast Member and I helped her up and she assess how she was doing. She didn't feel like anything was broken, but she certainly had quite a few scrapes and would most likely end up with some pretty bad bruises. The trooper that she is though, she insisted that we keep going. Of course, I was now paranoid and pointing out cones, bumps and holes in the ground.
 photo 2015tb10k39_zps4amkfn03.jpg
I can see something out of place - canoe?
 photo 2015tb10k40_zpsn9lsrldo.jpg
Mile marker 4
 photo 2015tb10k41_zps4qrqgjhk.jpg
Main Street vehicles are there sending us on our way out of Disneyland
 photo 2015tb10k42_zpsdscie6gk.jpg
Back across the esplanade and in to California Adventure
 photo 2015tb10k43_zpslgb2590d.jpg
Carthay Circle standing tall against the clouds
 photo 2015tb10k44_zpsfrbue8ti.jpg
Love the front of the Off the Page store
 photo 2015tb10k45_zpsyab0q7r1.jpg
Another "Fairy Coach"
 photo 2015tb10k46_zpsadlc0lpt.jpg
I think this scrolling sign said something like: two miles to go...spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly
 photo 2015tb10k47_zpsb8x9fnk1.jpg
I wouldn't mind dropping in to the Tower of Terror right about now
 photo 2015tb10k48_zpsoidupens.jpg
I found these crazy tall plants just plain goofy this morning
 photo 2015tb10k49_zpsciyfadjs.jpg
It's always fun to go through A Bug's Land
 photo 2015tb10k50_zpskfyflqpd.jpg
Silver Mist is calm and happy this morning with the humidity in the air
 photo 2015tb10k51_zpsp2vh1lvo.jpg
Beware the bear
 photo 2015tb10k52_zps3bjun8cp.jpg
Doing a drive by on Cars Land
 photo 2015tb10k53_zpsrz8dymrm.jpg
Heading through the park towards the pier
 photo 2015tb10k54_zpsyxnhandh.jpg
Looks like Vidia is spunky this morning and no doubt she's bragging about how fast she could finish the course
 photo 2015tb10k55_zps1ggqiyav.jpg
Look, it's a cute little Lego Pixie couple
 photo 2015tb10k56_zpsbsno1fpz.jpg
The pier is a little crowded this morning
 photo 2015tb10k57_zpslfuppwru.jpg
Yes, it's mile marker 5
 photo 2015tb10k58_zpsvo3xfqfn.jpg
I love how Radiator Springs looks different depending on the light
 photo 2015tb10k59_zpsrv3eeooc.jpg
Get your motors running, head out on the highway
2015tb10k photo 2015tb10k67_zpspipi8jkl.jpg
Strolling along through Cars Land
 photo 2015tb10k60_zpsmfwaoopd.jpg
Headed backstage
 photo 2015tb10k61_zpso4qmzlls.jpg
Mile marker six
 photo 2015tb10k64_zpsmnvrkqqy.jpg
Mickey and Donald keeping the spectators entertained while waiting for the first runners
 photo 2015tb10k62_zpsdb1ixbks.jpg
The finish line stretch
 photo 2015tb10k63_zpsrmu1vqwq.jpg
High five Pluto! My favorite part of runDisney races
 photo 2015tb10k68_zpssjev3fhn.jpg
Goofy looks as happy as we are to be done
 photo 2015tb10k69_zpslllzfu1a.jpg
 photo 2015tb10k73_zpsagsxzxdm.jpg
Finish line smiles
 photo 2015tb10k70_zpsnd3jd37r.jpg
De'Dee and I got our medals and had to get a picture
 photo 2015tb10k72_zpsb0dflcts.jpg
De'Dee and I waited quite a while and in a massive crowd to get our finisher's photo
 photo 2015tb10k71_zpscangwtia.jpg
Had to get a solo photo too
 photo 2015tb10k2_zpsfx2s8cdv.jpg
2015 Tinker Bell 10K Medal
 photo 2015tb10k3_zpsoxtdpqfd.jpg
2015 Tinker Bell 10K Lanyard


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