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Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Never Land 5K

While my pictures aren't always great some of these will be pretty blurry.  It rained through the majority oft the race - nothing drastic, just light rain that made things a bit wet.  The weather may not have been perfect, but this is still my favorite runDisney 5K - starting on Main Street in the dark, no assigned corrals and a ton of fun!

 photo 2015nl5k1_zpsxarmtpdg.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K bib
 photo 2015nl5k5_zpsilxkszpx.jpg
5K Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2015nl5k6_zpsyhw1qpao.jpg
5K I Did It Car Magnet
 photo 2015nl5k2_zpslqnyvsqm.jpg
Never Land 5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015nl5k44_zpskbpxhpzi.jpg
On the way to the race, before the rain started
 photo 2015nl5k7_zps2sfagowb.jpg
No assigned corrals for this race so I'm pretty close to the front of corral A.  
 photo 2015nl5k40_zpsnepn5hq1.jpg
I was lucky enough to be standing next to these four as they prepared for the race.  The young girl in the green shirt was a Make A Wish participant and the others were there supporting her through the 5K.  It was really moving watching them all get ready and I hope they had a great race.
 photo 2015nl5k8_zps5y9nqqyb.jpg
 photo 2015nl5k9_zpsmeavrefa.jpg
The announcers were dressed as "Bobbies" and were looking for the Darlings since Hook had captured them.
 photo 2015nl5k10_zpssatoexuy.jpg
Fireworks before the race started light up the sky over the castle
 photo 2015nl5k11_zpsa4fyo1hk.jpg
I know it's a horrible picture, but that green spot is Tinker Bell flying.  This is one race that she flies for and she goes back and forth and it is a lot of fun to watch.
 photo 2015nl5k12_zpsbwjgbq3k.jpg
We started just off Main Street and they let the confetti fly to send us off
 photo 2015nl5k41_zpsi3ikohjy.jpg
Believe it or not I'm somewhere in this picture, just not sure where
 photo 2015nl5k13_zpsxq13b9ct.jpg
The third shift custodians were out across from It's a Small World and they were thanking us - but I thanked them as I went by
 photo 2015nl5k14_zpsrd4aqrrb.jpg
During the race, the participants were encouraged to crow each time Peter Pan's shadow was spotted.  Let me tell you there was a lot of crowing and there were a lot of Peter Pan shadows on the course.
 photo 2015nl5k15_zpsdxhxppui.jpg
This time we were congratulated by the custodians - so cool
 photo 2015nl5k16_zpsifqkkr8k.jpg
Headed in to ToonTown
 photo 2015nl5k46_zpsqltbo7ts.jpg
Walking through ToonTown
 photo 2015nl5k17_zpsqrsilmlt.jpg
Will there be pirates ahead?  There were a lot of pirates out and about in Disneyland.  In fact, I even saw Smee and Captain Hook out there...
 photo 2015nl5k18_zps1vaz7dvz.jpg
I wonder if Peter is hearing all the crowing and if he knows his shadow is flying alone
 photo 2015nl5k19_zpshu5uht5u.jpg
Is Peter fighting Hook?
 photo 2015nl5k20_zpskr3cmz7e.jpg
Umbrellas and Ponchos were standard Cast Member gear today
 photo 2015nl5k21_zpsevghgmhc.jpg
Disneyland Train Station
 photo 2015nl5k22_zpsolfey0lc.jpg
Mile Marker 2 - Mile Marker 1 was somewhere around Big Thunder
 photo 2015nl5k23_zpsyhjtrdhf.jpg
The dreaded down the hill and up the hill - this will be one of many trips down and up this hill this weekend
 photo 2015nl5k24_zpszw3jjsrn.jpg
California Adventure is all lit up and pretty in the rain
 photo 2015nl5k25_zpsj7lthyhx.jpg
Read Trolley Car
 photo 2015nl5k26_zpsqxfq1vl8.jpg
This pirate was out on the course and joking with runners as they passed.  He found himself quite hilarious
 photo 2015nl5k27_zps0igpa4hm.jpg
Another joking pirate.  He was also having fun with runners
 photo 2015nl5k28_zpsoglkg5rh.jpg
Heading in to A Bug's Land
 photo 2015nl5k29_zpsqwgvhgx0.jpg
 photo 2015nl5k30_zpsq5wuy0zp.jpg
Cars Land neon is always a cool site
 photo 2015nl5k31_zpscektlx8g.jpg
So long Cars Land
 photo 2015nl5k32_zpsobicklwr.jpg
Mickey's Fun Wheel and the ugliness that is the World of Color fountain heads (sorry folks, but unless the lights and fountains are on, I find this site unappealing)
 photo 2015nl5k33_zpsfeccsj9m.jpg
Headed in to Paradise Pier
 photo 2015nl5k34_zpskpossqg6.jpg
Some Lost Boys are hanging out under a canopy
 photo 2015nl5k45_zpsgvukrhnp.jpg
Not sure what I'm grinning about - probably the silliness of walking around the parks in the rain
 photo 2015nl5k35_zpsibkovqah.jpg
Mile 3 - Love that the kids are looking out the window
 photo 2015nl5k36_zpsnidt6tkm.jpg
Mr Potato Head was rather quiet this wet morning
 photo 2015nl5k37_zps8hoobhcd.jpg
Wendy and Peter were right before the finish stretch for photos
 photo 2015nl5k38_zpsy0vx8ssj.jpg
Hello Finish Line
 photo 2015nl5k42_zpssxflxmsg.jpg
Glad to have crossed the finish line
 photo 2015nl5k39_zps7wtidqa7.jpg
The crowded mess that was just beyond the finish line.  Medals, water, Powerade and snack boxes in a very tight area
 photo 2015nl5k43_zpsmlrdmhat.jpg
Finisher's Photo
 photo 2015nl5k4_zps2khcz16j.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K medallion
 photo 2015nl5k3_zps6hjbhwpd.jpg
2015 Never Land 5K Lanyard


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