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Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

 photo 2015tbh53_zpsicrsfa47.jpg
The carpet on the way down to the packet pickup area
 photo 2015tbh54_zpsxypmvasv.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge 10K and Half Bib
 photo 2015tbh55_zpsbquumbbd.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Weekend Official Program
 photo 2015tbh71_zpsbcs9qw2d.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015tbh70_zpslbyqbyde.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Mesh Bag from the goody bag
 photo 2015tbh57_zpsbi90augt.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015tbh69_zpsqp3lwrom.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Medal Replica Pin (spinner)
 photo 2015tbh65_zps4tgt96k4.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Bondi Band
 photo 2015tbh59_zpsu0wct9ku.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2015tbh67_zpschi8rq9w.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Sweaty Band
 photo 2015tbh64_zpspschpzg6.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2015tbh72_zpskutsdwpg.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015tbh58_zpsjolkgv3g.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015tbh68_zpsmvra7ll1.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Car Magnet
 photo 2015tbh66_zpskin6a9r0.jpg
Pixie Dust Challenge Bondi Band
 photo 2015tbh56_zpsofg4ziem.jpg
Free bookmark from Lasting Commemoratives
 photo 2015tbh1_zpsy5ilp66f.jpg
Waiting to start
 photo 2015tbh2_zpsfuhhsime.jpg
Getting close to the start line
 photo 2015tbh3_zpsmwndlkkv.jpg
Rudy and a guest announcer (Carissa was off having her baby)
 photo 2015tbh4_zpsohfjlnen.jpg
Tinker Bell is sending us on our way!
 photo 2015tbh5_zpsulqr3nyj.jpg
Away we go
 photo 2015tbh73_zps5ezasetg.jpg
What it looks like from the other side
 photo 2015tbh6_zpsrdjwyjga.jpg
The sea of humanity heading up the hill
 photo 2015tbh7_zpstg5vqjio.jpg
Mile one is done as the sun comes up
 photo 2015tbh8_zpswz16uize.jpg
I wonder who thought up this lovely course...If only we really were on mile 12!
 photo 2015tbh9_zpswtvtslkv.jpg
This is the third time this weekend that I am going down and up this darn hill...cruel, just cruel
 photo 2015tbh10_zps0lyeezvq.jpg
Who's the crowd for?
 photo 2015tbh11_zpstqv6gywg.jpg
To Infinity and Beyond - it's Buzz Lightyear!
 photo 2015tbh12_zpsbmytcppv.jpg
The real mile 2
 photo 2015tbh13_zpsd0kwk3ux.jpg
What a lovely waterfall
 photo 2015tbh14_zps0watsfb0.jpg
Headed in to Cars Land
 photo 2015tbh15_zpsgmgbiiid.jpg
on Route 66 - or somewhere like that
 photo 2015tbh16_zps4dummgs1.jpg
Headed out of Cars Land
 photo 2015tbh17_zpsjilbynkz.jpg
Parade floats
 photo 2015tbh18_zps0cgl6vsx.jpg
Rex and Hamm
 photo 2015tbh19_zpsmqlmpwpq.jpg
Pirates a-plenty
 photo 2015tbh21_zpsbnjhs4om.jpg
Silver Mist
 photo 2015tbh22_zpswddqdedy.jpg
 photo 2015tbh23_zpsbxwmobln.jpg
Mile three
 photo 2015tbh24_zpsjbxhtucl.jpg
Headed across the esplanade
 photo 2015tbh25_zpsmrark4uf.jpg
Goofy and Dale
 photo 2015tbh74_zpsfnm5wec6.jpg
Walking down Main Street
 photo 2015tbh26_zpsupga2owq.jpg
The castle and Matterhorn
 photo 2015tbh27_zpsqjkz7mv7.jpg
The castle sure is pretty this morning
 photo 2015tbh76_zpsxqsali8r.jpg
And we had a lot of fun going through that pretty little castle!
 photo 2015tbh28_zpsck8ovys6.jpg
I think this pirate is lost or just dazed and confused
 photo 2015tbh29_zpsxz05bdna.jpg
 photo 2015tbh85_zpsuylrit0z.jpg
The Lost Boys were having fun on the carousel this morning
 photo 2015tbh86_zpskjtj7vgj.jpg
And so were the pirates?!?
 photo 2015tbh30_zps5udz6fzz.jpg
Iridessa and Rosetta - I think Tinker Bell was out in this area as well, but I didn't get any good pictures of her
 photo 2015tbh31_zpsjqtgvzgm.jpg
At least there weren't any little dolls chasing us
 photo 2015tbh32_zps3j1yv5mp.jpg
Love seeing the trains backstage
 photo 2015tbh33_zpspeo25yzi.jpg
Mile four
 photo 2015tbh34_zps1bukbllp.jpg
Another lovely parade float
 photo 2015tbh35_zps4dcgstx3.jpg
A horse is a horse of course of course...
 photo 2015tbh36_zpsoatcxq2b.jpg
Do you think Donald is home? I don't because he'd probably be out here yelling at us for disturbing his morning
 photo 2015tbh37_zpsorkmzxb7.jpg
Looks like Goofy could use some more driving lessons
 photo 2015tbh38_zpsqxifmlxt.jpg
Some amazing whirligigs
 photo 2015tbh39_zpsywne9zcg.jpg
More scurvy pirates
 photo 2015tbh40_zpsxw9xyogm.jpg
A picture perfect morning in Disneyland
 photo 2015tbh41_zpsdrjx3jjh.jpg
Mile five
 photo 2015tbh42_zpsewpmk0fk.jpg
It is almost too bright to see Tinker Bell's shadow on the building
 photo 2015tbh43_zpsbbatfkjj.jpg
Main Street Vehicles and Cast Members sending us out of Disneyland
 photo 2015tbh44_zps07erazbh.jpg
Mile six - before this mile marker as we head out of Downtown Disney the Red Hat Ladies are there to cheer us on. This year had so many Red Hats that it was amazing. I wish I would have gotten a picture because it was such a great boost
 photo 2015tbh45_zpslc4mejlu.jpg
As you can see we're out of the parks and on the streets
 photo 2015tbh46_zpsuvlbc2oe.jpg
Mile eight - I was already flagging at this point, but thankfully De'Dee was there to keep me going
 photo 2015tbh47_zps2xucuqxr.jpg
Mile nine
 photo 2015tbh48_zps05dfykmk.jpg
Mile ten - at least it was a thumbs up for one runner
 photo 2015tbh49_zpsjt7q33jq.jpg
Mile eleven - slowly but surely going through the miles
 photo 2015tbh87_zpsmuyiugvn.jpg
That is the look of one that wishes the next mile marker was the last
 photo 2015tbh50_zpsroclz7sk.jpg
And this time it really is mile twelve
 photo 2015tbh84_zpsw38pkutl.jpg
Smiling really does make it better
 photo 2015tbh51_zpsxumrpctt.jpg
Mile thirteen - the last mile marker
 photo 2015tbh77_zpsethck4cs.jpg
Almost done
 photo 2015tbh52_zps2kqwqvz1.jpg
There it is the finish line!
 photo 2015tbh89_zpslpv1dhjb.jpg
High Five Mickey I'm done!
 photo 2015tbh88_zps8nikxuzp.jpg
Must end this lap on the Garmin
 photo 2015tbh79_zpsydk3padi.jpg
Look, we got our medals!
 photo 2015tbh80_zpsqcj9acwe.jpg
 photo 2015tbh81_zpswa8zhzom.jpg
Got our official half finisher photos
 photo 2015tbh82_zpskqevuqpu.jpg
 photo 2015tbh83_zpsatomuia2.jpg
And our official Pixie Dust finisher photos
 photo 2015tbh60_zpsvdu8oslh.jpg
2015 Tinker Bell Half Medal
 photo 2015tbh61_zpshwtrywia.jpg
2015 Tinker Bell Half Lanyard
 photo 2015tbh62_zpsjak8os0q.jpg
2015 Pixie Dust Challenge Medal - Love this medal it is large and really pretty
 photo 2015tbh63_zpsdy2zepse.jpg
2015 Pixie Dust Challenge Lanyard

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