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Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 Walt Disney World Marathon - My First Did Not Finish (DNF)

 photo 2015wdwfull36_zps1dfldpde.jpg
Dopey Half and Full Bib
 photo 2015wdwfull42_zpssappbmy4.jpg
Marathon Long Sleeve Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015wdwfull43_zpsafv59rqg.jpg
Goofy Long Sleeve Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015wdwfull44_zps2rvysehb.jpg
Dopey Long Sleeve Participant Tech Shirt
 photo 2015wdwfull41_zpsoqxo3f9v.jpg
Cell Phone Tab - Free Goofy Anniversary Item
 photo 2015wdwfull31_zpsgjm9oiwc.jpg
2015 WDW Weekend Lanyard (has each of the race medals)
 photo 2015wdwfull40_zpsqicpfnud.jpg
Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2015wdwfull22_zpssfannntz.jpg
Marathon Mini Button
 photo 2015wdwfull37_zpsi9uxblds.jpg
Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015wdwfull25_zps6axewf7i.jpg
Marathon Medal Pin
 photo 2015wdwfull23_zpsr5rlhpft.jpg
Goofy Mini Button
 photo 2015wdwfull30_zpslxlgmfd9.jpg
Goofy Bondi Band - notice the error on this?  I'm pretty sure that those X's should have been replaced by something
 photo 2015wdwfull33_zpszbnthng2.jpg
Goofy Car Magnet
 photo 2015wdwfull34_zpscklppbwz.jpg
Goofy Car Magnet
 photo 2015wdwfull38_zpsfr9jqkyj.jpg
Goofy Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015wdwfull27_zpsisoiiwru.jpg photo 2015wdwfull26_zpsmuggkwze.jpg
Goofy Medal Pin - double sided spinner in the middle
 photo 2015wdwfull24_zps9n9duu2c.jpg
Dopey Mini Button
 photo 2015wdwfull29_zpsgajlj7ve.jpg
Dopey Bondi Band - notice another error?  Yep, the X's were not replaced on this one either
 photo 2015wdwfull32_zpssllhskif.jpg
Dopey Car Magnet
 photo 2015wdwfull35_zpskn6kw2ne.jpg
Dopey Tech Shirt

I woke up before the alarm today and when I got up I couldn't put weight on my left foot.  This is what I've been afraid of for this whole weekend.  I hobble around my room and try to get my heel stretched out.  I can limp, but I can tell this is going to throw me off.  I eat and get ready to head out.

I get to the escalator to find that it is either not turned on or it is broken.  I walked up the escalator, but it was slow and painful.  This is just not good.

Get to Epcot and the walk to the reunion area seems like it's as long as a marathon.  I get through bag check and go to put my waist pack on and end up stepping on my Magic Band and I take this as a bad omen.
 photo 2015wdwfull1_zpsnsvnoyhh.jpg
The reunion area is still pretty empty
 photo 2015wdwfull10_zpsw49etscw.jpg
I'm smiling for now
 photo 2015wdwfull9_zpsm5qgs51t.jpg
Met up with Chris
 photo 2015wdwfull7_zpsx4mqzbkz.jpg
and Matt
 photo 2015wdwfull8_zpslligny9d.jpg
We're all together and chatting.  I'm trying to talk a good game, but I'm worried because the pain is really severe and we haven't even gotten to the corrals.

After a bio break we all head to our corrals.  I manage to get right to the front of the corral again today and I know I'll need the extra time.  We all stand around chatting and watch as the corrals ahead of us get going.

We start moving forward and I've completely stiffened up again and it is all I can do to put my foot on the ground.

 photo 2015wdwfull2_zpsjxbzazzp.jpg
We're watching the corrals move forward and go
 photo 2015wdwfull3_zps9ypyfs6q.jpg
It's almost our turn
 photo 2015wdwfull4_zpsdnenrnsl.jpg
Right at the front
 photo 2015wdwfull5_zpsajjnz0tw.jpg
The stage
 photo 2015wdwfull6_zpsz7wkbttl.jpg
I'm taking a picture of you taking a picture of me

Finally it is our turn to go.  I am doing my best to do intervals, but the pain is sharp and causes me to limp which makes my right knee hurt and then my right toes start having sharp pains.  The first mile is brutal.  I can't even begin to attempt to take pictures as I have to focus all my energy on staying on my feet.

Mile two has some banked road and it almost makes me quit.  Once we go back to flat road I think I'll be able to do this.  Then mile three comes and I'm starting to doubt again.  I figure I have to at least make it to the Magic Kingdom.  I can tell I'm slow and way further back than I want to be.

I've been looking for Matt, but he started ahead of me and I still haven't seen him.  Make it through the Ticket and Transportation Center, then the Contemporary Hill.  Finally I'm heading in to the Magic Kingdom.

It's sort of odd because the crowd on Main Street seems very subdued.  It matches how I feel, but I wish there was more energy to soak up.  I wish my mood was more positive because as I go along I'm noticing that none of the characters have any lines and I would love to take pictures with them.

 photo 2015wdwfull16_zpsrx9nisjg.jpg
Headed down Main Street
 photo 2015wdwfull18_zpshlxa22k6.jpg
Going through the castle and I'm all alone
 photo 2015wdwfull11_zpsh8gaeh59.jpg
Wish I was feeling awesome because I've never gotten a picture in the castle with no other runners around me
 photo 2015wdwfull15_zpsvzottfsu.jpg
See how far back I am - there's hardly any other runners
 photo 2015wdwfull13_zpsewon8bzr.jpg
Getting harder to even walk

I make it through mile six and every step is a challenge.  I know I will probably be swept today and it's just a matter of when.  I keep going and here comes the Speedway.  As we get close to the entrance I hear that end is just behind me.

That hill in to the Speedway is just nasty.  I make it down okay and then the pain comes as I go back up.  On the track and I can't even enjoy the cars today.  I'm still doing my intervals, but only to change the location of the pain between the run and walk.

 photo 2015wdwfull17_zpsxopbmuu5.jpg
This picture sort of says it all.  I'm near tears and it is just mental will keeping me going
 photo 2015wdwfull12_zpsxresfoh5.jpg
Still running intervals - well, very slowly jogging
 photo 2015wdwfull14_zpseb9ojkja.jpg
I forced a smile

Back out on the road and there's mile nine.  By mile ten I just want to stop.  Almost to mile eleven and the balloon ladies have caught me.  We're almost to the Animal Kingdom.  If I make it to the park I figure I have to get through the park at least. 

I go back and forth with the balloon ladies.  I'm almost swept but I pull ahead just enough.  And there's Animal Kingdom and now it's raining on us.  I'm sore and annoyed and the balloon ladies just keep talking and yelling at us and I just want to scream.

In to the Animal Kingdom.  I love the animals out on the way in - I just want to stop and play with them.

 photo 2015wdwfull20_zpskgap1rdx.jpg
Yeah, this is how I felt.  Fuzzy and ridiculous.  Don't you love the painted background?
 photo 2015wdwfull21_zpsiwqpauzs.jpg
Walking through the park - see the balloon behind me
 photo 2015wdwfull19_zpsbwttaigl.jpg
I keep walking and those balloons are right there still

The differing terrain in the Animal Kingdom is like torture - my feet just can't navigate the bumps and holes.  As we exit the park I start letting the balloon ladies pull ahead of me.  I reach the mile thirteen marker.  Up ahead I see parked buses. The bike pacers are there encouraging me to keep going I have time, but this is the moment that I decide to pull myself off the course.  I've made it beyond the half way point and while I honestly might have been able to fight through more miles I'm not sure that it's worth it.  I know that I have three more races next weekend and if I have any hope of completing those races I know stopping is the right choice.

I get on a bus but there are no seats and it hurts to stand.  The Cast Members are so nice handing everyone water bottles and Powerade.  Finally someone else asks if they can go to the other bus so they can sit down and I follow them over to that bus.  I was so glad to be able to get off my foot.

This bus is full of very happy people.  There's a lady across the aisle from me and she's near tears and she makes me choke up.  I'm not sad for me, I did what I could, but you could tell she was devastated and that was sad.

It takes a while for the bus to finish filling up and we finally pull out.  The traffic is awful and we are barely moving - I could have walked faster.  All of a sudden the people in the back of the bus stop yelling to the driver to stop and pull over some one's going to throw up.  The driver refuses.  The Cast Member gets an empty box for the lady - thankfully she doesn't throw up.

We continue on and then we hear - stop the bus, stop the bus.  A lady in the back passed out.  She came to almost immediately, but still.  Cast Member Jay is calm and in control - he calls in the two issues.  They are going to send an ambulance so this time the bus pulls over and we wait, and we wait, and we wait.

Twenty minutes later an ambulance arrives.  One of the EMTs comes on the bus and tells Jay that they are just going to take people to the finish line - same place we're going.  The lady that fainted stays on the bus, but the almost threw up lady goes with the EMTs.

This is the strangest bus trip I've ever taken.  I'm completely freezing at this point, but we're back on the road.  It took an hour and a quarter to make it back to the reunion area.

We're unloaded and there is a special tent for participants that did not finish.  There's a race clock there, a medical tent and we're each handed a mylar.  I was thrilled to have the mylar because I was so cold.  Next we came to volunteers with medals - everyone in front of me took a medal, but I refused the medal twice.  If you've followed me for any length of time you know I have always said I wouldn't take the medal and I stayed true to that - I didn't want it.  I didn't earn it.  They also had food available.  Then we were let out in to the world.

The hardest part of this experience for me was walking back to the monorail with people congratulating me.  I know people were being nice, but honestly I didn't do anything and it just made me sad.  I held the mylar tight around my neck so it had the fact I didn't have any medals.

I was super glad once I made it back to my room.  I just needed to get cleaned up, grab some food and put this awful race behind me.

While I wasn't swept, I didn't finish.  I was very disappointed, but I've done enough races to know that sometimes the body beats the mind and that's all that happened to me during this one.  I did the best I could and I made it further than I thought I would.  Of course, it sucks that I didn't get the Goofy anniversary medal, but that's the way it goes.


Disney Runs said...

I hope your foot isn't seriously injured! It was a good call to pull yourself off the course--your health is more important for sure. And remember, Did Not Finish is greater than Did Not Start. You rock!

-J.D. Humenay said...

Ya know, I'm proud of you for staying true to you, and keeping your LONG TERM health in mind. HUGS!

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