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Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

 photo 2015wdwhalf76_zpssukn7icf.jpg
Cute little button for the half marathon - think celebration button only in half the size
 photo 2015wdwhalf77_zpsdk5fsuto.jpg
Medal replica pin
 photo 2015wdwhalf78_zpskktlxh5o.jpg
Dopey half and full bib
 photo 2015wdwhalf79_zpsjyifynde.jpg
Commemorative half pin
 photo 2015wdwhalf80_zpskfz2kex6.jpg
Long sleeve tech participant shirt

Slept right through the alarms or they didn't go off.  Thankfully I have my own internal alarm clock so I wasn't too late getting up - I'd later figure out that I set the alarm clock for pm instead of am - Freudian slip?  Got all geared up, no costume today, it just didn't work out.  No issues on the monorail and was at the reunion area pretty quickly.
 photo 2015wdwhalf27_zpspklafoav.jpg
See, still pretty empty when I got there
 photo 2015wdwhalf6_zpshkpvborl.jpg
Justin and Chris and me
 photo 2015wdwhalf4_zpssalqqr4u.jpg
Chris, me and Matt
 photo 2015wdwhalf5_zpso2ezviqx.jpg
Just me this time

We all chatted for a bit, took a bio break and then started the long cattle drive to the corrals.  As we were on our way back to the corrals there was a DJ set up and she had cheerleaders there with her.  The cheerleaders were all happy and bubbly and then the DJ was speaking in this monotone.  She was saying things like - "good morning", "so inspiring", "you're awesome", "amazing", "so glad you're here"...It was just so odd because she spoke in the most calm, monotone, droning manner.  It really made all of us just sort of stop and look at each other and then bust out laughing.  It became the most memorable part of the races this year.

 photo 2015wdwhalf28_zpsh4vour2e.jpg
Got in my corral and worked my up to the front of the corral and managed to get right up to the very front.  It was a long wait, but there were lots of people to talk to and that helps time pass more quickly.  At least it wasn't so bitingly cold this morning.
 photo 2015wdwhalf29_zpsgdxfreql.jpg
We started walking about an hour after the first corral took off
 photo 2015wdwhalf30_zpsiodu52de.jpg
The start banner
 photo 2015wdwhalf31_zpsmieljha5.jpg
The stage

Finally it was our turn to go.  My left heel was sore, but not too bad today so I planned on one minute walk, thirty second run intervals.

There was a marching band and then the mile one marker.
 photo 2015wdwhalf33_zpshl9kxezm.jpg
Then some stilt walkers
 photo 2015wdwhalf34_zpsgkhfejxu.jpg
Mile two and a pirate ship were up next
 photo 2015wdwhalf35_zps7qod4klq.jpg
Now we're heading through the Magic Kingdom toll plaza

The weather is great for me this morning and I'm just keeping a slow easy pace.  There were a couple of race cars out for photos

 photo 2015wdwhalf36_zps7otr7kfn.jpg
Mile three
 photo 2015wdwhalf37_zpsukjyjr98.jpg
Wreck It Ralph
 photo 2015wdwhalf38_zpsnrgqi7xe.jpg
Jack and Sally

I was still feeling pretty good at this point and I was having fun taking pictures.  We were at the Ticket and Transportation Center before I knew it.
 photo 2015wdwhalf39_zpsvtgcqego.jpg
Mile four

As you exit the Transportation and Ticket Center there is a corp of drummers and they are always fun with a good beat to run too.

Just as I start to go up the hill I catch up to Matt - I was so excited to catch up to him.
 photo 2015wdwhalf40_zpsevl3x44r.jpg
Cone Alley, Contemporary Hill, fun DJ
 photo 2015wdwhalf41_zpspllpniit.jpg
Space Mountain looks so good in the morning - especially after that darn hill
 photo 2015wdwhalf42_zpsvjhbiigj.jpg
Mile five

We're starting to get excited now as we now we'll be hitting Main Street very soon
 photo 2015wdwhalf43_zpsl4y0ailr.jpg
The ugly before the beauty
 photo 2015wdwhalf13_zpsiguagikp.jpg
Matt and me walking right down the middle of Main Street USA...Still strange to see all the Christmas decorations still up
 photo 2015wdwhalf45_zpsayhdhlgm.jpg
Not much better than walking down Main Street to soak up the energy of the crowd
 photo 2015wdwhalf46_zps2uwaxlyo.jpg
Cute figures on a construction wall
 photo 2015wdwhalf47_zpstmfoioh3.jpg
Headed in to Tomorrowland
 photo 2015wdwhalf48_zpsjkwfv8z3.jpg
Hi Buzz
 photo 2015wdwhalf49_zpstmurwq2d.jpg
Off with their heads
 photo 2015wdwhalf50_zpsbkz6pwda.jpg
I'm stuck in a box - Rapunzel help me out
 photo 2015wdwhalf16_zpstkbicjeu.jpg
See, I like the Mime!
 photo 2015wdwhalf51_zps4baftrqt.jpg
The castle is just up ahead - Matt wants to run through the castle
 photo 2015wdwhalf52_zpszmi97qri.jpg
If I ride the carousel for 13.1 miles will it count towards a Dopey medal

 photo 2015wdwhalf53_zpsssgqmm09.jpg
Ana, Elsa and Kristoph are on the balcony - where are the trumpeters?
 photo 2015wdwhalf10_zpste8htoa1.jpg
Trudging through the castle - too crowded to truly run
 photo 2015wdwhalf11_zpsxgr74yhy.jpg
Hello photographer on the ground.  You look like a little ant from way up here.  Matt stop taking selfies
 photo 2015wdwhalf12_zpsmenmmw27.jpg
Always readjusting
 photo 2015wdwhalf54_zpsvau5c2tf.jpg
See you later alligator

The Country Bears were out in Frontierland and then we're at mile six
 photo 2015wdwhalf56_zpse5tbls4i.jpg
Mile six
 photo 2015wdwhalf58_zpsegq5mgf8.jpg
Choo Choo
 photo 2015wdwhalf59_zpsdisrebqx.jpg
An empty parade float

On the way out of the Magic Kingdom there is a bridge and normally it is covered with fake grass or something similar.  This year it was covered in wood and I swear the runners were like little kids stomping over the wood because it made a ton of noise.

 photo 2015wdwhalf60_zpsn8uhtwsw.jpg
And another DJ at the half way point and the crowded cone lane

Past the DJ we hear Taylor Swift's Shake It Off until we get to mile seven

 photo 2015wdwhalf61_zpsp6dizdbi.jpg
Mile seven
 photo 2015wdwhalf62_zpsx6diwvy9.jpg
Mary, Burt and Penguins - oh my!
 photo 2015wdwhalf63_zpsmoecqpb2.jpg
By the golf course - Golfer Goofy and Golfer Mickey
 photo 2015wdwhalf64_zpsjptvhg0u.jpg
Seriously Abu is just too darn scary for words - I mean it, look at him

Keeping it slow and steady.  Matt is still hanging with me.  We reach the Clif gel stop and - wait - there are no gels - none, zero, zilch, nada, zip.  While I don't rely on them, I know there are a lot of people that do and Matt could have used one at this point.

I saw Rae right before mile eight and we ran to catch up to her.  She's doing awesome as usual.  We're with her for a little while and then she just books on past us.  A little bit behind me I hear a familiar voice - it's Eric, his sister and mom.  We slow a little bit to let them catch up to us.

There's another marching band.

 photo 2015wdwhalf65_zpss6s75qhw.jpg
Mile nine

Matt has been hanging with me this entire time, but I can tell he's getting a little tired at this point.

 photo 2015wdwhalf66_zpsb5dxza9k.jpg
Mile ten - 5K to go

I feel bad because Matt is starting to fall behind, but I'm feeling pretty good and I decide to keep going.  I know Matt will be okay because Eric is back there and he'll take care of Matt.  I catch up to Rae again.

 photo 2015wdwhalf67_zpsubwz2cvu.jpg
Drop and give me 30 - ha, if I drop I'm done
 photo 2015wdwhalf68_zpseuokf7pj.jpg
Deja vu - haven't I seen you before?
 photo 2015wdwhalf69_zpsvsxwzr1x.jpg
Mile eleven

It's mile eleven and I'm really feeling fantastic.  I'm with Rae for a bit, but she's not used to my intervals so I keep going.  Although I'm still feeling bad about leaving Matt behind, I still have to keep moving forward.  Besides, he's young, he'll probably catch up to me anyway.

As I make the turn to the overpass I see Rae just behind me and then just a little behind Rae I see Matt.  I encourage them to keep going we're getting there.  Up the hill and down the hill.

 photo 2015wdwhalf70_zpsidewmblk.jpg
Hello DJ
 photo 2015wdwhalf71_zpsvupep92q.jpg
Mile twelve
 photo 2015wdwhalf72_zpsw3ynv85q.jpg
I'm feeling amazing and pretty fresh considering.  There's backstage, Spaceship Earth and the last water stop
 photo 2015wdwhalf18_zpsj3i3km7v.jpg
Heading through Epcot
 photo 2015wdwhalf22_zpshwgjruq6.jpg
I am shocked as someone grabs my shoulder.  It's Matt, he did it.  He caught up to me.  I'm so happy to see him.  So proud and impressed that he caught up - amazing!
 photo 2015wdwhalf26_zpsi1wrocxf.jpg
Quick wave to the camera
 photo 2015wdwhalf20_zps6mvsbm4p.jpg
Thumbs up - we're almost done
 photo 2015wdwhalf74_zpshj8zjgpg.jpg
Love the gospel choir
 photo 2015wdwhalf75_zpsnguivnhu.jpg
Love the mile thirteen mile marker even more!
 photo 2015wdwhalf25_zpscd88plbu.jpg
The home stretch
 photo 2015wdwhalf8_zpshj5mksdy.jpg
Matt wants to grab hands and raise our arms in the air - sure, why not?
 photo 2015wdwhalf3_zpsvhhxnhiq.jpg
We get our medals and a picture
 photo 2015wdwhalf2_zpsdstw7ehn.jpg
Got to get my official finisher photo
 photo 2015wdwhalf1_zpsa8frejjs.jpg
And one with my half buddy Matt!
 photo 2015wdwhalf82_zps4hdaotg7.jpg
2015 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Medal
 photo 2015wdwhalf81_zpsrx4g6sve.jpg
2015 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Lanyard

I have to say that this was one of the best half marathons I've done.  It was so much fun taking pictures, having fun with Matt, catching Rae and Eric, and just perfect weather for me.  Things just felt right today.


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I can tell by those pics in Epcot that this was one of your best! Your smile tells it all!

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