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Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Star Wars 5K

Thankfully I am able to walk without too much pain in my foot from the Walt Disney World events last weekend.  I am hopeful that I'll be able to get through all the races this weekend.
 photo 2015sw5K1_zpsuydnfylt.jpg
2015 Star Wars 5K Bib
 photo 2015sw5K35_zpsqm7pc4zt.jpg
Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2015sw5K33_zpslkpi00jl.jpg
5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015sw5K34_zpsrdnzht1n.jpg
Official Program
 photo 2015sw5K2_zpswmbbjrtj.jpg
Entering the reunion/stage area
 photo 2015sw5K3_zpsgjgfmpnf.jpg
Rudy and Carissa on stage before the race
 photo 2015sw5K4_zpsatvimiis.jpg
Joined by C3PO and R2D2

There was a lot of fun drama on the stage - Darth Vader came out and Storm Troopers and a Jedi...Just a lot of story going on this morning so I was glad I stopped to see some of it.

 photo 2015sw5K5_zpsu0dimxrz.jpg
Amazing large video screens in the corral area

There are so many people in costumes and I enjoy people watching as the corral fills up.  The video screens were also used to show clips from the Star Wars movies and the trailer from the new movie.

The National Anthem was sung by a performer this morning and she was outstanding and we got to thank her as she left because she walked right by the corral.

 photo 2015sw5K6_zps0jwjcds3.jpg
An entire story scrolled up the screen.  Here is the story:

It is a period of speed
and endurance

Rebel runners
striking out from a start line

Engage in their inaugural
journey against
the evil galactic empire

The rebels join forces
with allies from
the Jedi Republic
and soon face 
the ultimate challenge

Against those who
have turned to the dark side

Racing by the Empire's
sinister agents

The runners race toward
the finish line

Custodians of the great
inner power

That can save their people
and restore freedom
to the galaxy...

 photo 2015sw5K7_zpsvyjyuedq.jpg
I was in Corral B - yeah!
 photo 2015sw5K9_zpsdqghxczh.jpg
Rudy, Carissa, C3PO, and R2D2
 photo 2015sw5K38_zps24oagz0n.jpg
Great picture of the start line from the other side
 photo 2015sw5K8_zpsnxorvkbx.jpg
We are on our way
 photo 2015sw5K10_zpssb6dn2rf.jpg
Backstage the Custodians are there to cheer us on
 photo 2015sw5K11_zpsoatlayu2.jpg
Lots of random Jedis out and about
 photo 2015sw5K12_zpshpqo20zz.jpg
It's a Small World still had some of the Christmas Lights up
 photo 2015sw5K13_zpsywoitnjl.jpg
Storm Troopers
 photo 2015sw5K40_zpsptfpbtyv.jpg
Going through Fantasyland
 photo 2015sw5K14_zpsgxti5bwj.jpg
Big Thunder in the dark
 photo 2015sw5K15_zpsgz6xmlnu.jpg
Mile 1
 photo 2015sw5K41_zpslcfifxix.jpg
Main Street
 photo 2015sw5K16_zpsxppffvr2.jpg
The castle is so pretty in the dark

After the castle, Chewbacca was out for photos, but his line was so long it was ridiculous!

 photo 2015sw5K17_zpsa7abbwpi.jpg

Darth Vader is out in Tomorrowland and his line was even worse than Chewbacca's line.  It wound around Star Tours and out toward Main Street.

 photo 2015sw5K18_zpslsjldmnw.jpg
Main Street Vehicle
 photo 2015sw5K19_zpsopnshxz7.jpg
Main Street all lit up
 photo 2015sw5K21_zpsgiqcwqfl.jpg
Double Decker Bus
 photo 2015sw5K22_zpsqqrcxzif.jpg
Coming up the hill in to backstage California Adventure with Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
 photo 2015sw5K23_zpsfzkxgu9b.jpg
Mile 2

Somewhere around here there was another Jedi out for photos.

 photo 2015sw5K24_zpsdjynlkm1.jpg
Cars Land
 photo 2015sw5K45_zpsdo6zm2fu.jpg
Walking in Cars Land
 photo 2015sw5K25_zpsbabjyjjl.jpg
Love Radiator Springs all lit up with the waterfall in the background
 photo 2015sw5K26_zpsyr0wxfqp.jpg
Pacific Wharf
 photo 2015sw5K27_zpsdmmu1kpu.jpg
Going by A Bug's Land
 photo 2015sw5K28_zpsrfyogjmw.jpg
Carthay Circle
 photo 2015sw5K29_zpsc5ez3xsx.jpg
Heading in to Downtown Disney
 photo 2015sw5K30_zps8f3mt0sw.jpg
Headed by World of Disney
 photo 2015sw5K31_zpsdivn9kue.jpg
Jedi announcer shouting out encouragement
 photo 2015sw5K32_zpswffcdgh4.jpg
Mile 3
 photo 2015sw5K42_zpszv53nwkh.jpg
Going past the Disneyland Hotel
 photo 2015sw5K43_zpslqafg5bk.jpg
The finish line stretch
 photo 2015sw5K39_zpswhcjwasw.jpg
Got my medal
 photo 2015sw5K44_zps4n9xswqf.jpg
Official Finisher Photo
 photo 2015sw5K37_zps9mq0jpxr.jpg
2015 Inaugural Star Wars 5K Medallion
 photo 2015sw5K36_zpslcbn37w0.jpg
2015 Inaugural Star Wars 5K Lanyard

The course for this race was different and I really enjoyed it.  It felt like it wasn't as crowded as other courses.  My blue skirt was lit up and I got a lot of compliments on it through the morning - too bad you can't see the lights in the pictures.  It was my ode to R2D2 and recycled from my Goofy costume that I didn't end up wearing last week.

My foot held up okay for the race so I was glad for that.


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