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Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Star Wars 10K

 photo 2015dw10K3_zpsfevpvrr6.jpg
2015 Inaugural Star Wars Rebel Challenge 10K and Half Bib
 photo 2015dw10K2_zpswegdiwey.jpg
Star Wars 10K Participant Long Sleeve Tech Shirt
 photo 2015dw10K1_zpsifrq3l0f.jpg
Star Wars 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2015dw10K4_zps1gwkoi3x.jpg
Waiting to walk forward to the start line - very near the front of the corral again
 photo 2015dw10K5_zpsqqyajowh.jpg
Love the themes and screens for these races
 photo 2015dw10K6_zps5n7zgsgr.jpg
Rudy, C3PO, R2D2 and the sign language interpreter on stage at the start line
 photo 2015dw10K47_zpsbcnwbcaf.jpg
It was very cool to see C3PO and R2D2 in action up close
 photo 2015dw10K46_zpsfz4qdysb.jpg
The start line before the madness
 photo 2015dw10K7_zpsy9xeenks.jpg
Not sure what type of decoder ring I would have needed for this sign, but I'm guessing it says May The Force Be With You
 photo 2015dw10K8_zpscpzsovfr.jpg
Mile 1 - up the hill we go
 photo 2015dw10K9_zpscsicsthd.jpg
Behind California Adventure
 photo 2015dw10K10_zpsqvdzv4cc.jpg
All Aboard - the Main Street Station
 photo 2015dw10K48_zpsiih8mavk.jpg
Walking along Main Street
 photo 2015dw10K11_zpshsgb439r.jpg
The castle looks so far away
 photo 2015dw10K12_zpspfmmeqik.jpg
Mile 2 - Hoth sure is cold
 photo 2015dw10K13_zpsdlwvmdqh.jpg
Big Thunder sure is quiet this morning
 photo 2015dw10K14_zpsw6m6p6l6.jpg
Carousel and Matterhorn in the early morning light
 photo 2015dw10K15_zpshoibnoeb.jpg
The tea cups sure can make you dizzy
 photo 2015dw10K16_zpsqilfn0gk.jpg
 photo 2015dw10K17_zpsjptcojtx.jpg
There were queue lines set up for Darth Vader again this morning and the line is super long
 photo 2015dw10K18_zpsefzr4hfz.jpg
Be very careful, the Storm Troopers are looking to recruit or capture
 photo 2015dw10K19_zpsn5suuqez.jpg
It's A Small World lights are so pretty
 photo 2015dw10K20_zpscnqpkwsi.jpg
Mile 3 - sure is crowded around this mile marker
 photo 2015dw10K21_zpsgkjkubtu.jpg
Projection on the side of the building
 photo 2015dw10K22_zpsvckt1hhw.jpg
Main Street Cars and Cast Members
 photo 2015dw10K23_zpsl8jjqemd.jpg
Heading across the esplanade
 photo 2015dw10K24_zpsew5pymce.jpg
On to California Adventure
 photo 2015dw10K25_zps2uufw1va.jpg
Mile 4
 photo 2015dw10K26_zpsbfezgndv.jpg
Red Car Trolley
 photo 2015dw10K27_zpsxq5kxgqa.jpg
Twilight Tower of Terror - creepy yet beautiful at the same time
 photo 2015dw10K28_zps02uaqp8g.jpg
Bug's Land
 photo 2015dw10K29_zps5l3pjuwo.jpg
There be Grizzlies in this here park
 photo 2015dw10K30_zpsbi0oonch.jpg
Going by Cars Land
 photo 2015dw10K49_zpsbwebkkif.jpg
We were having fun trying to find the photographers, can you tell?
 photo 2015dw10K31_zpsja2a0kqo.jpg
Paradise Pier sure is pretty this morning
 photo 2015dw10K32_zpseytwdxfk.jpg
It was odd, the Cast Members were trying to keep people from taking pictures unless they were waiting in line, but that just doesn't work out well
 photo 2015dw10K33_zpsoyhpeoeh.jpg
Heading on to the boardwalk on Paradise Pier
 photo 2015dw10K34_zpsnnqposvu.jpg
Some of the best costumes during this race - so fun!
 photo 2015dw10K35_zpsxnc8vd16.jpg
Glad he's not wearing his angry eyes
 photo 2015dw10K36_zpsu8npdf3h.jpg
Headed around behind California Adventure
 photo 2015dw10K37_zpsefxeoino.jpg
Mile 5 - aren't they cute?
 photo 2015dw10K38_zpsqzxtngtz.jpg
Cars Land
 photo 2015dw10K39_zpsnqbaxn3h.jpg
The backside of Radiator Springs
 photo 2015dw10K40_zpsyfhrxqi1.jpg
Mile 6
 photo 2015dw10K41_zps2binqdxu.jpg
Coming to the finish line
 photo 2015dw10K42_zpsbrg4wmwh.jpg
The finish line stretch
 photo 2015dw10K43_zps5frpg4zq.jpg
Storm Troopers at the finish line
 photo 2015dw10K52_zpsxpsoq30h.jpg
Had to get a medal picture
 photo 2015dw10K50_zpsfy8xbgdt.jpg
Got our official finisher photo
 photo 2015dw10K51_zpswqcfkaei.jpg
And an individual one
 photo 2015dw10K44_zpsnhpkvaza.jpg
2015 Inaugural Star Wars 10K Medal
 photo 2015dw10K45_zps3grvzgi2.jpg
2015 Inaugural Star Wars 10K Lanyard

I have to say I wasn't sure if I was going to like this course or race, but it was a blast and we spent a lot of time in the parks so it was super enjoyable.  There were some crowded spots, but it was still a great time.


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