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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Run for Ryan House Half Marathon

Okay this was one strange and unusual race. This is the third time I've done this race...It is a race that has kicked me when I was down twice before and the third time was no different.

The race started at 7:00am and it was about 55 degrees and very windy. This is an incredibly small race and I knew that I would be at the back of the pack the whole time.

I started the race at a slow and comfortable pace, not worrying about being at the back of the pack. The first part of the race was mostly downhill - that's great, but that means we're going uphill later. I was thrown off because I didn't see any mile markers - turns out, they were there, but the wind blew them over.  I'm having Avengers deja vu.

I was doing my 45 second walk/30 second run intervals and honestly I was feeling really good. My legs were feeling fantastic - probably the best they've felt in quite some time. Still I was trying to keep it slow and easy. I finished the 5K at a 14:15 per mile pace.

Then the tough part of the course came...and I truly remembered why this race is so tough. Here was the uphill, and this isn't Florida overpass hill, it's a good mile of steady climb. If that isn't bad enough it was in to the wind the whole way. And I walked...no shame in that, figured I'd save myself for the last half of the race.

Still feeling good even with the hill and at the 10K point I was still at a 14:41 per mile pace. I'm okay with that. I had been drinking water, but not every mile because I wasn't able to see the mile markers. There were water stops every two miles and I took a Gatorade at each one. I felt like I was drinking enough.

Remember all the downhill in the beginning? Yep, now it's all back uphill. By mile 8 I was starting to feel tired. My legs were still doing okay, but I was just dragging a bit. Still I was trying to run/walk as best I could. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to finish the race at about the 9 mile point.

I kept going and I finally hit the 10 mile point and I was at a 15:16 per mile pace. Perfectly fine pace for the course, but then things just went very weird.

I am walking along and all of a sudden I think I have to sit down, I have to stop. This doesn't make sense, what's going on. I just started feeling quite odd. I wasn't hurting in my legs, my breathing was not fantastic, but under control, and still I felt like my body wasn't under my control. It was really all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. I would look at my feet and it was as if someone else was controlling them.  I struggled to keep lifting my feet and moving them forward.

Finally, at 10.63 miles I came to an intersection with two police and I asked if there was anyone picking people up if they needed to stop. They said they'd check and see what they could find out. At this point I just needed to stop and there were only three people behind me and I knew they'd be catching up soon. I stood there, took off my watch, put my headphones away and finished my water. Here comes the next person and she tries to coax me in to finishing, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm swollen and I am pretty sure I am dehydrated which doesn't make sense with the amount of water and Gatorade I have had to drink.

Here come the last two people and the bike that has been following them. He informs me that his radio is dead, but he'll go ahead and find someone. The last two women encourage me to keep going with them. I walk a while longer and I'm just feeling like this is going to kill me. Then the bike guy comes back and tells me that someone will get me right around the next corner. This coincided with the next water stop.

I get there and talk to two race officials and he said he would pull his truck around and the other guy waited with me. I asked how close we were to being done and he said about a mile. I couldn't really pull off with a mile left. The volunteers were packing up the water stop, but I saw a guy carrying bottled water. I asked if I could have one and he told me they ran out and he had to go to the store to get some, but sure I could have one.  I let him know that he was my lifesaver today!

So, on I went trying to catch up to the last two people and the bike. It took a while, but I did finally catch them and they were great girls. It was their first half marathon and they were just in it to finish - one and done as they said. They were really nice and we chatted along the way and kept each other moving.

Turns out, my Garmin was right and there was still over two miles to go, but now I at least had company to suffer through the rest of the way with. They were picking up the cones as we passed them. It was certainly a different experience. Finally we were at the finish chute and I hung back to let the two girls finish together in front of me. So, I was officially the very last person to cross the finish line - not sure if my time was the slowest because they started a few seconds ahead of me, but I'll have to see what happens when the official results are up.

I managed to finish even with two lengthy stops on the course. I can't really explain what happened out there, it was nothing I've ever experienced before and I hope to not experience it ever again. Still, thanks to the kindness of strangers I managed to get myself across the finish line.

 photo 2015rrhh1_zpscrmrkqfa.jpg
Yep, that's the start...I told you this was a very small race field
 photo 2015rrhh2_zpszpgftpm7.jpg
At least the scenery is pretty!

2015 Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

I was glad to be back in Arizona for the Lost Dutchman events. In the past I have done the 8K Trail Run, but this year I decided to go for the half marathon. It's a road race and the last half of the marathon follows the half marathon course.

Sadly, this wasn't a stellar race day for me. Did a rookie mistake and started out to fast, but truly died at the half way point. I was more sore after this race than I have been in years and it was truly hard to move - my left heel was in complete agony, my right knee gave me trouble the whole time and both hips hurt. It was strange because I felt dehydrated even though I was downing water and even Gatorade. Despite all that I did finish so it could have been worse.

At my mile 8-9 the lead marathon male went by, then at mile 10 a guy comes running by and asked - can I catch him? I yelled - yes you can he is right up there and on he zoomed by. When I got to the finish stretch he was on the side and I yelled, "did you catch him?"  He grinned and said, "Yes, yes I did!"  I checked when I got home and he finished the marathon in first place - with a time of 2:51, beating the lead runner he passed by just over 2 minutes...so that was a lot of fun to be a part of.

It had been a while since I had done a non-Disney half and I forgot how much more mental toughness it takes to do a race with no entertainment and minimal spectator support. Still this is a beautiful course and the volunteers were great.  If you're ever in Arizona in mid-February come on out and give this one a try.

 photo 2015ldmh1_zpswcjqsvim.jpg
Pre-race the prospector and his trusty donkey were setting up for photos
 photo 2015ldmh2_zpscergdaat.jpg
Yep, I know I'm in trouble when the last pace sign is a 12 minute per mile pace
 photo 2015ldmh3_zpsvt5tosas.jpg
Cloudy start and the view is quite pretty
 photo 2015ldmh4_zpsvefbxzes.jpg
A little closer to the hills on the later part of the course
 photo 2015ldmh5_zpsoqgosood.jpg
I'm at the back of the pack and you can see I don't have to worry about crowding on this course
 photo 2015ldmh6_zps9eqiq8ii.jpg
This is the dirt road I walk to in order to get back to my car.  Yes, they have bus transportation to and from the parking, but I figure it's usually better to walk it off than catch a ride and really it's just so pretty

2015 Star Wars Half Marathon

Being an inaugural race and a different course I wasn't sure what expect for this race, but I have to say I really enjoyed this race and this course.  The course was fast and flat and I took advantage of that and finished much faster than I have in a long time.
 photo 2015swh27_zps5ssxpyws.jpg
Rebel Challenge bit for Star Wars Half Marathon
 photo 2015swh28_zpsun8yxyod.jpg
Odd that we had to take a picture for the Rebel Challenge, but still had a wrist band for the Coast to Coast Challenge
 photo 2015swh19_zpsxzruhnpb.jpg
Half Marathon participant long sleeve tech shirt
 photo 2015swh18_zpsjpksqurl.jpg
Star Wars Rebel Challenge participant long sleeve tech shirt
 photo 2015swh9_zpsxvjdneom.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon commemorative pin
 photo 2015swh6_zpssyryhryh.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon medal replica pin
 photo 2015swh11_zpsukotc3i4.jpg
Star Wars Rebel Challenge commemorative pin
 photo 2015swh7_zpssleidnfq.jpg
Star Wars Rebel Challenge medal replica pin - spinner includes Yoda on one side and Darth Vader on the other
 photo 2015swh10_zpslygqhgh6.jpg
Coast to Coast medal replica pin
 photo 2015swh8_zps3un5w8l7.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon commemorative necklace
 photo 2015swh17_zps3xm50bu4.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend car magnet
 photo 2015swh16_zpspmdfxtqj.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon car magnet
 photo 2015swh15_zpswmmwnfbf.jpg
Star Wars Rebel Challenge car magnet
 photo 2015swh14_zpszhecn9du.jpg
Star Wars Rebel Challenge car magnet
 photo 2015swh13_zpsghuufrcg.jpg
Bondi Band
 photo 2015swh12_zpsvebjqf1l.jpg
Bondi Band - Notice that they forgot to replace something again as there's a line of x's
 photo 2015swh5_zpsmjsq3dtj.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon tech shirt
 photo 2015swh3_zpsb39m1wby.jpg
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend T-Shirt
 photo 2015swh1_zpsvqvao2dh.jpg
Light weight windbreaker hooded jacket - I don't usually spend this much on jackets, but this one caught my eye.  I like the pattern on the top as it is reflective. It also has zippered pockets which are nice.
 photo 2015swh2_zps6ebxnkww.jpg
This is the emblem on the jacket
 photo 2015swh4_zpslb6emppq.jpg
2015 Coast to Coast Tech Shirt
 photo 2015swh29_zpslkoj6n2z.jpg
Right up in the front of the corral again
 photo 2015swh31_zpsb54tjxfm.jpg
Walking up to the start line for our turn
 photo 2015swh32_zpsyj5tihrq.jpg
Rudy and Carissa on the stage to send everyone on their way
 photo 2015swh30_zpskcm1nxrk.jpg
And we're off
 photo 2015swh75_zpso79pcsdd.jpg
View from the other side
 photo 2015swh33_zpsjquqqga3.jpg
Lots of projections on the buildings
 photo 2015swh34_zpstrktfzkq.jpg
See, more projections
 photo 2015swh35_zpsfd5dliep.jpg
And even more projections
 photo 2015swh36_zps7bkqrnvi.jpg
Not that you can tell, but that's Mile Marker 1
 photo 2015swh37_zpsorisaqes.jpg
In to Disneyland
 photo 2015swh76_zpstsrjrwgr.jpg
On Main Street
 photo 2015swh38_zps4pmp6i9h.jpg
No going through the castle during this half
 photo 2015swh39_zpsnie11uuu.jpg
Mile 2
 photo 2015swh40_zpsqcxfqcus.jpg
Heading in to Frontierland
 photo 2015swh41_zps0wa4w947.jpg
Such a pretty sky this morning.  Right around here there were some Storm Troopers available for photos
 photo 2015swh42_zpslxlyl5qb.jpg
Those dizzying tea cups with no one in them
 photo 2015swh43_zpsrnqk8n9o.jpg
Heading in to Tomorrowland
 photo 2015swh44_zpst9t7zhjq.jpg
Darth Vader and more Storm Troopers out for pictures - with the end of the line a far, far, far galaxy away.  You know it's bad when they have queue lines out for characters during a race
 photo 2015swh45_zpsosobnwqk.jpg
A little bit of nostalgia in Tomorrowland
 photo 2015swh46_zpsh1v0l7xo.jpg
For some reason no one was stopping to take pictures of the Mile 3 marker
 photo 2015swh47_zpsjtn5cf7m.jpg
A crowded water stop with the Tower of Terror in the background.  Yes, this area was really that crowded and it was pretty much a slow walk through there

There were some Jedis taking pictures as we entered in to California Adventure
 photo 2015swh48_zpsxoc5gucv.jpg
Strange place for a trolley car
 photo 2015swh49_zpskxa6lcyz.jpg
Storm Troopers and a waterfall
 photo 2015swh50_zpstmo0kysm.jpg
On the way to Paradise Pier
 photo 2015swh51_zpsfvgc2wrw.jpg
Good morning Mickey
 photo 2015swh52_zps2bn6qsur.jpg
And more Jedis - they seem to be everywhere
 photo 2015swh53_zps6fi8cuwo.jpg
Cheering Cast Members - so cool
 photo 2015swh54_zpstukk3l0i.jpg
Mile 4 and this area was pretty crowded as well
 photo 2015swh55_zpsvnclctdu.jpg
Entering Radiator Springs area
 photo 2015swh56_zpsmak2f87q.jpg
Such pretty light as the sun comes up
 photo 2015swh57_zpsiqy8h21q.jpg
In Cars Land
 photo 2015swh58_zpstxlielvu.jpg
And now we're out of the parks and it's mile 5.  I had fun walking through the parks with my running buddy De'Dee, but I was feeling pretty good so I decided to start my run/walk intervals at this point in the race.  I felt bad leaving De'Dee, but I knew she would be fine and probably end up catching me.
 photo 2015swh59_zpsbiumazsu.jpg
While this guy was standing out there taking pictures with runners, there were actually several runners on the course dressed in fully Chewie gear...that's just crazy!
 photo 2015swh60_zps2tn7ankz.jpg
Mile 6 and a house in the background
 photo 2015swh61_zpsn45fg0d2.jpg
Mile 7 and yep, more houses in the background
 photo 2015swh62_zpsrjmig1xy.jpg
Mile 8 and it starts to get a bit interesting in this section
 photo 2015swh63_zpsaufp7oqa.jpg
We had a full stretch of road filled with Star Wars cosplayers.  Some of them were truly spectacular.
 photo 2015swh64_zpsvhsrhsmn.jpg
Smile Darth
 photo 2015swh65_zpsgqmxirjh.jpg
Where did you park those fighters?
 photo 2015swh66_zps9kpvstno.jpg
Storm Troopers bustin' a move?
 photo 2015swh67_zpsiwoorom7.jpg
Who is the ice cream maker guy?
 photo 2015swh68_zpsjflxiulg.jpg
Mile 9
 photo 2015swh69_zpsj7m2fhcc.jpg
Mile 10
 photo 2015swh70_zpstk0qoqfn.jpg
I salute this man - we went back and forth quite a bit along the course as we were both doing run/walk, but I have to tell you that flag never drooped once on the course.  He held it strong and proud through the whole race.  It was truly impressive.
 photo 2015swh71_zpszyznovri.jpg
Mile 11 - just right there in the middle of the road
 photo 2015swh72_zpsetcctrvh.jpg
So Chewie is giving free hugs while the Storm Trooper just hangs back.  They were advertising the Hollywood Half Marathon (I think)
 photo 2015swh73_zpsy73lg4td.jpg
For some reason people were super excited by the Mile 12 marker...I was still just plugging along doing my run/walk intervals and trying to push myself
 photo 2015swh85_zpsyvb0yr6u.jpg
Running along a nice shady stretch of road
 photo 2015swh77_zpsosogyf1h.jpg
Headed by the Disneyland Hotel on a walk interval
 photo 2015swh78_zpsowkoh744.jpg
I know that I'm almost done and I'm pushing right through to the end
 photo 2015swh74_zpsopvxkviq.jpg
Mile 13
 photo 2015swh80_zpszgsjad28.jpg
Right there at the finish line
 photo 2015swh79_zps5vqn447m.jpg
Gotta make sure the Garmin gets switched to my cool down lap
 photo 2015swh84_zpsd7tfqtru.jpg
Okay - got my half marathon medal
 photo 2015swh83_zpsrv5sssfw.jpg
Now I have my half medal, my rebel challenge medal and my coast to coast medal
 photo 2015swh82_zpsm7kixh5n.jpg
Half finisher photo
 photo 2015swh81_zps2ycyjgwz.jpg
Challenge finisher photo
 photo 2015swh23_zpsjx3jsev7.jpg
2015 Star Wars Half Marathon medal - notice anything missing?  You guessed it - this is an inaugural medal, but the word inaugural is no where to be found on the medal
 photo 2015swh22_zpsbbgsaco4.jpg
At least the half lanyard says inaugural on it
 photo 2015swh26_zpsc5d7nnwe.jpg
Rebel Challenge Medal Yoda side
 photo 2015swh24_zpstv0nscy2.jpg
Rebel Challenge Darth Vader side
 photo 2015swh25_zpsmxgkldwr.jpg
Rebel Challenge lanyard
 photo 2015swh20_zpsp33vrtcb.jpg
Coast to Coast Medal
 photo 2015swh21_zpsrl8ruqlz.jpg
2015 Coast to Coast Lanyard

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