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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2014 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon

I would love to tell you all about this course, but I can't. Honestly, it just blew me away...no seriously, it was so windy that I was completely messed up the whole time. After being soaked in Florida the week before we came out to California and stepped in to blow dryer. The mile markers were blown over - that really messed with me as I was inconsistent with my fueling and it took a toll on me as I was never sure where I was in the course. The wind was so bad that you'd be running and literally get pushed over to the side. Then there was the blowing dirt and sand that pelted you like it was coming from a sand blaster and man did it hurt. We can't forget that the course was full of runners in costumes and a lot of those costumes had capes and those capes were whipping around and hitting everyone they went by.

I have to say that of the Disneyland courses - this was by far my least favorite. If the conditions would have been better, I might have enjoyed it more, but I just didn't like the route we took. I thought there were more narrow areas in this course than there should have been and it made for some really crowded spots. We were by the dry river bed a lot of the time which didn't help with the blowing wind conditions, but I also just found it a little bit boring.

There was one cool stretch full of cosplayers all decked out in their super hero finest and some of them were pretty amazing. I wanted to take pictures, but with the wind it was enough for me to concentrate on trying to not fall over.

One other cool area as long line of service members cheering the runners on - it was really inspiring to see them all out there. This was also right after the water stop that was completely torn down because it blew over in the wind...but it wasn't the first water stop on the course that was having trouble with the wind.

There was a spot for Avengers at the finish line, but there weren't any out when I came through which was sort of a letdown.

I still wouldn't hesitate to do the race again and now that they have the 10K and Infinity Challenge I have a feeling the races will be better this year as they have had more time to plan and get feedback from the first year.

 photo 2014ah21_zps1nzfkro3.jpg
2014 Avengers Half Bib
 photo 2014ah24_zpsrj6ynraa.jpg
Official Event Guide
 photo 2014ah22_zpsgbhsgzap.jpg
Participant Long Sleeve Tech Shirt
 photo 2014ah23_zpsb8r6ewtp.jpg
Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend t-shirt
 photo 2014ah25_zpscdcqnmln.jpg
Car Magnet
 photo 2014ah26_zpswg4gh99d.jpg
Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2014ah27_zpscp49qiju.jpg
Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014ah28_zpsfer3s1nk.jpg
Commemorative Medal Pin
 photo 2014ah29_zpsb44v6yaq.jpg
Bondi Band
 photo 2014ah30_zpsuiyqiiay.jpg
Coast to Coast Wristband
 photo 2014ah15_zpsgdwtnhps.jpg
Took this after the 5K and I'm glad I did because most of it was taken down due to the wind by the time I was done with the Half
 photo 2014ah16_zps00pejlbs.jpg
The mostly empty corrals
 photo 2014ah17_zpsnysj62ze.jpg
The corral has filled up behind me...it's hard to see how many people because they stretched back behind me as far as I could see
 photo 2014ah18_zpszsofdfyv.jpg
Walking to the start line
 photo 2014ah19_zpsqovl9nd0.jpg
Rudy and the sign language interpreter
 photo 2014ah20_zpshyedgo4j.jpg
Rudy on the big screen
 photo 2014ah13_zps8gouwcun.jpg
Start Sign
I make no guarantees that these pictures are in the order the course was run, but they should be close.
 photo 2014ah2_zpsrgtxfira.jpg
Cars Land in the pre-dawn
 photo 2014ah4_zps5bxlfwq8.jpg
Walking along California Adventure and the sun is just rising behind us
 photo 2014ah5_zps5fwbkm1k.jpg
This picture cracks me up - it seriously looks like I stopped and stood still for this photo, but I promise I was walking along
 photo 2014ah7_zpsuvhh6svm.jpg
I have no idea if I saw any of these guys out there, but it was a highlight photo so I figured I'd include it for your viewing pleasure
 photo 2014ah6_zps6xc6rqoz.jpg
I look like I'm about to die, but I don't think I felt that way until much later in the race
 photo 2014ah1_zpsbqfrvuun.jpg
Look at the pretty castle back there
 photo 2014ah3_zps4uqcdzib.jpg
The castle is all decked out for the holidays
 photo 2014ah8_zpsudxqnczs.jpg
The end is near
 photo 2014ah9_zpsvvhxntov.jpg
Got to love it when people rock their costumes!
 photo 2014ah12_zpszkf50ftq.jpg
For those of you that aren't familiar with the back of the pack - here's the kind of crowding that can occur and this is at the finish line
 photo 2014ah11_zpsqtwtfzad.jpg
It's all about the bling
 photo 2014ah10_zpsepkyyxuy.jpg
And more bling - and I don't mean my hair tiara. If you didn't believe me about the wind, I think this picture describes it really well. In fact, when I was done all of the official finisher photo backdrops had been taken down. As I was walking out, the stage area had been torn down, the awards ceremony was cancelled and they moved the family reunion area because of the wind. It was a crazy weather day for sure, but I was glad to be done.
 photo 2014ah31_zpsbxbpk85n.jpg
2014 Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Medal
 photo 2014ah33_zpsozrbccwv.jpg 
Close up of the medal
 photo 2014ah32_zpsh1zd9ofb.jpg
The lanyard
 photo 2014ah36_zps1ibfeieu.jpg
2014 Coast to Coast Medal
 photo 2014ah34_zpsususzmkw.jpg
Close up of Coast to Coast Medal
 photo 2014ah35_zps1dammfzg.jpg
Coast to Coast Lanyard


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