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Saturday, May 2, 2015

2014 Tower of Terror

For some reason this race is a true terror for me.  It has never gone well.  The weather is never optimal and I seem to suffer undue distress on this course.  It was close for me to get swept on this one, but I dug down and used will power to finish.  I was glad when it was over.

 photo 2014TT19_zpsifqk5btc.jpg 
Official Program
 photo 2014TT20_zps9pk88i4m.jpg 
Tower of Terror bib
 photo 2014TT13_zpsxfpbcvuk.jpg 
Tech Shirt
 photo 2014TT14_zpszckl7chk.jpg 
Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2014TT15_zpsl2uyuxur.jpg 
Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014TT16_zpsdhfhhkny.jpg 
Medal Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014TT17_zpsrevfjhrr.jpg 
Vinylmation Medal
 photo 2014TT18_zpsgsgiyrpf.jpg 
Car Magnet
 photo 2014TT9_zps4ihqeytj.jpg 
Empty corral - Yep, I was literally the very first person in the corral
 photo 2014TT7_zpsn033olos.jpg 
The stage area
 photo 2014TT8_zpso72frffm.jpg 
The corral in front of us is on their way
 photo 2014TT6_zps9uc40gbb.jpg 
Moving to the starting line
 photo 2014TT2_zpsiphy35hq.jpg 
Going through the stadium - no cool effects this year - bummer
 photo 2014TT1_zps2akz9lfy.jpg 
Getting closer to the end and I think I'm delirious
 photo 2014TT3_zpswhuhlte8.jpg
I have no idea what was so funny, but hey, I'm smiling
 photo 2014TT5_zpsz6bptfmw.jpg
Crossing the finish line
 photo 2014TT4_zpsuovv5p4s.jpg
At least it is a cool medal and a good finisher photo
 photo 2014TT10_zpssig1gdat.jpg 
2014 Tower of Terror Medal
 photo 2014TT11_zpsdyerlj0b.jpg
The elevator has a spring attached that you can push down and let go and the elevator pops back up to the top
 photo 2014TT12_zpsngjh60qo.jpg
The lanyard


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