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Sunday, May 3, 2015

2014 Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K

 photo 2014JJ1_zpsukzhphpe.jpg
Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K Bib
 photo 2014JJ2_zpson15uq3o.jpg
Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2014JJ4_zps9t1mlb4z.jpg
Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014JJ3_zpsmjdoid9s.jpg
5K Car Magnet - this is the first time I've seen a car magnet for the 5K
 photo 2014JJ5_zps2qzrdof1.jpg
They were still putting up the start line banner
 photo 2014JJ6_zpsmmqruza9.jpg
Mickey and Minnie were out for a photo op and the line was super long as usual
 photo 2014JJ7_zpsms42mayt.jpg 
And it snowed in Florida, and snowed and snowed and snowed...but the flakes tasted like soap ;)
 photo 2014JJ8_zpsri5vqgs6.jpg
Starting to get light as we wait to start
 photo 2014JJ37_zpsg6ziyc0u.jpg
Just hanging out waiting to go
 photo 2014JJ9_zpsqere1tgq.jpg
Some fantastic costumes at this race!
 photo 2014JJ43_zpsnjyus4ow.jpg
Hard to see - but Mickey and Minnie were on the stage for the start
 photo 2014JJ42_zpscopz632a.jpg
Oh, look, there they are
 photo 2014JJ11_zps0jfcjxq9.jpg
Make no mistake, the first part of this race is parking lot and not exciting
 photo 2014JJ12_zpspd5ztpfx.jpg
Heading in to the park
 photo 2014JJ13_zps3wpynsh7.jpg
Mile One comes right as you enter the park
 photo 2014JJ14_zpsxdhqwdsy.jpg
Santa Goofy
 photo 2014JJ15_zpsutrytpnt.jpg
Isn't this a beautiful morning
 photo 2014JJ16_zpshm3y6cij.jpg
Timon and Rafiki
 photo 2014JJ17_zpsdc6uqzq5.jpg
The Tree of Life
 photo 2014JJ18_zpsaxnfh29j.jpg
King Louie
 photo 2014JJ19_zpswmgrt4lv.jpg
There are some ominous noises coming from that mountain
 photo 2014JJ40_zpsgklducyv.jpg
But I'm not afraid of the Yeti - he's in B mode
 photo 2014JJ20_zpsyqna7xw8.jpg
The water is so peaceful this morning
 photo 2014JJ21_zpsxz6nyyix.jpg
Chip and Dale
 photo 2014JJ22_zps43muz2qq.jpg
The glamorous backstage Cast Member Cafeteria
 photo 2014JJ23_zps35ftexb7.jpg
Hark - there's the mile two marker
 photo 2014JJ24_zpswxhnp6ht.jpg
Donald is so cute in his winter wear
 photo 2014JJ25_zps3uzdxy4a.jpg
What's a boat doing out here, there's no water
 photo 2014JJ26_zpsepl8sizm.jpg
Well that's a strange looking Christmas Tree - it's all in pieces
 photo 2014JJ27_zpsjk92q7vi.jpg
Hi Pluto - I love you too!
 photo 2014JJ28_zpsqozsuyph.jpg
A cute costume and the backside of Donald
 photo 2014JJ29_zpsacqaaz1c.jpg
Heading out of the park
 photo 2014JJ30_zpslcahxsgv.jpg
Mile three means we're almost done
 photo 2014JJ31_zpslkzhjftq.jpg
The finish line chute
 photo 2014JJ32_zpsmolhaooi.jpg
The finish line
 photo 2014JJ38_zpsqiuiklyn.jpg
I'm so happy to cross the finish line
 photo 2014JJ41_zpsracl8dqu.jpg
Who's an official finisher? Me, that's who!
 photo 2014JJ35_zpshbyspglj.jpg
Pretty Christmasy Medal
 photo 2014JJ34_zpsgan8gbdw.jpg
The Lanyard
 photo 2014JJ33_zps3twc8wji.jpg
The Medallion

This is one of my favorite runDisney 5K courses. I love going through the Animal Kingdom and having all the Christmas themes makes it so much fun. The participants always seem like they are in such a good mood. There's so much laughter and family involvement, that the course just seems to fly by.


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