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Saturday, May 30, 2015

2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K

I will apologize up front for the blurry photos. Seems my photo taking skills were compromised on this morning, but I still want to give you an idea of what we experienced for this race.
 photo 2014sh5K62_zpsqoddzwtd.jpg 
2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K Bib. 
 photo 2014sh5K63_zps7kr8b8zm.jpg 
2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K Participant Tshirt. 
 photo 2014sh5K64_zpsjgroskln.jpg 
2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K Pin. 
 photo 2014sh5K54_zpsggcmxr7w.jpg
Waiting in the corral prior to the race.
 photo 2014sh5K1_zps5vtrlqq9.jpg 
Way up there is the starting line and I'm way back here. 
 photo 2014sh5K2_zpsctgie0dt.jpg 
The announcers were all dressed up in lab coats and there was a whole story line about us turning in to "Hulks" from a catastrophe, but if we got our medals we'd be cured.
 photo 2014sh5K53_zpswiwmgyep.jpg 
The start line and off we go.
 photo 2014sh5K3_zpsgai0mrq9.jpg 
On our way to Califronia Adventure.
 photo 2014sh5K4_zpsci164i19.jpg 
Are the Avengers here? Or are we just calling them for help?
 photo 2014sh5K5_zpsddrkbypj.jpg 
Cars Land is so pretty at this time of the morning.
 photo 2014sh5K6_zpsxhqpblbx.jpg 
Gotta love some neon to start the day.
 photo 2014sh5K7_zpseiruiwtl.jpg 
Lightning McQueen is ready for his close up.
 photo 2014sh5K8_zps9mcatb5s.jpg 
Cars Land has amazing Christmas decorations.
  photo 2014sh5K9_zpsqawbexmm.jpg 
Tow Mater is certainly revving to go this morning.
 photo 2014sh5K10_zpszapq6xle.jpg 
Sarge is feeling quite patriotic and seasonal today.
 photo 2014sh5K11_zpsose2jgxq.jpg 
Goodbye Cars Land.
 photo 2014sh5K12_zpsmcsxgzv6.jpg 
Black Widow.
 photo 2014sh5K13_zpsq95ducph.jpg 
Snowflakes and Mickey's Fun Wheel.
 photo 2014sh5K14_zpsvc1km3ym.jpg 
Mile 1 is done.
 photo 2014sh5K57_zpsjie4cgkc.jpg 
Sometimes you have to be glad you don't see things in person.
 photo 2014sh5K15_zpspzwkg7sm.jpg 
Eureka - I know where we are - Grizzly River Run is right there.
 photo 2014sh5K16_zpsfjf14shu.jpg 
Redwood Creek is peaceful this morning. 
 photo 2014sh5K17_zpsddyen3nr.jpg 
 photo 2014sh5K18_zpsas2rcbp3.jpg 
Good morning trolley people.
 photo 2014sh5K19_zpsgovdczoh.jpg 
Elias and Company is quiet - I wonder if they'd let me stop and shop.
 photo 2014sh5K20_zps0mreamqe.jpg 
Heading across the esplanade.
 photo 2014sh5K21_zpsr6k99xsu.jpg 
Nice to see you Disneyland.
 photo 2014sh5K22_zpsggjuwgxs.jpg 
I'm leaving today and hoping for some fantasy.
 photo 2014sh5K23_zpswfopin8i.jpg 
Main Street is all done up in Christmas finery.
 photo 2014sh5K55_zpsdiiemkjk.jpg 
Walking down Main Street makes me smile.
 photo 2014sh5K24_zpsjesrxn1a.jpg 
Can you see it? Yep, that's the castle down that street.
 photo 2014sh5K25_zpsvi0svk9x.jpg 
We can see it better now.
 photo 2014sh5K26_zpsqsjhmwrk.jpg 
Mickey and Minnie - you're looking dapper this morning.
 photo 2014sh5K27_zpso4mumuer.jpg 
We should be cheering you custodial cast members. 
 photo 2014sh5K28_zps5oudcpwg.jpg 
Anyone see Harold? Can you hear him? I bet he's still sleeping or maybe he's afraid of the Hulk.
 photo 2014sh5K29_zpsabtqkj1b.jpg 
Thor - I think he messed with my camera. 
 photo 2014sh5K30_zpstew4ps20.jpg 
It really is a small world... 
 photo 2014sh5K31_zpstf2ea2vm.jpg 
Breakfast time for Monstro and those ducks have no idea.
 photo 2014sh5K32_zps3vp5spsf.jpg 
Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.
 photo 2014sh5K56_zpsyu9dqia5.jpg 
I found the fantasy for today!
 photo 2014sh5K33_zpsimn1pumt.jpg 
There be gold in them there hills, but beware of the goats.
 photo 2014sh5K34_zpsckqxntts.jpg 
Mile 2 - aren't these two cute? No idea who they are :).
 photo 2014sh5K35_zpstzygazl1.jpg 
Captain America.
 photo 2014sh5K36_zpss0aydtw6.jpg 
Those are some strange looking pirates.
 photo 2014sh5K37_zps4m4pmzng.jpg 
Jack - is this your worst nightmare? 
 photo 2014sh5K38_zps9mxumdqo.jpg 
Wouldn't a ride on the river be fantastic right now? 
 photo 2014sh5K39_zps4yi48xdf.jpg 
We're making a splash on this course!
 photo 2014sh5K40_zpsesw8rzae.jpg 
The signs are everywhere.
 photo 2014sh5K41_zpsazqqgjel.jpg 
It isn't easy being green. 
 photo 2014sh5K42_zpsagiywucp.jpg 
More signs.
 photo 2014sh5K43_zpsxdqrmgnh.jpg 
Hey, mister can you give me a lift? 
 photo 2014sh5K44_zps7zx5dbpz.jpg 
I'm watching you. 
 photo 2014sh5K45_zps0kxswodq.jpg 
Downtown Disney all quiet in the early morning.
 photo 2014sh5K46_zpsioydwfv0.jpg 
Where is an Avenger when you need one?
 photo 2014sh5K47_zpsazsqihla.jpg 
Break time for the announcer. 
 photo 2014sh5K48_zpskv0uz7zf.jpg 
Mile 3 - that must mean the end is near.
 photo 2014sh5K58_zpsatiecoos.jpg 
Big smile you're almost done. 
 photo 2014sh5K49_zpstifbri44.jpg 
Captain America is looking a little flat this morning.
 photo 2014sh5K50_zpsumtvt9zv.jpg 
The finish line chute.
 photo 2014sh5K59_zpsdnsrwjfa.jpg 
Here I come finish line.
 photo 2014sh5K51_zps7doyxkb9.jpg 
The finish line and announcers. 
 photo 2014sh5K52_zps2kg9xspa.jpg 
Must run from the people in suits! 
 photo 2014sh5K60_zpsusnxsw0c.jpg
 photo 2014sh5K61_zpstvfsxnmd.jpg 
Got my medal and no green skin - all is good.
 photo 2014sh5K66_zpshq94u1rm.jpg 
2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K Medallion. 
 photo 2014sh5K65_zpsdyttou1q.jpg 
2014 Avengers Super Heroes 5K Lanyard.

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