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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2014 Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run

 photo 2014HH5K20_zpstswgzvtx.jpg
Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run Bib
 photo 2014HH5K19_zps00oll3js.jpg
Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014HH5K18_zpsvwbcfewh.jpg
Participant T-Shirt
 photo 2014HH5K13_zpspsf7wqed.jpg
Empty 5K Corrals at ESPN Wide World of Sports
 photo 2014HH5K14_zpsemt6winy.jpg
The finish line in the dark before the race
 photo 2014HH5K1_zpsrdudovu7.jpg
Scarecrow Mickey was out for photos
 photo 2014HH5K10_zpsccnsfkri.jpg
The Headless Horseman did a ride by, but unless you were in corral A and maybe B you didn't get a good view of him...Love that he's out, but wish they could have him ride by all the corrals instead of just corral A.
 photo 2014HH5K12_zpsuqmn7xqk.jpg
The announcers at the start line
 photo 2014HH5K3_zps57gvuasx.jpg
Standing in the rain for an hour prior to the race must have worn me out
 photo 2014HH5K8_zpsretbxow4.jpg
Getting close to the end
 photo 2014HH5K7_zpsi1c4f595.jpg
Right at the finish line of the race a runner was down and it had to have been pretty bad because they had the runner shielded from view from the crowd and finishers and shortly after an ambulance left with the runner...Hope that person is okay.
 photo 2014HH5K9_zpsvxmvga0c.jpg
Ran in to these three at the end of the race - amazing costumes!!!
 photo 2014HH5K4_zpsjdjfrvbr.jpg
Glad to have this one done
 photo 2014HH5K17_zpsyhfgtbou.jpg
Great medallion and lanyard
 photo 2014HH5K16_zpswcdunpcl.jpg
 photo 2014HH5K15_zpslkons6ka.jpg
Medallion - and yes, it glows in the dark!


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