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Thursday, April 23, 2015

2014 Disneyland 5K

August 29, 2014

The 2014 Disneyland 5K had three corrals and I was in corral B.  It was about 70 degree out which was a good temperature, but the humidity was pretty high today and I was feeling it even waiting for the race to start.

 photo 2014DL5K-11_zpskydps2og.jpg
5K T-Shirt
 photo 2014DL5K-10_zpsyn8hdzfu.jpg
5K Pin
 photo 2014DL5K-12_zpsx99tn0n5.jpg
5K Bib

The course was different this year and I was looking forward to seeing how it was going to be.

 photo 2014DL5K-14_zpspufvtla8.jpg
Looking at the big screen from corral B
 photo 2014DL5K-15_zps5glqat5r.jpg
Rudy, Carissa and sign language interpreter
 photo 2014DL5K-9_zpskrlsddh2.jpg
Lilo, Stitch and company on the stage
 photo 2014DL5K-8_zpsz9cz7vcz.jpg
Getting ready to start

The National Anthem was given a Hawaiian twist and it wasn't too bad - at least it was something different and the vocalist was pleasant to listen to.

We started out on the road and then headed in to California Adventure and through Cars Land.

 photo 2014DL5K-7_zps8u56dnky.jpg
Cars Land in the dark - yeah!

Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater were out for a photo opp and then we were heading out of Cars Land and hitting mile 1.

No Paradise Pier this year so we got to see the Fun Wheel from afar as we made our way to the Grizzly River Run area and by Soarin' and then we were off to the Esplanade. and across to Disneyland.  The course didn't seem as crowded as usual today which was a nice surprise.

 photo 2014DL5K-6_zpsj7psuuvq.jpg
Main Street in the pre-dawn is always a treat

Lilo was out for a photo opp on Main Street.  We didn't do Tomorrowland today, but we headed by the Mattehorn and in to Fantasyland.

Like the new do? Such a perfectly set up shot!
 photo 2014DL5K-5_zpszrcaaza2.jpg
Fantasyland was all lit up
 photo 2014DL5K-2_zpssdd2cnzs.jpg

Chip and Dale were out by the Tea Cups - very cute.  Tbe course took us by Big Thunder Mountain and then by Pirates.  Stitch was out by Rivers of America.  Then we hit mile 2.

Now we're headed backstage and straight on out to Downtown Disney.  For some reason this part of the course seemed really long today, but then there was the mile 3 marker.

Finally on the final stretch and headed past the Disneyland Hotel.

 photo 2014DL5K-3_zps0bxpoegz.jpg
Can you tell I'm ready to be done?

Minnie and Daisy were at the finish line and high fived them as I went by.  Then it was off to get my medal, a photo, water, powerade, and a snack box.

 photo 2014DL5K-4_zpsnlgnb7mn.jpg
 photo 2014DL5K16_zpsv9l37zum.jpg
 photo 2014DL5K17_zpsz50mehvm.jpg

The race was pretty good today.  I liked the changes in the course, it felt a little less crowded and less bottle-necked.  The humidity took a toll on  me early on in the race and the fact that I've had no training and some injuries made it tougher than I would have liked.  


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