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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 23

Just another day in the fun house.


Really today hasn't been so bad.  Belle had a good day and my legs are swollen today, but feeling much better.

Breakfast:  Ground Beef, Cauliflower and Olive Oil

A little evoo, some grass fed ground beef and cauliflower in a pan first thing in the morning.  Seemed like a good plan at the time and actually it ended up being a great breakfast.

Lunch:  Eggs, Spinach and Olive Oil
Sauteed spinach in evoo and fried up three eggs.  It was just the perfect lunch for some reason.  I felt happy and comfortable after this meal.

Dinner:  Pork Chops, Spinach, Mushrooms, Pear and Olive Oil

More sauteed spinach with mushrooms this time in some evoo.  Cooked two little pork chops with the veggies as well.  Then I had a pear for dessert.

A great third meal for the day.

I rearranged some meals today since I didn't get to the grocery store yesterday.  It is nice to be comfortable doing that now.  I did make it to the store tonight and bought food to get me through the challenge - yeah, it's not that far off now.

One thing I will say - I am sort of used to cooking.  It is becoming second nature.  Of course, I do still need to work on being more creative, but I am a creature of habit and that has always been the case.  Still, I am happy with the meals I am making and it seems to be working.

Still waiting for the aha moment.  You know, that moment where I say - wow, I feel great.  I do feel better.  I feel like I have more constant energy.  I know that even though I'm eating three meals a day, I am still eating better things and overall less than I was before.  The food makes sense and it does help to learn portion control and more sensible amounts.

A week to go and it is still interesting.  I am still learning about things and myself and while I will be making a few adjustments on the next go round I think I'm pretty committed to sticking with this way of eating.


Disney Runs said...

I need to work on cooking more, but I'm just like you--I can eat the same thing over and over and not get too bored. Keep it up! Wine & Dine is right around the corner. Hope to see you there :)

raeplace said...

Well maybe you just haven't got to the aha yet. I have set backs every so often. We will always need to change it up to keep from getting bored. I go through spells all I want is broccoli.Everyone else is like again?? Then I don't.

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