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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 21

Little Sleep, Some Travel and Continuing Pain!


Managed to get about an hour and a half of sleep between the Tower of Terror 10 Miler and time to get up and get ready to go out to the airport.  Needless to say I'm a little loopy from lack of sleep.

The good thing about no sleep is that I didn't have time to process all the issues from the race so I was able to walk in a relatively normal manner...at least at first.  After each portion of my journey the walking has become more and more difficult.  It took me a while to get from the plane to the shuttle to get home today.

Tomorrow should be the worst day for me in terms of stiffness and soreness.

Breakfast:  None

There was no eating this morning. I just couldn't even stand the thought of food.  I did grab some water though so that was good.

Lunch:  Sunbutter, Apple Sauce and Mixed Berries
Not much food in the house and I wasn't up for much when I first got home so just grabbed some quick eats to get some food in me.

Dinner:  Pork Chops, Spinach and Olive Oil
Cooked up two little pork chops and a big handful of spinach in some evoo. It was great having something different as I'm sure you noticed that things were pretty much the same each day over the long weekend

I forgot to mention that yesterday I had one of those cheating dreams...That was a first for me.  The funny thing is that even my subconscious is being easier on myself.  I was eating a pasta dish and as I was almost done I realized that it wasn't allowed on the Whole 30.  Instead of getting upset and defeated I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I guess I start at day 1 tomorrow."  When I woke up I vividly remembered the dream and it sort of made me smile since during other eating plans I would have beat myself up and spiraled in to a whole day or more of bad food choices.

I also forgot to mention that I did have two bananas after the race last night which I think was helpful to prevent cramping.

I did have some swelling today, but nothing too bad.  I take that as a good sign considering how sore and tired my poor body is today.  Yeah, it really isn't a pretty thing right now.  I am walking like I'm a 120 with everything in me broken down...


raeplace said...

No breakfast?! Try blending a smoothie with frozen fruit, protein. Stretch... Roll on a roller or a stick, which is for runners. Cold water bath. Epstoms salts...electrolytes.. coconut water. Zeco..Drink tons of water. Email sent out. :)

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