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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 20

5K, 10Mi and Pain - OH MY!

Rough day today.  Were there any highlights - not really, but most of that is for other posts.

Breakfast:  Banana, Apples, Almonds, Eggs, Mushrooms and Clarified Butter

Grabbed a banana after the 5K.  Came back to the room, steamed some mushrooms, scrambled some eggs, and clarified some butter in the microwave.  Tossed them altogether in a bowl.  Had a few apple slices and a handful of almonds.

An unusual thing for me - I was starving before the 5K.  I don't normally eat before a 5K and I went with that this morning and I feel it had some negative consequences.  When I finally got food I was hungry and a bit concerned that I needed some extra carbs (apples, banana).

Lunch:  Ground Beef, Potato, Clarified Butter and Almonds
Cooked up some hamburger and a potato and threw some clarified butter over the whole thing.  Finished with a few almonds.

Dinner:  Hamburger, Potato, Clarified Butter
Since the race was a night race, I had dinner a bit earlier than usual tonight to make sure it would have time to settle prior to the race

Pre-Race:  Pumpkin Spice Larabar
Two and a half hours prior to the race I ate a Larabar.  I was not hungry, but I was worried about how bad I felt at the 5K and I wanted to make sure I had something similar to what I normally have before a distance run.  I don't think this was a bad approach.

During the Race:  Organic Pear Juice
I had some organic pear juice from Gerber.  I was hoping that it would have enough carbs, calories and some potassium to help get me through the race.  My first thought on this - so sweet it left too much of an after taste for my liking - even with sips of water.  My second thought - this was tough to have the added liquid, even though it was a small amount.  My third thought - this didn't work for me at all.

The take away - it was Whole 30 compliant and something I thought might work for me, but it did not.  

After the Whole 30, even if I end up continuing the Whole 30 eating, one modification I will definitely consider making is to add my Lifesavers back in for fuel.  It took me a couple of years to find Lifesavers and I've been using them for several years and they work for me.  While I understand they are sugar and they are processed, I've never felt like Lifesavers have caused me sugar cravings.

Still, I have some organic baby food with fruits and veggies to try at home during some long runs, but since I tend to have stomach issues with gels and other food type things, I didn't want to try them during a race without trying them at home first.

This was not a triumphant race weekend.  I have still been struggling with the injuries and the lack of training was most definitely an issue.  In addition, my mind is not helping things as I certainly am lacking confidence, drive, motivation and dedication - this is something I must work on, but am struggling with.

So, those are things I need to work on.  The other major factor is the change in my diet.  I don't know how to work with this diet in terms of races yet.  I had some very different issues during the 10 miler - it made the race excruciatingly difficult for me.  Some of this I am pretty sure have to do with eating and I'll have to work through some of these issues.  More on this in the race recaps (when I have a chance to get to them).


raeplace said...

Well.. you made it. That has been the one thing I will not change is the lifesavers. They work really well for the glucose in the races and training. I never ever wanted to go house a bag of them. Let alone ever see another one until training.
But I do carry in the full marathon the Hammer Perpetuem. The only down side, it has soy in it. But I do not use it for anything else but for marathon weekend.

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