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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 7

I feel like one of the poor contestants on Hell's Kitchen when they are stuck prepping the kitchens after losing a challenge.

Overall I feel pretty good today.  I did spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and prepping though and it sort of feels like I neglected everything else to do this.  I am sure I'll get used to it and become more organized, but right now it feels like a lot to do.

Breakfast:  Ground Pork, Spinach and Avocado
Quick and easy this morning.  I threw ground pork in a pan with some seasonings, browned it up and threw in some spinach to wilt it down, sliced half an avocado in to the mix.

Such a good breakfast and very easy to fix.

Lunch:  Chicken, Broccoli and Avocado
Sliced up a chicken breast and sauteed it, threw in some cauliflower and sliced half an avocado in to the mix.

Another filling and easy meal that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dinner:  Pork Chop, Veggie Medley, Olive Oil and Apple
Tossed some evoo in a pan and cooked up a pork chop.  Once the pork was about done I tossed in some veggie medley (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli).  For dessert I had a nice cold fuji apple!

This was another good meal, but by the time I had it I was fooded out today.  It wouldn't have mattered what I cooked, I was pretty much done.

I did my grocery shopping yesterday so I spent the better part of today prepping food.  I hard boiled eggs, made mayo, clarified butter, cooked veggies for tomorrow and breakfast sausage and chicken, and finally prepped some spinach.

The real issue was I wasn't very organized so I'd do something and then get sidetracked and do something else.  If I would have thought things out better I might not feel like I cooked all day, but of course while prepping I had to cook my meals today as well.  

I'm getting used to this, but yeah, there is a lot to do.  The great thing is - I haven't snacked at all this week and I've never felt like I've needed to.  Each meal is so filling that it keeps me satisfied until the next meal.  

I will have to be careful and try my hardest to not get bored with the same meals over and over.  I did pretty good with that this week, but it's tough.  I don't follow recipes very well because I just don't have the patience a lot of time.

This coming week I will work on trying to get some miles in.  I just didn't end up doing anything this week as I tried to adjust to the food and not feeling well early on in the week.  There's nothing but my fear stopping me now and I will try to work through this and see what happens.


raeplace said...

Fear?? Fear of what?? Yes you are going to be sore. Yes you are going to be tired, yes you are going to doubt why am I doing this?? But you will be happy when you cross that finish line. Defer Tower I will do it next year with you. I find it easy to get bored with the cooking and prepping. We end up doing ALOT of stuff over and over too. That's why I am looking for recipes. We mostly do it for the different sauces. Any hoo... Get WALKING!!! The doggies will love it!!

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