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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 14

Sunday, Sunday - supposed to be fun day...

Today was pretty uneventful and I felt pretty good overall.  I did have a little aversion to doing much cooking today, but I still had some great meals.

Breakfast:  Hard Boiled Eggs, Baby Carrots, Sunbutter
This was going to be lunch, but I decided that I didn't want to turn the stove on this morning so I decided this would fit the bill.  The hard boiled eggs were good and I dipped the baby carrots in to the organic sunbutter.

It was a filling and easy breakfast and exactly what I needed and wanted to start my day.

Lunch:  Ground Chicken, Baby Carrots and Clarified Butter
I cooked up some ground chicken finished it off with some clarified butter and had a handful of baby carrots

It was hard to eat lunch today.  I haven't been highly interested in food.  My stomach has been a bit off and so I kept it smaller for lunch.

Dinner:  Chicken Breast, Spinach, Avocado and Homemade Mayo
Cooked up a chicken breast with some spinach with a little touch of clarified butter.  On the side I had half an avocado and a spoon of homemade mayo.

Another quick and easy meal and it was really good.  And I finally made a decent mayo.  I bought a stick blender today and it made perfect mayo quick and no fuss - yeah!

The swelling is all gone today which is great and I don't feel quite as bloated.  That being said, my stomach had enough today I think - it was just kind of over food and didn't feel good eating or not eating.  Thankfully it started settling down and I know it's still adjusting to all the good food.

Funny how today I felt better because I am not swollen and I was feeling less bloated.  Then that nasty little voice in my head reminded me that I still have so far to go and it said, "don't you want to step on the scale?"  My head and heart conflicted - yes, I so want to step on the scale, no, because it will just disappoint me and no, because this isn't all about weight loss.  

Arrrggghhhh - in the end, I am being true to the Whole 30 and there will be no scale stepping until after the 30 days.  To be honest, I really don't expect to have lost any weight and I'm okay with that (really I am), but my warped diet motivated self tends to forget this a lot.  Pretty sure that I will end up adding additional time on the Whole 30 - I'm not sure that 30 days will be sufficient to really get to where I want to be.  Regardless, if not Whole 30, I will look at Primal or Paleo (still trying to get my head around the full differences between the two and which might suit me best).


raeplace said...

Fight it!!!! You CAN keep from stepping on that damn scale!!!. You wanna see who can last longer not stepping on the scale?? NO scale to WDW marathon weekend. Or we owe the other a nice fruit salad. Think about it.
We have a stick. Love that thing. Glad you are feeling better. Paleo is NO dairy. Primal few million years later, with dairy. That is what they all say. I feel like you. I hate that scale. The numbers will ruin my day. So I stay away.

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