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Monday, September 15, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 1

I have completed day one of the Whole 30 Challenge.  It seems that the key for me is going to be doing prep work for the following day (or preferably over the weekend for the week) ahead of time.  I cannot see me coming home for lunch and having time to cook chicken, juice an orange, chop up things and still have time to eat.  That being said, I did get things ready last night for breakfast and lunch so that it was quicker and easier and it seemed to work pretty well.

Since it's day one I don't really have a lot to say about feeling great, tired, or that miraculously everything changed.  I will say that my mind was in the right place today and that I think helped a lot.

Breakfast:  Blueberry Tortilla
I know you're probably thinking that I can't have this, but rest assured this tortilla is Whole 30 approved.

I put coconut oil in a pan, cracked and scrambled four organic eggs and mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of coconut aminos.  This mixture was put in the pan and I let the eggs cook until firm on the bottom.  Then I took 1/4 cup of blueberries and sprinkled them on top of the eggs.  The hard part was flipping this whole concoction over to finish cooking.  No, it was not pretty and mine ended up in a couple of pieces, but I finished cooking the eggs and then sat down to enjoy.

So - coconut oil will take some getting used to.  Actually, for this recipe I think I will switch to clarified butter instead of the coconut oil for a milder flavor.  I really enjoyed how the blueberries popped and gave a little juice flavor to all of the eggs.

This was a good amount of food.  I was definitely plenty full when I was done and it did worry me that it would be too much, but I found that I was not hungry at all through the morning.  This was a good thing as I find with oatmeal or yogurt I would be hungry in just a couple of hours.  Maybe there is something to this fat and protein to keep you satisfied?

Lunch:  Colorful Salad
At lunch I had a salad with red cabbage, baby carrots, tomato, ground beef and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The hamburger was cooked the night before.  and I had the veggies all mixed together in a bowl the night before as well.  All I had to do was mix some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil (evoo).  Toss the dressing and meat in with the veggies and I had lunch ready to eat.

Balsamic vinegar and evoo - gross.  Sorry folks, but I do not like the balsamic vinegar.  Maybe it's something I can get used to, but I am not sure how much I can try it to get used to it.  Regardless of the dressing, I really enjoyed the crunch of the veggies and the beef mixed together.  I think with a different dressing this will be a winner for me.

Oh and by the way - I really need to work on the portions.  I had way too much cabbage.  I ended up only eating about half of what I had put in.  I am actually proud of myself for this because I listened to my body and realized that I was full and stopped.

Dinner:  Steak and a Potato
I had two small grass fed beef tenderloins for dinner with a baked potato.  Yes, you can now have white potatoes on Whole 30 (just not fries or chips).  I also put some Ghee on the baked potato.

I threw the steak in a pan and fried it up with a little salt and garlic.  Cooked medium rare.  It was quite delicious.  

The Ghee took me a bit to get used to.  It isn't what I expected for clarified butter - I don't know if it is the  brand or if it just isn't to my taste.  I will say that after a couple of bites it wasn't bad and it didn't ruin my potato as I feared it might.  Another case where clarified butter would have been better I think.

I kept things simple and some what familiar today.  No, I don't plan on eating potatoes every day, but I think maybe once a week.  I am also trying to mix things us as much as I can, but that's tough for me.  I find it hard to try new tastes, but I know I have to learn because I really want this to work.

I did notice that I wasn't super tired this afternoon.  Again, whether that was because I ate good food or it was just my mindset remains to be seen.

I know I have to get my rear in gear and get my workouts in.  Tower of Terror is just two and half weeks away and I need to be able to actually do the race!


raeplace said...

This sounds really good. I make my own Clarified butter. I use Kerry Gold. Cheaper. When I saw the post about them adding the white potatoes to the whole 30 I was so happy. Dressings are a hit and miss. We found a pomegranate vinegar and it was tasty. {trader joes} They have a nice variety of vinegars. Everything is going to taste weird. Your taste buds are so use to the process foods. Just wait... :)

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