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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 16

Just a blah sort of day all around.

Still having trouble with the right knee, stairs are painful and even walking causes some pain, but ice and elevation are helping some.  I have just felt sort of worn out today - not like dragging, just sort of going through the motions.

Breakfast:  Ground Pork, Sweet Potato and Clarified Butter
So, I kind of like this throw together phony hash.  Cook some ground pork, dice a cooked sweet potato and then finish cooking them with some clarified butter and stir in some pumpkin pie spice.

I cooked this up last night and then just reheat it in the morning so it is a quick meal and it is pretty filling.

Lunch:  Grass Fed Ground Beef, Cauliflower and Olive Oil
Last night I cooked up some ground beef and cauliflower in some evoo.  

Nothing fancy, but a good solid meal for lunch and quite tasty.

Dinner:  Chicken Breast, Spinach, Baby Carrots, Avocado, Homemade Mayo and Orange
While I sauteed a chicken breast cut in to strips I put together a bowl of spinach, a handful of baby carrots, an avocado and a scoop of homemade mayo.  Once the chicken was cooked, I put the whole thing together and mixed it all up.  Then for dessert I had an orange.  
Yes, I had more avocado than usual and I added an orange.  I was really hungry when I got home and this meal certainly hit the spot and filled me up!

I am super proud of myself.  Why?  Well, I went to the store tonight.  So, what is so exciting about going to the store?  I bought protein.  So, what is new about buying protein?  I didn't need it tonight.  I did pick up a grass fed rib eye for tomorrow night, but I also picked up grass fed ground beef and ground pork.  There's nothing exciting about that...Sure there is - now I have no excuse when I get home.  I have protein in the freezer which means I have food.

You are probably wondering why that is so great for me.  Here's the deal.  When I travel I get tired and worn out and the last thing I usually want to do is come home and cook.  That usually means that I would order food in.  Make bad choices and then feel guilty about eating it.  So, not this time.

In other news, I think my skin is starting to clear up a bit.  Don't know if it is the food or not, but I'm guessing that all the bad stuff I've been eating certainly couldn't have helped.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 15

The halfway point - wow, the last couple of weeks has actually gone pretty quickly.

I don't know what I expected the halfway point to feel like so I guess it was pretty good.  The only issue I am having right now is that my right knee is acting up again, which means I favor it and then the left heel starts to hurt.  Seriously though - I really have felt pretty good today.

Breakfast:  Eggs, Spinach, Mushrooms and Clarified Butter
Spinach and mushrooms sauteed in clarified butter and then eggs scrambled in.  See, it really is one of my go to meals and so darn good.

Lunch:  Chicken Breast, Brussels Sprouts and Clarified Butter
Cooked up a chicken breast and Brussels sprouts with a little clarified butter last night and reheated it at lunch.

The meal was good and filling and just right.

Dinner:  Pork Chops, Brussels Sprouts, Olive Oil and Apple
I cooked up pork chops in olive oil and then heated up the Brussels sprouts.  Then I had an apple.  This was a good dinner as I was actually a bit hungry tonight.  

Pretty simple meals today, but they were quite tasty and hit the spot.  I guess that's something I'm learning - it doesn't have to be fancy and take a long time to be enjoyable.  The cooking is becoming more natural and second nature - thank goodness.

It still surprises me that I am halfway through the 30 days.  It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be and maybe that's because I took the time to get mentally ready to change too.  So, as I keep saying I have a lot of work to do, but I'm getting there slowly and hopefully healthfully.

Don't get me wrong, I was reading today and the story happened to have a lot of food in it and there were a couple of times that I thought, "oh my - that sounds so good."  Then I would catch myself and realize it was just the thought that sounded good not the actual food.  Yep, I still have some work to do on the food front ;).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 14

Sunday, Sunday - supposed to be fun day...

Today was pretty uneventful and I felt pretty good overall.  I did have a little aversion to doing much cooking today, but I still had some great meals.

Breakfast:  Hard Boiled Eggs, Baby Carrots, Sunbutter
This was going to be lunch, but I decided that I didn't want to turn the stove on this morning so I decided this would fit the bill.  The hard boiled eggs were good and I dipped the baby carrots in to the organic sunbutter.

It was a filling and easy breakfast and exactly what I needed and wanted to start my day.

Lunch:  Ground Chicken, Baby Carrots and Clarified Butter
I cooked up some ground chicken finished it off with some clarified butter and had a handful of baby carrots

It was hard to eat lunch today.  I haven't been highly interested in food.  My stomach has been a bit off and so I kept it smaller for lunch.

Dinner:  Chicken Breast, Spinach, Avocado and Homemade Mayo
Cooked up a chicken breast with some spinach with a little touch of clarified butter.  On the side I had half an avocado and a spoon of homemade mayo.

Another quick and easy meal and it was really good.  And I finally made a decent mayo.  I bought a stick blender today and it made perfect mayo quick and no fuss - yeah!

The swelling is all gone today which is great and I don't feel quite as bloated.  That being said, my stomach had enough today I think - it was just kind of over food and didn't feel good eating or not eating.  Thankfully it started settling down and I know it's still adjusting to all the good food.

Funny how today I felt better because I am not swollen and I was feeling less bloated.  Then that nasty little voice in my head reminded me that I still have so far to go and it said, "don't you want to step on the scale?"  My head and heart conflicted - yes, I so want to step on the scale, no, because it will just disappoint me and no, because this isn't all about weight loss.  

Arrrggghhhh - in the end, I am being true to the Whole 30 and there will be no scale stepping until after the 30 days.  To be honest, I really don't expect to have lost any weight and I'm okay with that (really I am), but my warped diet motivated self tends to forget this a lot.  Pretty sure that I will end up adding additional time on the Whole 30 - I'm not sure that 30 days will be sufficient to really get to where I want to be.  Regardless, if not Whole 30, I will look at Primal or Paleo (still trying to get my head around the full differences between the two and which might suit me best).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 13

Lucky 13 or Unlucky 13????

I slept in this morning and that was the best thing in the world.  Contrary to popular belief, it does rain in Arizona and this afternoon the storms hit and are actually still going while I type this.  Seriously, I didn't do much during the morning or afternoon and this started to help the swelling go down in my legs.  I kind of figured kicking back would help on the swelling - it usually does.

Breakfast:  Eggs, Spinach, Mushrooms and Olive Oil
I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach in some evoo and then scrambled it up with a few eggs.

Another good and super filling breakfast - this is truly become one of my favorites.

Lunch:  Ground Chicken, Cauliflower and Clarified Butter
I cooked up some ground chicken and cauliflower and then finished it all off with some clarified butter.

While I'm still not a super fan of the ground chicken, I did find that it was better today than the last time I had it.  Maybe I'm just getting used to it.

Dinner:  Grass Fed Strip Steak, Mushrooms, Broccoli and Olive Oil
More sauteed mushrooms in evoo.  Then I threw the steak in with the mushrooms and cooked it up.  Once the steak was done I threw the broccoli in with the mushrooms and tossed them together.  Finally I had a pear to finish off the meal.

Seriously delicious dinner tonight.  It was the perfect end to the day.

Another great food day - It is so fun to enjoy my meals and not just go through the motions of eating crap just to eat it.

I decided to try to get a 30 minute walk in on the treadmill tonight.  Sadly, 30 minutes was enough tonight and I didn't even go fast.  I just felt a bit worn out at the end - I know I'm out of shape, but 30 minutes shouldn't have drained me this much.  I do wonder if it is the diet, in my head, or something else going on.  I ate about 2 hours before I worked out and perhaps I will have to find a snack that won't bother my stomach before I work out - something I've never had to do before.

So, the journey continues and I'm not sure where I am at this point.  I love the freedom, the food, the concepts, but I have no idea if it is helping me where I want it to.  I still have some bloating going on and my joints are still causing me some issues today.  Still, the doubts don't make me want to give up.  I really want to see this 30 days through and then I will take it from there.  I suppose I'll have to do some more reading up on a true Paleo lifestyle and see how to adapt to it after the 30 days.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 12

I feel swell....

Seriously, I feel pretty good today, but I am still so bloated and swollen.  My legs are swollen and even my hands were a bit swollen this morning.  Drinking my water brought the swelling down in my hands, but my legs are still swollen.  While this might bother some people, I have to say it's not that disturbing to me - it happens.  Hopefully it will go down over the next couple of days and then I can swell up again when I head to Florida - yeah, travel does that to me too.  I also think all the veggies are playing a part in this bloating/swelling thing too.

Breakfast:  Ground Pork, Sweet Potato and Olive Oil
Last night I cooked a sweet potato and cooled it.  I took ground pork and cooked it in some evoo, then I diced the sweet potato and tossed it in the pan.  I took some pumpkin spice and tossed it in too - wasn't sure how that was going to turn out, but figured what the heck, I don't really love sweet potato so why not.

This morning I heated it all up in the microwave and what do you know.  I was able to tolerate the sweet potato and it actually wasn't even that bad.  So, breakfast was pretty good.

Maybe I can try sweet potato in other ways...

Lunch:  Chicken, Broccoli and Clarified Butter
I cooked up a chicken breast and broccoli last night and then finished them off together with clarified butter.  Then I just had to reheat them for lunch and there you have it a quick, easy and tasty meal.

Dinner:  Baby Shrimp, Tomato, Avocado and Mayo
I had some wild caught baby shrimp, a tomato and half an avocado.  I threw a little homemade mayo on the whole mix and called it dinner.  Was it great?  No, but it worked since it took no time and it wasn't like it was bad.

The only problem - not enough substance to make it super filling so I had a pear a little later to fill the gap. 

Today was a good food day.  I enjoyed all my meals.  Of course, I messed up with dinner and didn't have enough fiber or substance.  That's okay though, I didn't really feel like cooking and tonight's dinner was easy.  The best part - I didn't have to feel guilty about having a pear.  It didn't put my calories higher than I was supposed to or mean that I failed or that I have to beat myself up over it.  That's a good feeling.  Just knowing that I can listen to my body and feed it if it is hungry or stop eating if I'm not hungry.  That is a huge change for me - it wasn't even hard to remember that I am not on a diet.  I am doing something to make me better - mentally and hopefully physically.  This was a freedom I haven't felt with food in a long time.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 11

Ever have one of those days?

While I've been feeling mostly better, that was not the case today.  My right knee is very unhappy and let me know it all day, my back is also causing me some grief.  I am also feeling a bit stressed - there' s always so much going on lately I can't always keep up.  I am also quite bloated today - I woke up swollen and just got more swollen throughout the day.  

Breakfast:  One Pot Chicken and Veggie Soup
I finished up the soup from dinner last night.  It was still very enjoyable, but I found that it wasn't quite as filling as other breakfasts I have had.  It wasn't that I was starving or anything I just didn't feel quite as satisfied as I have been.

Lunch:  Pork Chop, Spinach, Olive Oil and Apple
I cooked up a pork chop and spinach last night and apparently I was a little heavy handed with the salt last night - wow.  When I reheated everything in the microwave it also turned the spinach in to spinach chips - kind of a cool idea if it had less salt.

I was able to sit down and enjoy the meal, despite the salt!

Dinner:  Ground Beef/Ground Pork Meatballs, Tomato and Cucumber
Tonight I took grass fed ground beef and organic ground pork and mixed them together with some spices and made little tiny meatballs.  I cooked them in evoo.  Alongside the tiny meatballs I chopped up a tomato and cucumber and sprinkled them with a little salt.

What a great dinner.  I really enjoyed the whole thing, it was a good contrast with the meatballs and the crispy veggies.

Today has been rough on me - mentally and physically.  Physically I just feel like I've been beaten up.  Sore joints today - I am sure some of that had to do with the elliptical last night and the little touch of running I did on the treadmill.  It was just a bit disappointing when I felt so good yesterday.  The swelling was also just a reminder of how far I have to go.

There are times when my brain just can't let me be.  This was one of those days where I just felt gross and out of sorts.  I know that it is normal and heck, these feelings and symptoms are listed out right in "It Starts with Food" and I'm right where the authors say I should be.  The problem is, I get impatient and hard on myself and that just makes it all worse.

The good news - even though I was feeling like this today, I didn't cheat and I didn't want to.  I still think the program is good for me and I want to keep giving it everything I have so that I can see how things turn out after the whole 30 days!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 10

Middle of the week and continuing to change.

Not going to lie - today was pretty good overall.  The dogs had a good day and I had a pretty good day too.

Breakfast:  Ground Chicken and Cauliflower
Cooked up some ground chicken and cauliflower last night for breakfast today.  This will not go down as one of my favorite meals.  I guess I'm not a fan of ground chicken - I only got it because I couldn't find organic/cage free ground turkey at the store I was at.  It wasn't inedible, just not fantastic.

Lunch:  Hard Boiled Egg, Baby Carrots and Avocado
Well, I guess I know how to hard boil eggs now - this weekend was my first try at it and I have to say I did a good job.  The eggs were quite nice.  Also had a handful of organic baby carrots and half an avocado.

This was a plain and simple lunch which was good this time, but certainly could have used a little kick.  Next time.

Dinner:  One Pot Chicken and Veggie Soup
Yes, I am loving the soup.  Last night I browned up a chicken breast in evoo, added spices, whole mushrooms, baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, shredded red cabbage, organic chicken broth and water.  I let this all cook up and blend together.

Tonight when I got home I threw it on the stove to heat up and it was another winner.  I guess soup is my easy go to meal right now because it's pretty simple, makes the house smell nice and it's a great filling meal.

I started taking the stairs at work again today.  The knees have been feeling a little better and the stairs didn't cause a lot of pain today so that's a good thing.  I have been avoiding them because I am just out of shape and feel like I'm huffing and puffing when I do the stairs - oh well, got to get better by doing it right?

I got home and started messing with the treadmill again.  It is a patience tester - I hate adjusting the belt as it never seems to do what I expect.  I had it close, but it still felt like it was slipping.  I gave it up for a little bit and hit the elliptical - I didn't know how long I would last and it wasn't long.  I did 10 minutes before my heel started giving me some pain so I stopped.  Back to the treadmill to try adjusting the belt one more time and I think I got it - I will see in the morning if I don't get outside.

Since I will be heading to Florida next week I decided I had to figure out what to do about food.  I placed an order with Garden Grocer tonight for delivery to the resort when I arrive.  It really should cover 90-95% of my meals and snacks while I'm there and that's exactly what I need to do right now to make sure that I stay on course and avoid temptations.  Should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 9

Seems odd that I'm in the second week of this challenge.  I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of the cooking - kind of.

Sleep was an issue last night - I didn't get enough and I am just a little tired today.  Other than that I was feeling a little achy today, my assumption is that the bike last night was a shock to my poor out of shape body.

Breakfast:  Eggs, Spinach, Mushrooms and Olive Oil
Apparently eggs have become my new best friend - as in, I seem to be eating them a lot.  Thankfully you can do a lot with them so they can taste different each time you have them.  I cooked down some mushrooms and spinach and then scrambled a few eggs in to the mix.  
Really, this is one of my favorites already.  It's good, it's easy, and it tastes good.

Lunch:  Grass Fed Ground Beef Patty, Cauliflower and Clarified Butter
While I was enjoying my breakfast I threw a ground beef patty in the pan to cook for lunch and cooked up some cauliflower.  When I came home it was to find that poor little Belle had a seizure and I had to clean up the ensuing mess that goes along with that.  Not a great way to start lunch so I was super glad I had everything ready to go.  I put some clarified butter on the whole thing and put in the microwave to heat up.

While I didn't spend as much time enjoying my lunch today, it was still good and filling.

Dinner:  Pork Chop, Veggie Medley, Avocado and Pear
Put a pork chop in the pan to cook.  Once it was almost done, in went the veggie medley (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and continued to blend everything together.  I added just a tiny bit of clarified butter to give a bit of flavor.  Served this with half an avocado and had a pear for "dessert."

You've probably noticed that I tend to do the same thing with a different protein each meal.  Yep, I do tend to get stuck and I'll have to work on that, but I also really enjoyed this meal so why change what is not broken.

I was curious today.  I really wanted to know what my standard meals for the day really ended up being in terms of calories.  Surprisingly the whole day was about 1500 - 1600 calories.  The shocking part to my still adjusting brain - about 67% of those calories end up coming from fat, 21% protein, and only 12% from carbs.  This is so contrary to what I've ever done before...and yet - eating 1500 calories with grains and dairy and carbs never left me feeling full and satisfying.  Of course, the true proof will be in how I'm feeling at the end of 30 days, but if right now is any indication, then I am thinking things will be pretty good.

I had to ton of things to do around the house to clean up after Belle's episode, and the dogs in general, and then I managed to get my treadmill back together (it's been a battle) so I didn't end up doing a traditional workout today.  Still I wasn't just sitting on the couch so that's something I suppose.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 8

On to the second week and feeling pretty good.

I have to say for a Monday I've been feeling pretty good overall, even though I didn't get as much sleep last night as I would have liked.

Breakfast:  Breakfast Sausage, Broccoli and Clarified Butter
I cooked up a few ground pork breakfast sausages last night and got the broccoli cooked as well.  I tossed a little clarified butter in the mix and reheated everything for a quick and easy breakfast.

This is a super filling and quite tasty breakfast!

Lunch:  Chicken, Spinach, Avocado and Homemade Mayo Dressing
I cooked a chicken breast last night and tossed it on some spinach and half an avocado with some homemade mayo (yep, my mayo turned in to dressing when I broke it and it became runnier than I intended).

Other than the mayo being a little oilier than I would have preferred it was quite tasty overall and much better than my attempts at oil and vinegar.

Dinner:  Grass Fed Rib-Eye, Potato and Clarified Butter
I tossed a grass fed rib-eye in a pan and a potato in the microwave.  Once the potato was done I put a little clarified butter on it and let it melt.

The whole thing was quick and easy and oh so delicious.  I had actually planned on having mushrooms and an apple with dinner, but it really didn't need it so I didn't.

A weird thing occurred while I was talking to my sister tonight.  She asked if I'd been hungry at all and I honestly replied that I hadn't and in fact it was usually just the opposite.  Then she asked how I keep my energy up and I said, that's the thing you don't have to because everything you eat is doing that for you.  I told her that I haven't even been getting tired in the afternoon like I usually do.  She asked about cravings and I told her that I hadn't actually had any - not for sugar, not for cheese, not for pasta or any of the other bad things I'd been eating.

This gives me some hope.  I realize it's only been a week, but this is the first time that after a week I just feel good about what I am doing.  It has been an eye opener to not measure, not count and not stress about every little thing.  The only thing I've been making sure I do is to get protein, vegetables and good fat in to every meal I make.  That's so much simpler than I ever thought it would be.

In fact, I felt so good today that I came home and got 7 miles in on the bike.  Yeah, it's been a while since I've felt like working out and it felt really good to actually do something I thought about all day.

Let's hope this truly is a reset and restart and that this eating style is something I can continue with long term.  Right now, I don't see why it can't be manageable.  Yes, it takes planning.  Yes, it has cost me more money, but I'm learning on that.  Yes, I have to cook...Yes, I enjoy my meals more.  Yes, I am feeling like I'm doing something good for myself.  Enough said for now :)!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 7

I feel like one of the poor contestants on Hell's Kitchen when they are stuck prepping the kitchens after losing a challenge.

Overall I feel pretty good today.  I did spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and prepping though and it sort of feels like I neglected everything else to do this.  I am sure I'll get used to it and become more organized, but right now it feels like a lot to do.

Breakfast:  Ground Pork, Spinach and Avocado
Quick and easy this morning.  I threw ground pork in a pan with some seasonings, browned it up and threw in some spinach to wilt it down, sliced half an avocado in to the mix.

Such a good breakfast and very easy to fix.

Lunch:  Chicken, Broccoli and Avocado
Sliced up a chicken breast and sauteed it, threw in some cauliflower and sliced half an avocado in to the mix.

Another filling and easy meal that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dinner:  Pork Chop, Veggie Medley, Olive Oil and Apple
Tossed some evoo in a pan and cooked up a pork chop.  Once the pork was about done I tossed in some veggie medley (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli).  For dessert I had a nice cold fuji apple!

This was another good meal, but by the time I had it I was fooded out today.  It wouldn't have mattered what I cooked, I was pretty much done.

I did my grocery shopping yesterday so I spent the better part of today prepping food.  I hard boiled eggs, made mayo, clarified butter, cooked veggies for tomorrow and breakfast sausage and chicken, and finally prepped some spinach.

The real issue was I wasn't very organized so I'd do something and then get sidetracked and do something else.  If I would have thought things out better I might not feel like I cooked all day, but of course while prepping I had to cook my meals today as well.  

I'm getting used to this, but yeah, there is a lot to do.  The great thing is - I haven't snacked at all this week and I've never felt like I've needed to.  Each meal is so filling that it keeps me satisfied until the next meal.  

I will have to be careful and try my hardest to not get bored with the same meals over and over.  I did pretty good with that this week, but it's tough.  I don't follow recipes very well because I just don't have the patience a lot of time.

This coming week I will work on trying to get some miles in.  I just didn't end up doing anything this week as I tried to adjust to the food and not feeling well early on in the week.  There's nothing but my fear stopping me now and I will try to work through this and see what happens.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 6

Wasn't sure how I was going to feel on the weekend.

While I am still a bit tired, I did manage to get a little sleep last night which seems to have helped some.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about eating either, but figured as long as I had a plan I would be okay.

Breakfast:  Eggs and Mushrooms
I tossed a handful of mushrooms in to some extra virgin olive oil (evoo) to saute and then a handful of spinach and let it cook down a bit, then I scrambled three eggs in with the veggies.  I also had a pear and a few blueberries I had left over from earlier in the week.

While I slept in a bit this morning, that meant that I had breakfast later than usual.  While it didn't matter for this meal it would impact the rest of the day.  Still this was a great breakfast and I sat and enjoyed it.

Lunch:  Ground Pork, Mushrooms and Spinach
Threw some ground pork with some evoo and let it brown up, then a handful of mushrooms and lastly a handful of spinach.  I let these all blend and brown up some more.

I was pretty hungry by the time I had lunch as it was a lot later than I normally eat so this was a great quick and easy meal.

Dinner:  Chicken and Broccoli
Not much creativity today.  I sauteed chicken breast in evoo and then threw in some broccoli and browned everything well.

I had dinner closer to lunch today because I wanted to make sure I ate and left a few hours before I settled down for the night.  This meant I wasn't super hungry and I found it tough to eat my meal.  I did eat it, but this is something I will have to keep an eye on during the weekends.

Today went pretty well.  I didn't feel tempted to eat things I shouldn't which was good.  The only thing that is tough right now is only drinking water.  I am missing my Powerade Zero - it's not that I need it, but I like some different flavor once in a while.  Yes, Whole 30 allows coffee and tea, but I don't really drink either because even decaf tends to make me ill...this is kind of a bummer, but I'm dealing with it.

I can tell that I've lost some water weight - it's pretty easy for me to see.  This makes it even harder to not weigh myself, but that would be dumb because I do know that right now it's just the water weight that leaving and that's not permanent change.

If I can manage it I will finally try to get some miles in tomorrow.  My left heel is starting to feel better after Disneyland (yes, I will post on this soon) so I think if I take it easy I should be okay.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 5

Feeling a bit better today.

I'm still fighting this darn cough/allergy issue.  Not sure what has got me, but it doesn't want to let me go.  At least the headache was gone today and while I'm still a bit tired, it wasn't ridiculous like yesterday.  The stomach upset is still present, but certainly nothing difficult to deal with.

Breakfast:  Eggs and Spinach
I tossed a handful of spinach in a pan with some olive oil and let it cook down a bit, then I scrambled three eggs in with the spinach.

This was a pretty good breakfast.  Easy to make and more than enough food without overfilling me.

Lunch:  Pork Chop, Avocado and Baby Carrots
I sauteed a pork chop last night, then today I sliced half an avocado and grabbed some baby carrots.

I have to say that I really like the super easy to grab and eat lunches.  It makes things super easy.

This meal did unsettle my stomach a bit though.  I didn't feel overfull, but my stomach just didn't feel happy either.  I think this is just my poor stomach adjusting to this food.

Dinner:  One pot soup - ground beef, mushrooms, veggie medley, beef broth and spinach
I made this soup up last night so that it could cook for a bit and then blend during the day.  I took ground beef and browned it in olive oil, then I put whole mushrooms in and cooked them down a little bit.  Next to go in was Imagine organic beef broth and some water.  Once that came to a boil I added in veggie medley (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and a couple of handfuls of spinach.  I let this boil for a few minutes then I turned it down to simmer for an hour or so.  Then I let it cool and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

I put the soup on to heat up this evening and oh my did it turn out great.  I enjoyed every bite of this delicious dinner!

I know that I am not supposed to multi-task while I eat, but that just doesn't work for me.  I almost always have some sort of noise on in the house and I typically read while I eat.  Still, I am trying to be much more aware of the food I am eating and I am trying very hard to slow down and not gulp my food.  I think I've been doing a good job of this and I am paying attention to how I feel and the flavors I am eating.

One thing that I noticed today is that my legs are swelling less and when they swell the swelling goes down much more quickly.  See, I have pretty bad circulation in my legs and sitting at a desk all day can really cause me issues.  I try so hard to not cross or sit on my legs and I have a box that I can straighten my legs out on and I get up as much as I can, but it doesn't always help. Tonight when I got home things were not as bad as usual.  It will be interesting to see if this continues.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 4

Carb flu - enough said.

My allergies are still out of control, but if that was all I think I would have been fine.  Apparently, the "carb flu" is a real thing and I have a great big old case of it.  I woke up tired and just got more and more tired as the day went on.  I found myself being cranky and my cube neighbor's typing was causing me much distress today - to be honest he is an angry typist - that poor keyboard.  Needless to say when the headache and stomach discomfort decided to show up it was just a lot to deal with today.

Breakfast:  Eggs, Baby Carrots, Apple and Sunbutter
I scrambled three eggs (no oils, no Ghee) and had a handful of organic baby carrots and an apple with some organic sunbutter (sunflower seed butter).

Another filling breakfast.  I was certainly full after this lovely plate of food.

Lunch:  Baby Shrimp, Broccoli and Ghee
I thawed some wild caught baby shrimp in the refrigerator overnight and had cooked some broccoli.  I threw some Ghee in the broccoli and warmed it up and then tossed in the baby shrimp.

A super easy lunch and again I was plenty full by the time I finished.

Dinner:  Sauteed Chicken, Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado
I threw some evoo in a pan and sliced up a chicken breast with some seasoning.  Then I sliced half a large tomato, a cucumber and half an avocado and sprinkle some salt on them.

This was a little lighter fare and honestly it was still super filling.  It was also just good clean and yummy!

The brain can be a fabulous thing, but it can also be a really bad enemy.  I still find myself wanting to step on a scale.  Which is silly because I am absolutely sure that I haven't lost any weight in four days and it would only be depressing to see that.  I'm still working on this one.

Then I find myself second guessing everything.  Am I eating too much, do I have the right amount of fat, should I not be eating fruit, how many calories is this meal...All these questions go through my mind all the time - yes, I'm still working on this as well.

Hopefully some of this stuff will ease up after the "carb flu" passes.  I think it's just a lot to wrap my head around yet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 3

A pretty good day.

The allergies are driving my nuts, but other than that I've been feeling pretty good today.

Breakfast:  Breakfast Sausage and Cauliflower
Last night I took ground pork and mixed in a little salt, garlic, onion powder and dry mustard and pan fried three little sausage patties.  I also cooked some cauliflower and got half an avocado ready to go.

This morning, I threw the sausage and cauliflower in the microwave to warm it up and grabbed the avocado.  This took no time and I was able to sit down and enjoy my breakfast.

I cut the veggies in half this morning and that seemed to help as I didn't have that over full feeling like i did yesterday.

Lunch:  Ground Beef Patty and Cauliflower with Ghee
It was six hours between breakfast and lunch and I was ready to eat, but not ravenous.  That tells me that my breakfast worked pretty well today.

Last night I fried a grass fed beef patty and cooked some cauliflower.  I put some Ghee on the cauliflower and threw it all in a bowl.  I was able to heat it up at lunch - it took a little longer than I thought it would because I didn't cook the beef patty quite long enough last night.  Still it didn't take too long and it was a simple lunch.

Again, I did half the veggies and I was full, but not over stuffed.

Dinner:  One Pan Stew - Stew Beef, Mushrooms, Olives, Cauliflower, Beef Broth and Tomato Paste
Okay, this was pretty good, but no more stew beef unless I have time to slow cook it.  I took the grass fed beef and browned it in evoo, then I added mushrooms and cooked those down.  I added organic Whole 30 approved beef broth and a small can of tomato paste.  Once this was combined I added a small can of black olives and cauliflower.  Then I let the whole thing simmer so that it could blend.

Not a bad meal, but I was going to do this with ground beef and I think that is what I might do next time.

The funny thing is - as I was cooking my dinner tonight I thought oh I need to add cheese to this.  Then I remembered that I didn't have cheese and couldn't have cheese and that was it - no regrets.  Honestly, the meal didn't need it any way.

I have never been big on spices, but even after only three days I am sort of loving that I can distinguish the spices and I am enjoying them.  

I have been having fun experimenting with food so far and I hope that continues.  I don't usually cook so I can only hope that I don't burn out on having to cook so much.  If I can keep being creative and keep things simple I think it will help.

Cutting back on the veggies at breakfast and lunch made a big difference today.  I was still full and didn't get hungry between meals, but I didn't have that bloated too full feeling either.

Thankfully, I think I ended up buying way too much food for this week.  I just wasn't sure how many veggies to buy so I think I probably doubled the amount I needed for some of them.  I also know that for me I will have to rely more on frozen veggies than all fresh.  I just can't eat them quick enough and I don't want to waste money by having to throw things out.  The good thing is, I can get organic frozen foods from many of my local stores so at least I will feel better about that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 2

Yep, having the food for breakfast and lunch mostly ready to go the day before it a huge help.  In fact, I know what I'll be doing this weekend.  For all the things I read about people saying it takes a lot of prep work, they are not wrong.  The interesting thing is how much I have enjoyed the food I have eaten the last two days - real food is not something I normally do and I guess I'd forgotten how good it can actually be.

Not going to lie, I have been suffering allergies and joint pain and today was no different - not that I expected it to be.  One thing I have found is that don't like not having gum, mints or cough drops - sometimes that is the only thing that helps calm my coughing and these aren't allowed on the Whole 30, even if they are sugar free.

Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs and Broccoli
Today I decided to try using Ghee to cook my eggs and broccoli in.  I did the four eggs again this morning and a couple of handfuls of broccoli that I precooked last night.  Threw it all in a pan and cooked it up, quick and easy.

I can happily say that the Ghee in the eggs didn't bother me at all - no funky tastes.  Maybe it will be okay to cook with if the flavors are strong enough to blend with it.

This was way too much food.  I didn't feel over full when I finished, but as the morning went on I sort of felt bloated and a bit uncomfortable.  I also just felt way too full.  In fact, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to eat lunch, but I was okay by then.

Lunch:  Spinach, Orange, Chicken Salad
Last night I sauteed half a chicken breast in a little olive oil and some spices.  I also combined a couple of handfuls of raw organic spinach, half of an orange and half of an avocado in a bowl.  The other half of the orange was squeezed to get all the juice out which I put in a little dish.

When I came home for lunch I put a little extra virgin oil olive and a dash of salt in with the orange juice and blended it together.  This was the dressing that I tossed the salad in.

Everything was fantastic, except that darn olive oil.  So, I guess it wasn't just the balsamic vinegar I didn't like because I didn't like the olive oil in my salad today.  I just don't care for the taste and I'm not sure I love the feel of the oil on my food.  Another salad that I think will be fantastic with a different dressing - maybe I'll try some citrus mayo or even a little garlic mayo with this one next time.

Again, I was super full as I drove back to the office after lunch.  Another portion that I need to cut back on because this was too much food again.

Dinner:  Pork Chop, Applesauce Braised Cabbage and Applesauce
Tonight I cooked a lean pork chop in a little evoo until it was almost done.  I deglazed the pan with just a little water and then put a snack cup of organic applesauce in the pan with a little dry mustard, salt and garlic powder and brought up the heat.  Next came the shredded red cabbage which I stirred in to the sauce and braised until a little softer, but still left a little crunch.  I put the pork chop back in the pan and let it all simmer and finish cooking. 

I dumped all this on to a plate and grabbed a snack cup of organic applesauce to have with it.  All I can say it yum.  This really came together very well and I have to say I really enjoyed this meal quite a bit and I did a better job with the portion tonight and I ended up satisfied but not too full.

I was really kind of uncomfortable this morning after breakfast - I know that this can be one of the side effects of week one, but I'm pretty sure that this was really more because of the amount of food I had this morning.  I mean I was still not that hungry six hours later.  Yeah, but I think that's a little crazy.  

The good news about cutting the portions down a bit - it will save me some money in the food department.

Other than that today wasn't too difficult.  I haven't been interested in snacking which is great, but not that out of the ordinary for me.  

I cooked up my proteins for breakfast and lunch tonight for tomorrow so I'll just have heat them up  I look forward to another interesting day of food and we'll see how I feel.  

Now, someone please yell at me to get my butt out the door and get some running in.  I have to get over this fear I've developed again (more about that in a different post).

Monday, September 15, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge - Day 1

I have completed day one of the Whole 30 Challenge.  It seems that the key for me is going to be doing prep work for the following day (or preferably over the weekend for the week) ahead of time.  I cannot see me coming home for lunch and having time to cook chicken, juice an orange, chop up things and still have time to eat.  That being said, I did get things ready last night for breakfast and lunch so that it was quicker and easier and it seemed to work pretty well.

Since it's day one I don't really have a lot to say about feeling great, tired, or that miraculously everything changed.  I will say that my mind was in the right place today and that I think helped a lot.

Breakfast:  Blueberry Tortilla
I know you're probably thinking that I can't have this, but rest assured this tortilla is Whole 30 approved.

I put coconut oil in a pan, cracked and scrambled four organic eggs and mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of coconut aminos.  This mixture was put in the pan and I let the eggs cook until firm on the bottom.  Then I took 1/4 cup of blueberries and sprinkled them on top of the eggs.  The hard part was flipping this whole concoction over to finish cooking.  No, it was not pretty and mine ended up in a couple of pieces, but I finished cooking the eggs and then sat down to enjoy.

So - coconut oil will take some getting used to.  Actually, for this recipe I think I will switch to clarified butter instead of the coconut oil for a milder flavor.  I really enjoyed how the blueberries popped and gave a little juice flavor to all of the eggs.

This was a good amount of food.  I was definitely plenty full when I was done and it did worry me that it would be too much, but I found that I was not hungry at all through the morning.  This was a good thing as I find with oatmeal or yogurt I would be hungry in just a couple of hours.  Maybe there is something to this fat and protein to keep you satisfied?

Lunch:  Colorful Salad
At lunch I had a salad with red cabbage, baby carrots, tomato, ground beef and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The hamburger was cooked the night before.  and I had the veggies all mixed together in a bowl the night before as well.  All I had to do was mix some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil (evoo).  Toss the dressing and meat in with the veggies and I had lunch ready to eat.

Balsamic vinegar and evoo - gross.  Sorry folks, but I do not like the balsamic vinegar.  Maybe it's something I can get used to, but I am not sure how much I can try it to get used to it.  Regardless of the dressing, I really enjoyed the crunch of the veggies and the beef mixed together.  I think with a different dressing this will be a winner for me.

Oh and by the way - I really need to work on the portions.  I had way too much cabbage.  I ended up only eating about half of what I had put in.  I am actually proud of myself for this because I listened to my body and realized that I was full and stopped.

Dinner:  Steak and a Potato
I had two small grass fed beef tenderloins for dinner with a baked potato.  Yes, you can now have white potatoes on Whole 30 (just not fries or chips).  I also put some Ghee on the baked potato.

I threw the steak in a pan and fried it up with a little salt and garlic.  Cooked medium rare.  It was quite delicious.  

The Ghee took me a bit to get used to.  It isn't what I expected for clarified butter - I don't know if it is the  brand or if it just isn't to my taste.  I will say that after a couple of bites it wasn't bad and it didn't ruin my potato as I feared it might.  Another case where clarified butter would have been better I think.

I kept things simple and some what familiar today.  No, I don't plan on eating potatoes every day, but I think maybe once a week.  I am also trying to mix things us as much as I can, but that's tough for me.  I find it hard to try new tastes, but I know I have to learn because I really want this to work.

I did notice that I wasn't super tired this afternoon.  Again, whether that was because I ate good food or it was just my mindset remains to be seen.

I know I have to get my rear in gear and get my workouts in.  Tower of Terror is just two and half weeks away and I need to be able to actually do the race!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge

I know I've been gone too long again.  It's been a stressful, crazy, busy year and all of that has lead me to come to the realization that I have done nothing to better myself.  In fact, I've done just the opposite, I have lost control of my weight, my joints aren't happy, I am tired all the time and my workouts have been non-existent.

I decided that I have to do something, but what.  I could try the same old things I've done before.  Sure, they work for a while, but I have never been able to sustain them for any length of time.  I feel deprived and logging everything that I eat just aggravates me and for some reason it does nothing to help me stay on course.

Let me be clear - I have resisted the idea of the Paleo diet since it became so popular and main stream.  I love my carbs, I have always thought my body needs these carbs to survive and thrive.  Not to mention that I am probably highly addicted to carbs - I crave them, I need them - or so my mind keeps saying.

I know several of my friends and readers have done the Whole 30 or gone Paleo.  Often, this is correlated with Crossfit or other exercise routines.  Maybe that's why I've sort of dismissed it up to this point.  I admire those of you that enjoy Crossfit, weights, triathlons and other exercise activities and I know you are strong and happy doing it, but for me these things hold no appeal.  I will stick with my running and I want to get back to my Pilates.  That could be another reason that I've never considered Paleo - what runner doesn't eat carbs provided by grains?  Well, apparently there are a lot of them.

I started reading up on the Whole 30 program- not fully Paleo, not a lengthy commitment in the grand scheme of things and if I hate it I can revert right back to my old ways after 30 days.  At least that's what I thought when I first started reading up on it.

I'm sure some of you have watched some of the documentaries out there about food, fast food, bad food, good food, juicing, etc...I have been watching some of them as well.  Things started to just click in my brain.  Things started making sense as to why the body doesn't need all the grains and processed foods that make up the majority of my diet.

Then I visited the Whole 30 website (http://whole30.com/).  I was intrigued by the information I was finding on there, but I found it hard to put all the pieces together.  That's when I decided to purchase the "It Starts with Food" book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  I ended up purchasing the book from Amazon as a Kindle edition for $9.99 and it was great because I was able to instantly start reading it.

The book has some interesting parts to it.  Science like, but not so dry it was impossible to read.  There were a lot of testimonials mixed in that I enjoyed reading.  Then there's the meat of the program - what can you have, what will you not have, what do you eat, and why do you eat it.  That's the most important part in my opinion.

As I read I got more and more anxious and excited.  

Anxious because for me this is a huge change.  I admit it, I am a processed foods junkie.  I don't cook, I rarely buy fresh foods.  I am picky.  How on earth am I going to do this?  What will it do to/for my running?  What about traveling?  So many unknowns and if you know me, I'm not good with unknowns.

Excited because it is completely different than anything I've tried before.  You mean I don't have to count calories?  I don't have to log everything I eat?  This could make some of my joint pain go away?  I could actually feel better?  It's okay to eat protein and fats with every meal?  It's not a diet?  These are all things I really think help to make this program different for me.

So, I made the commitment to empty the house of all processed foods and things that are not Whole 30 approved (http://whole30.com/whole30-approved/).  That wasn't the hard part - I mean really how hard is it to eat bad food or throw out things away that I haven't eaten or just don't want?

Then I had to figure out what the heck would I eat the first week.  Yeah, I'm going to take it one week at a time.  That's about all my head can handle.  Especially since this is a whole new way of cooking and eating for me.  It took me a long time searching the Internet for possible things to eat and potential recipes to try.  Then even longer to put together a one week plan - three meals a day.  I really focused on trying not to eat the same meal every day because that's something I would normally have done in the past.  I need to focus on doing something different, something I can do for 30 days.

Today I went grocery shopping and because I had to buy everything and I focused on organic, high quality foods I had a little sticker shock.  Now, that being said, I think I can do better and I shouldn't have to buy all the essentials every week so that should help too.  Needless to say, this is going to take some work on my part to do better.  While I understand the reasoning behind organic and high quality, I think I will have to weigh the options against price in some cases and just do what I can.  Even if everything is not organic, at least the foods will still be cleaner and hopefully will still provide some good benefits.

What do I want from the Whole 30 Challenge?  For me it is simple - I want to feel better and I want to stop dieting or pretending to diet.  What do I hope happens?  I hope that my joints feel better and let's be honest - I hope that if I don't lose weight that at least my body composition changes in some positive ways.  I am also hoping that I can get back in better run/walk shape.  Right now I am so far from being ready for any of my upcoming races it is not even funny (more on my Disneyland fiasco in another post).

I am going to try to log how I am feeling each day, at the least each week. 

Have you done Whole 30?  If so, what were your results?

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