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Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Princess Half Marathon (Glass Slipper Challenge - Inaugural)

Oh boy, another early morning. I got up at 2:50am this morning and got ready to head out. I headed out at 3:33am and the drive to Epcot is quick and parking was easy. I'm was there by 3:55am.

I head to the staging area and through security bag check and as usual there are no problems getting through. I head over for a bio break and then I wait in the runners only area and wait until we are released to head to the corrals.

I get in to my corral at 4:48am after another quick bio break and I head to the front area of the corral to wait.

This is a new experience for me. I am in corral J and we are on the right side of the road. That means there will be no crossing over to this side when it is our turn to move to the start line. I'm kind of liking this!

 photo 2014PHEmptyCorral_zps7edfcd96.jpg
Empty corral when I first got there
 photo 2014PHCorralFront_zps7efa1bbd.jpg
Just a few feet back from the front of the corral
 photo 2014PHCorralBehind_zps38af79a9.jpg
Looking back and starting to fill up
 photo 2014PHCorral_zps148f4f73.jpg
People filling up the front of the corral

The weather is warm and humid. I am already feeling the effects of it and I know I'm in for a bit of a rough time today, but that's what it is and I'll have to deal with it. The one possible saving grace is the fog. The fog is thick, so thick it's hard to see up to the starting line.

 photo 2014PHWalktoStart2_zps6f7d1ab0.jpg
Starting line activity in the fog
 photo 2014PHFireworksinFog_zps7375269d.jpg
Fireworks in the fog
 photo 2014PHWalktoStart_zps93174554.jpg
More fireworks and getting closer
 photo 2014PHStage2_zps642a1c30.jpg
The stage at the start line
 photo 2014PHStage_zps40cb9059.jpg
It's awesome being at the front of the corral and so close to everything.
 photo 2014PHStartLineBanner_zpsfaac206b.jpg
Start line banner

The fireworks go off and we are on our way. I'm going to stick to my run/walk intervals as long as I can today. I can tell immediately today that it's going to be a long 13.1!

Miles two and three are uneventful. The pirate ship is out and further ahead all the princes are out - that is one of the cool things about the Princess Half you get to see all the princes in one location. Next up the toll plaza in to the Magic Kingdom and on to the Ticket and Transportation Center.

I continue along and now we're headed to the Contemporary hill. It's still foggy out and it is actually a blessing because it is stopping the sun from beating down on me. This area is always crowded so it's more walk than intervals, but I go down the hill and up the hill and that means mile 5 and heading in to the Magic Kingdom.

As many times as I've done this, there's still nothing better than going down Main Street. It energizes me as I continue along and I know Matt is out there waiting for me and I'm looking for him, but I never did see him.

 photo 2014PHMKMainStreet_zps3e23fa7b.jpg
Ah, Main Street!  Look at this picture and how many people are on phones or checking their technology.

Through Tommorowland and on to Fantasy Land. Today the trumpeters are out at the Castle and I am so happy, I love to see and hear them. It isn't too crowded as I head through the Castle. I always love going through the Castle and today is no exception.
 photo 2014PHMKCastle_zps26694deb.jpg
Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's through the Castle I go!

Now we're heading through Frontierland and there's mile six. Then we're headed backstage and out of the Magic Kingdom. The humidity has just really drained me and I know that I'm already slowing down.

I head past the DJ at the half way point where they station some volunteers and then I am at mile seven. I'm still doing my intervals, but I know they are slower. Coming up to the Polynesian and this is a bit of a bottleneck area, which I don't mind today since I can't really go that fast.

There's mile nine and I continue on. I'm not concerned about being swept as I had plenty of buffer, but the humidity has just done me in today. Finally mile 10 - anyone can do a 5K. It's something I always tell myself and it has helped me through a lot of races.

Mile 10 seemed to take a long time to reach, but there it is. Now it's time to for the overpass and those last annoying hills. I'm at the Epcot parking lot and mile 12. A DJ and more cheering spectators is exactly what I need right now. It energizes me and I know that I'm almost done with this race, but the going is still slow.

The Gospel Choir is backstage and they are awesome as usual. Now we head out of Epcot and finally there's mile 13.

 photo 2014PHEpcot_zpsf585417c.jpg
Epcot means I'm getting close to being done
 photo 2014PHFinishInSite_zpsfc0af8e6.jpg
Belle (the lady by me) was saying something and I guess it must have been pretty funny
 photo 2014PHRoad_zps3202ba63.jpg
The finish line is so close
 photo 2014PHFinishChute_zps36012242.jpg
The finish line is now!

I head down the finish line chute and jester Goofy is out on the side. I went to give him a high five and a handler shooed me away acting as if I was going to stop. I was very disappointed by this. Why couldn't I get a high five from Goofy? This still makes no sense to me as there wasn't any one around him - no lines, no people. It was very strange and the first time I'd ever had that happen at the finish line. Oh well, at least I'm done!

I head through, get my medal, get my water and Powerade and then I get my Glass Slipper Challenge Medal and my special edition pink Coast to Coast medal.

Time for a finisher photo and then snack box and banana. I thought it was odd because my gear bag didn't include the usual mesh Princess Half bag, but I was pleasantly surprised at the finish line when I received my mesh Princess Half Bag and a Chill Cooling Towel after I got my medal.

 photo 2014PHChillyTowel_zpsfd79a05f.jpg
Chill Cooling Towel
 photo 2014PHMeshBag_zpsef3ffb8d.jpg
Mesh Princess Half Bag
 photo 2014PHFinisher_zps0eff483b.jpg
All the bling - can't help but smile
 photo 2014PHLanyard_zpsc3ba78e7.jpg
Princess Half Lanyard
 photo 2014PHMedal_zpsc27290c9.jpg
Princess Half Medal
 photo 2014PHGSCLanyard_zps5376a64c.jpg
Glass Slipper Challenge Lanyard
 photo 2014PHGSCMedal_zps65688e5a.jpg
Glass Slipper Challenge Medal
 photo 2014PHPinkC2CLanyard_zps2455f4ab.jpg
Special Edition Pink Coast to Coast Lanyard
 photo 2014PHPinkC2CMedal_zpsc0a154db.jpg
Special Edition Pink Coast to Coast Medal

I don't hang around today. I head straight through on to my car and head home. I am tired, but I am happy that I'm done with another set of races and I have five new medals to show for it :)!


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