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Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Cinderella Royal Family Fun Run 5K

The day started out early when the alarm went off at 4:00am. I got up and started to get ready for the Cinderella Family Fun Run 5K. I left the house at 4:400am and headed to Epcot. The drive from home was quick and easy and I parked just before 5:00am.

As with all the Walt Disney World runDisney events they had a security bag check area set up and I headed over there to have my bag checked. No big issue and it was quick and easy. Once I was through, I started walking toward the runner's area and as I'm walking there was a man wearing a skirt and the volunteer on the side said, "Hey, what would you have won in the bet you lost?" I have to say, that was a unique reaction to a man in a skirt at a runDisney event!

Matt sent me a text that he was on his way over so we met up and headed toward the corrals. There were already a lot of people milling about the stage area and it was pretty crowded, but once we got to corral B it wasn't so bad so we headed in to chat and wait.

As we were standing around I just kept thinking that it was just humid and muggy and that it was a good thing that we weren't planning on running today. Today would truly be a walk in the park.

Finally the National Anthem was sung - and yes, you know that you've done too many runDisney events when they announce the vocalist and you groan because it is not one that you're fond of. It's not that she's bad, but she murders the high notes and not in a good way. Instead of goose bumps, I get the cringes.

After a minute or two corral A was on the way and we were moving forward to the start line. They were releasing the corrals with 8 minutes in between which seemed like a long time. The first part of the course is not exciting as we go around the Epcot parking lot, but we just enjoy chatting and walking along. As we headed towards backstage Flik and Princess Atta were out for a photo opp. Next up mile 1.

We headed backstage to the first water stop and I guess corral B has advantages because there was plenty of water available.

Out of backstage and in to World Showcase. Around World Showcase there were characters, but honestly I'm not sure who was out and part of that was because there were such long lines I didn't bother to pay attention. It would be fun to be fast enough to be able to stop, but even in corral B the lines were so long that I just don't know if I could wait that long during a race.

 photo 2014RF5KWS_zpsbcffe8c4.jpg
Enjoying the walk around World Showcase - I am sure I was talking, but it kind of looks like I'm whistling a working song!

We continued our walk and I was feeling pretty good, but the humidity was brutal. Coming out of World Showcase and around the International Gateway area we hit mile two. Then the next water stop and I thanked the volunteers (as I do any time I see volunteers).

Heading in to Future World is always fun. There we go past Spaceship Earth and around by the entrance and back around for the last little backstage area before heading to mile 3 and the last little stretch.

 photo 2014RF5KEpcot_zps42267d9a.jpg
This was as close to a costume as I was going to get this time - my nod to Cinderella
 photo 2014RF5KFinishLine_zpsa9211fd5.jpg
Enjoying the finish line chute
 photo 2014RF5KFinisher1_zps23c7ade9.jpg
Me and Matt with our 5k Medals
 photo 2014RF5KFinisher2_zpse9e8ca63.jpg
Good company made for a good walk in the parks!

I have to say, that there was a huge improvement at the finisher photo area - they had high tables set up so that you could put your stuff down without putting it on the ground. I hope they continue this as it was a really simple, easy and super smart and wonderful idea!


Rae! said...

Grandpa Matt! Looks like you guys had fun.

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