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Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Neverland Family Fun Run 5K

I was up around 3:30am because I just couldn't sleep any more.  I got up and got my gear on and headed out around 4:20am.  It was a quiet, early, dark walk to Disneyland.  A line had formed at the security checkpoint to get in to the Esplanade so I joined it.  A couple of minutes later some runDisney folks came over and moved all the participants to the side.  Spectators were left in the bag check line.  It was sort of odd and definitely different.

After a few more minutes of waiting all of the runners were let in a side gate.  They were doing gear bag check there - no security bag check for the runners though.  They did have a lot of security dogs around today and at the expo yesterday too.  If you didn't have a bag to check (I didn't) we were walked over in front of the entrance turnstiles to line up again.  

We waited for a couple of minutes and then we were let in to Disneyland.  They had water setup right at the beginning of Main Street so I grabbed a cup and then I continued down Main Street.

I have to explain.  This 5K does not have assigned corrals like the Walt Disney World runDisney 5Ks and there are no estimated pace signs put up either.  You basically line up according to when you arrive for the race.

Since I am there super early, I walk down Main Street and end up right at the very front of what will be called corral A.  Should I be there?  Under normal circumstances - absolutely not.  Today as I look around, I feel just fine being there and I am going to enjoy seeing how the speedy half lives.  I have a bit to wait and I occupy myself by watching people.  There is much to see this morning and because I'm right at the front I get to see all the action.  John Hughes (WDW Race Director), Tara Gidus and other speedy folks are right there with us at the front of the pack.  
 photo 2014nl5k1_zpsf160b679.jpg
Today's theme is save the Darling children as they've been kidnapped by Captain Hook and crew.

Finally we have the National Anthem Sing Along - which I always love in Disneyland.  It's quite beautiful.  Then Tinker Bell flies and fireworks go off.
 photo 2014nl5k2_zps7cfe6778.jpg
Fireworks over the castle
 photo 2014nl5k3_zpsbf228da6.jpg
It's a bird, it's a plane, no - it's Tinker Bell!
 photo 2014nl5k4_zps02340a41.jpg
More fireworks and Tinker Bell is still in the air!

Corral A, that's me, is moved off Main Street and just around the side of the castle.  I am literally right at the balloon arch.  It's so awesome.  

After just a minute or two we are ready to go.  I feel guilty not running at the start of Corral A so I run just a few seconds before I settle down in to my run walk intervals.  I've decided to try 3min walk/1min run this weekend instead of 5min walk/1min run that I did for Dopey.  I can afford to leave a little more on the course this weekend.

The first part of the course is through Disneyland and some of the highlights are It's A Small World with the Christmas lights still on and lit, there are a lot of Pirates around and one is in a canoe with the Darling kids tied up... I remember seeing Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and honestly I don't know who else was out in Disneyland for this one.

It's dark as I go through Disneyland and out around the front of the park.  There are quite a few spectators here and I just keep going.  I do think it's odd that there's only one water stop today instead of two, but the temperature is cool so more were not really needed.  My legs felt a little tired and heavy and tight at first, but then they started to feel pretty good.

Next up is California Adventure.  We wind our way around the park and go by the Tower of Terror, on to Cars Land and Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater are out, then we head around to Paradise Pier. Intervals felt perfect for today.  

 photo 2014nl5k5_zpsc1a44f11.jpg
Cars Land in the dark is pretty awesome!

 photo 2014nl5k6_zps62254a64.jpg
More running in California Adventure

As we near the finish line there's a re-creation of the Darling kids' bedroom and they have Nana there and then Wendy and Peter Pan are out for a photo opp.  Then the finish line is there before I know it.  I finish in 46 minutes which is two minutes faster than last week's 5K.

 photo 2014nl5k11_zps51253f86.jpg photo 2014nl5k10_zps170e2589.jpg
The finish line!

I move forward and get my medal and realize that it is just now starting to get light.  How fun was that?  I really enjoyed being in the front of the pack, it wasn't crowded at all and it just felt really good.  I grab a banana, a water and a little bottle of Powerade. I stop and get a finisher photo and then grab a second one.  

 photo 2014nl5k9_zps5910d505.jpg
Another one done!
 photo 2014nl5klanyard_zps5e0eca41.jpg
2014 Neverland Family Fun Run 5K Medal Lanyard
 photo 2014nl5kmedal_zps7eb6db97.jpg
2014 Neverland Family Fun Run 5K Medal

It's a walk through the park to get to the front and out and as I go along it is so different to see so many people still out on the course.  It's very cool to see!

I am back in my room by 7:00am.  I went to the expo again later to buy a couple of running skirts and check the official merchandise again - glad I did because I didn't get the medals shirt and I really wanted that one.


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What a cool looking medal. That must had been really neat still in the early morning twilight.

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