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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Princess Half Marathon Expo

The Princess Half Marathon Expo was back at ESPN Wide World of Sports and that is a good thing. I headed over after work and while there were quite a few people, the process was smooth and pretty quick. I picked up my 5K bib and then my Glass Slipper Challenge bib and Coast to Coast wristband. This was another Expo where the pre-purchased commemorative items were all in one location in an envelope - I love this because it makes it so much easier to carry things.

I stopped at the official merchandise area and purchased a few items and then I headed over to pick up my shirts, which was also super quick and easy, and since you're thrown right in to another official merchandise area I had to do a little more shopping and make sure I didn't miss anything I wanted. Yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for the merchandise - especially for inaugural events.

 photo 2014PHC2CWristband_zps13638eb7.jpg
Coast to Coast Wristband

 photo 2014RF5KBib_zpsb7eaa08d.jpg
2014 Royal Family 5K Fun Run Bib - I thought the corral letters were so fancy they almost became hard to read
 photo 2014RF5KTShirt_zps99ef46f3.jpg
2014 Royal Family 5K T-Shirt
 photo 2014RF5KPin1_zps920e7a7d.jpg
5K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014RF5kPin2_zps16874dfc.jpg
5K Medal Pin

 photo 2014PHBib_zps3c77ea5f.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Bib - this bib was used for both the 10K and Half Marathon

 photo 2014E10KTechShirt_zps31b63295.jpg
2014 Enchanted 10K Tech Shirt
 photo 2014E10KPin1_zps9154aa77.jpg
Enchanted 10K Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014E10KPin2_zpse8c7dd73.jpg
Enchanted 10K Medal Pin
 photo 2014E10KTShirt_zpsc18facf9.jpg
Enchanted 10K T-Shirt Front

 photo 2014PHVinylMedal_zps61d1e528.jpg
2014 Princess Half Marathon Tech Shirt
 photo 2014PHPin1_zps1b074231.jpg
2014 Princess Half Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014PHNecklace_zps42ddaaf8.jpg
2014 Princess Half Marathon Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2014PHPin2_zpsfa6531a0.jpg
2014 Princess Half Marathon Medal Pin
 photo 2014PHPinkBondi_zps8288e338.jpg
2014 Princess Half Bondi Band
 photo 2014PHVinylMedal_zps61d1e528.jpg
2014 Princess Half Marathon Vinylmation Medal

 photo 2014PHGSCTechShirt_zps584211dd.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Tech Shirt
 photo 2014PHGSCPin1_zps18f59542.jpg
2014 Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge Commemorative Pin
 photo 2014PHGSCNecklace_zps277e6657.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Commemorative Necklace
 photo 2014PHIDidIt1_zps615c973b.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge I Did It T-Shirt Front
 photo 2014PHGSCIDidIt_zpsafdf0257.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge I Did It T-Shirt Back
 photo 2014PHGSCBondi_zps843b28b9.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Bondi Band
 photo 2014PHGSCPin2_zps147dcb89.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Medal Pin
 photo 2014PHGSCMagnet_zpsa941eaab.jpg
2014 Glass Slipper Challenge Magnet

 photo 2014PHC2CBlue_zpsb6626f80.jpg
2014 Blue Men's Coast to Coast Challenge Tech Shirt

 photo 2014PHTShirtFront_zpsecca7048.jpg
2014 Princess Half Weekend T-Shirt Front
 photo 2014PHTShirtBack_zps9cfe9037.jpg
2014 Princess Half Weekend T-Shirt Back - so disappointed, as you can see the medals are no longer legible and this was after the first wash

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

The alarm is set for 3:00am, but I was awake way before that again today.  I got up at 2:40am and I ate my normal Powerbar and drank my water.  Then it was time to get ready and I still have a lot of time left.  At 3:35am I decided to head out and it was another short walk to the staging area.

The DJ made the mistake of saying to head to the corrals so a group of runners ganged up on the runDisney folks stopping people from going to the corrals and they let us all go through.  I headed straight to my corral and I was very happy because I was able to get to the very front of my corral and that's where I stayed.  I chatted with some folks around me, read a little and just focused on getting my mind right and ready to go.  This is my 50th runDisney event and I really want it to go well.  The weather is perfect for me - a bit chilly, where my hands are cold, but not freezing.

 photo 2014tbhprerace_zps8b869494.jpg
Heading to the corral

The volunteer that was with us at the front was a lot of fun to talk to and the runDisney official monitoring our corral was super diligent and did his best to stop people from cutting through and not following the directions.  This is one of the first times that I've actually seen one of them in motion trying hard to make sure things are fair for everyone.

Before to long it is time to move forward and I am literally standing right next to the volunteer holding the rope (yes, it was rope and not the nice runDisney band).  The runDisney official tasked those of us at the front with making sure people didn't cut in front of us and helping to keep the pace from getting out of hand.  We all did a great job and it stayed very calm and nice.

Once corral C took off we continued forward to the start line.  Happy Birthday Rudy Novotny!  It's interesting because we are asked to step across the first timing mat and as soon as I do, I get a text saying that I've started the race - wait, what?  Daisy and Minnie walked right in front of us as they left the stage.  It's a couple of minutes after we cross the mat before we actually start and I'm wondering how that's going to affect my chip time - hmmm...

 photo 2014tbhstartstage1_zpsd56b3477.jpg
The stage

Off we go!  I run for a few seconds since I am literally at the front, but it's crowded so I don't do it for long and I settle in to my intervals.  My legs are feeling pretty good and I'm glad because we do some little hills at the beginning of this race.  I'm okay with that because we get them over with and don't have to stress about them at the end of the race.

Right before mile 2 we head in to California Adventure and of course there are a few bottlenecks that make running tough.  That's okay we're in the parks and we wrap around and around and around and all over the park and it's so fun.

 photo 2014tbh10_zpsc799c915.jpg
Cars land in the dark again
 photo 2014tbh9_zps3cbebfb6.jpg
Hyperion theater
 photo 2014tbh8_zps50fb58bb.jpg
Disney Junior

Around mile 3 we head across to Disneyland.  This is one race that I get to go down Main Street in the dark because it starts so early and Main Street is early in the race.  I am enjoying this and as I head to the front of the castle a guy takes a tumble and does the movie roll and pop up.   We all ask if he's okay and assures us he's fine and he keeps on trucking.  Great weekend for falls apparently.  It's still weird to go through the front of the castle instead of running through from the back.

 photo 2014tbh11_zps0da13287.jpg
The castle in the dark

I'm feeling good, but I'm also feeling slow for some reason.  No matter, I'm not looking at my watch today.  I'm really focusing on doing my intervals and not letting the mental aspect get to me.  My only goal today is to beat last week's time - I want to be under 3:30.  If I can do this I will better all three race times from last week.

Now we're heading out of Disneyland and to Downtown Disney.  I love this part of this race because there are always a ton of spectators and the cheering is such a boost. This is also where we hit mile six.  I do a mental check and I'm feeling really good and that makes me pretty happy.

Just past Downtown Disney there is a sea of red hats - yep, the red hat ladies are there again this year.  In fact, there are more red hat ladies than I've ever seen before.  It's totally incredible and pretty awesome!

Now we're back out on the streets for the rest of the race.  Honestly, it's not all that exciting being on the roads, but it's flat and easy road at least.  I continue to feel really good through mile 8 where I start feeling tired.  I don't want to lose momentum so I keep pushing myself mentally.

Mile nine - big sigh...Mile 10 and I realize I have a 5K to go.  I can do this.  Where is mile 11?  Oh thank goodness, there it is.  Keeping going, don't let yourself slow down now.  Okay, here comes mile 12 - I stopped Lifesavers at mile 10.  I just couldn't take another Lifesaver today.

There are a lot of people spectating at mile 12 - I love spectators.  The energy is great.  I know I don't have much further to go.  I keep up my run/walk intervals.  Yes, I'm tired and I want to be done but it doesn't matter the end is near now.

 photo 2014tbh6_zpse6c6288d.jpg
Getting close to the end, but not close enough yet
 photo 2014tbh2_zps50bf29b9.jpg
Now that's a hairy Tinker Bell

Finally, there's mile 13.  I will run it in from here.  And - I do!  I cross the finish line and high five Mickey.  I am sure that I beat last week's time, but I don't bother to try to figure out my finish time.

 photo 2014tbh7_zpsfad6f4fb.jpg
The end - I am done - here's to my 50th!

I move forward and get my medal and then my medal photo.  A little further and I get water and two little Powerades (what is with the small bottles of Powerade, seriously, this was a half marathon).  I get in line for a finisher photo and down a bottle of Powerade while I wait.  I take stock and notice that I'm a little sore - the knees and feet mostly.  Nothing terrible, just feeling the miles.

 photo 2014tbh4_zps73808f38.jpg
I'm done
 photo 2014tbh3_zps5362f9d6.jpg
Okay - 7 races in 11 days for 71 miles - I still can't believe I did it

Got my photo then grabbed a snack box and banana.  Then I headed out of the family reunion area and headed toward the hotel.  As I'm walking along I see a guy holding a sign that is fantastic - "I trained for six months to hold this sign!"  That's one of the better ones for sure.

As I walk, I see that they are routing the foot traffic around a loop instead of letting us go straight through.  Yes, let's make the half marathoners walk even further - rolling my eyes.  Not super efficient people and it makes us actually cross a road which is even stranger when I could have gone straight and not crossed a road.

I get back to my room and I finally look at my finish time and I'm a bit giddy.  Official finish time 3:17...What?  That's 21 minutes faster than last week's half time.  Thank you Jeff Galloway for getting me through 71 miles over 11 days and seven races with very little pain and discomfort.

It took me all the races to realize that my training did work and that I need to trust in myself and remember what I can do if I put my mind to it.  This could be the start to a great race year and I'll keep working hard for it.

I will really miss having the Tinker Bell Half in January, but I won't miss having it back to back with WDW.  I will miss the cooler weather of January, but I'm also very interested to see what May will bring to the Tinker Bell races next year!

I will end this report by saying that I am super proud of myself.  I was certainly worried about these races, but I feel like I really rocked them even though my Dopey times were not as good as I would have liked.  I have ended these races feeling positive, good and glad that I did them all!
 photo 2014tbhlanyard_zps36cbd2e6.jpg
2014 Tinker Bell Half medal lanyard
 photo 2014tbhmedal_zpse357f1b6.jpg
2014 Tinker Bell Half Medal

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Tinker Bell 10K - Inaugural Race

I was up an hour before my alarm went off this morning, but I didn't get moving for another half hour.  I got dressed, ate my Powerbar and drank some water.  Even after all that, I still had plenty of time to spare.  I headed out around 4:25am.

It was a short walk to the staging area and I walked around toward the corrals, but they weren't letting people in yet.  I stood there and read while I waited and then they finally let us go to the corrals.  A group of us headed in to corral D and a few feet away from the front of the corral a runDisney staffer turned us around and made us go back to where we entered.  It didn't make any sense, she kept saying the that start was the other direction, which it obviously wasn't.  This was very confusing.  I was at the very front, but then I ended up being squished in with everyone else and immediately told to go back the way I came.  Okay then...Thankfully, I still ended up at the front of the corral where I wanted to be.  I was glad because even though the program showed at least one corral behind mine, that was not the case. I was in the last corral.  I guess I'm back to reality of being a back of packer today...Oh well.

As we all waited to start I had a nice chat with a lady from Orlando and two from Washington.  We all kept each other entertained and laughing until it was time to move.  There I am right at the front of the corral and then we are off.  No firework send offs for today's race.  That is one difference between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Since you are on public streets for Disneyland sometimes the fan fare is a little different where at Walt Disney World they own the land and roads so they can do more.

 photo 2014tbhwalktostart_zps804a0b82.jpg
Waiting to move to the start
 photo 2014tbhlgscreenstart_zpsaa2565c3.jpg
The action on the big screen
 photo 2014tbhrudystart_zps45811268.jpg
The stage
 photo 2014tbhstartstage_zpsa88cfaef.jpg
Another shot of the stage

The first part of the race is on the road and no, it's not super exciting, but it's a good warm up and since it's a little crowded it works well.  I am doing my intervals again today and feeling pretty good after I get warmed up.  Before mile one we are in Disneyland and backstage.

The only characters I really paid attention to in Disneyland where at the Haunted Mansion.  By far the coolest thing I've seen in a while.  The Bride and the Tightrope Walker were out for a photo opp...This is one place where I wish I was more confident in my time so that I could have stopped for a picture!

There's a medical stop setup on Main Street which just strikes me as amusing for some reason and I guess if you have to stop for medical reasons Main Street is a good place to do it. Then we head out of Disneyland and across to California Adventure.

In California Adventure I remember seeing Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater and Sully but those are the only characters I remember in California Adventure.  Still we wound all around that park and it felt good.  We're almost to mile 4 as we head out of the parks.
 photo 2014tb10k4_zps9338d5a1.jpg
Running through California Adventure

Now we're on the roads and shortly after we hit the road, I see a lady take a nasty fall.  Thankfully she popped back up and kept going like nothing happened.  I really must say that the roads are a bit of a let down after the fun of the parks and you're out there for two miles.

Still, I kept up my intervals the whole time and felt pretty good the whole time, except for those nasty blisters that haven't had time to fully heal yet.  Still, I finished the 10K and low and behold I have a brand new 10K PR - 1:30!  I didn't expect that, but it feels really good and I am quite happy.  I took 3 minutes of my 10K PR and 7 minutes off last week's 10K.

 photo 2014tb10k3_zps9eafd8bb.jpg
You can see the crowding at the finish line

The end of the 10K was crowded and seemed super unorganized.  It actually took a couple of minutes to get my medal.  Then I move slowly forward and get a bottle of water and a little bottle of Powerade.  It took another few minutes to find a line for a finisher photo.  I had to wait in line for a few minutes, but I finally got my picture and moved through the crowd to get a banana and snack box.

 photo 2014tb10k2_zpsb9e5094e.jpg
Just finished
 photo 2014tb10k1_zpsd587bf09.jpg
Have to wait a few minutes for this one

The exit to get out of there was not clearly marked and I first walked the wrong way until I realized that I couldn't get out and headed back the way I came.  Whew, once I got out the crowds thinned out a bit and I could breathe.

The weather has been great, but very dry and my allergies have been pretty active.  Still I can deal with that better than the heat and humidity so I'll live.

 photo 2014tb10klanyard_zps05d8a419.jpg
2014 Tinker Bell 10K medal lanyard
 photo 2014tb10kmedal_zpsf3375a91.jpg
2014 Tinker Bell 10K medal

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