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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 Wrap Up

Weight Watch: -2.4 pounds
This month was really about getting through the races and I put little focus in to what I was eating.  

Mileage Watch:
Run/Walk: 93.77 miles
Bike: 30.80 miles
Elliptical: 2.50 miles
Total Miles: 127.07 miles

Goal Review
Goal for January - complete Dopey Challenge and Tinker Bell races.

I am very happy to say that completed this goal.  Eleven days - seven races - seventy-one miles - nine medals!

The Dopey Challenge was just that - a challenge.  I didn't feel that adding the 10K made the challenge much more difficult that without it.  My challenge was purely mental and thankfully I managed to get that out of my system after the half marathon and then had a blast during the full marathon.  I was able to run/walk the 5K, 10k, half of the Half and 24 miles of the Full.  This was a huge accomplishment to me and even though my times were much slower for the Half and the Full than I would have liked I am still extremely proud of what I accomplished.  

The following weekend brought three more races.  I knew I could do a bit more on these so during the 5K I made it my goal to better my time from the previous week for the three distances.  Again, I managed to accomplish that.  I took two minutes off my 5K time from the previous week.  I set a new PR for the 10K - taking three minutes off my previous PR and seven minutes off the time from the previous week.  Then the Half came and while I was no where near my PR, I did take twenty-one minutes off the time from the previous week.  Needless to say I was ecstatic with my results for this weekend!  

February 2014
Get back on track - that's my theme for February.  While I am happy with the races in January, I took some time off after them and now it's time to kick back in gear and continue working on speed and endurance.

I will continue tweaking my run/walk intervals to see what works best and to work on getting faster.  I will probably try some new intervals during the Princess Half Marathon events and see what comes of it.

In terms of health.  I am going to track my meals, try to do a better job with portions and do my best to not gain any weight.  Losing weight would be great, but I know I need to focus on re-training my brain first.  I am dealing with a lot of stress in life right now and I know I've been letting it consume me and I make bad decisions - I need to find a way to stop this.


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