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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dopey Challenge Day 2 - Walt Disney World 10K

Another early morning - the alarm went off at 2:30am and seven minutes later I got up and got ready to go.  I left the house at 3:30am and got to Epcot at 3:51am.  Traffic wasn't bad and parking was quick and easy again.

I walked toward the staging area and went through the security bag check area without any problems.  I headed over to the family reunion area and took a bio break since there were no lines.  Then I met up with everyone.

 photo 201410K16_zpsc7ed79e1.jpg
The start line awaits

 photo 201410K12_zps623b1072.jpg
The gang being "Dopey" before heading to the corrals

 photo 201410K11_zpsf525b036.jpg
One more shot before we head to our individual corrals

At 4:45am we headed to the corrals.  The corral seemed way more crowded today than it was yesterday.  It is interesting how many Dopey bibs are in the corral.  We are packed in tight today and there's no way we're going to get all the way to the front of the corral.

Finally it was time to get going.  It's strange to start in the Epcot parking lot and turn left instead of going right in to the park.

 photo 201410K15_zpsc19b4227.jpg
A DJ over the road was bringing a lot of energy

The first mile seems very crowded and hard to get a good pace going.  I'm with Rae again today and we're just warming up and dealing with the crowds.  We hit the first water stop and there's no water ready to go.  I don't understand how they can not realize that the back of the pack needs water too and they need to get more ready to go.  This is especially true when it is warm and humid as it was today.

There are places that are open and easy to move where the road widens and then it narrows and we bottleneck again.  This happens through the first two miles.  Mile three isn't quite as bad and we get to head in to the parks now.

Things have opened up a bit and it is awesome going around World Showcase where there is a lot of energy and the Cast Members are cheering.

 photo 201410K9_zps9735dd71.jpg
Having fun in World Showcase
 photo 201410K10_zpscf00815c.jpg
Nothing like smacking your friend to get a good picture

Then we head out of the park and on to the Epcot Resorts area.  We are on the Boardwalk now and it is fun and I am truly enjoying this race.

 photo 201410K14_zpsa8a93120.jpg
Mile 5 Marker

We pass mile five and keep doing our run/walk intervals.  I'm feeling pretty good overall.

Back in to Epcot and we're seeing some different parts this time.  Oh, this is quite exciting.  We spend a lot of time in Epcot and it is great to see some different parts for a change.  Now we head to Future World by the entrance and back out towards the parking lot.  Here comes mile six.

 photo 201410K7_zps01fa8a17.jpg
Spaceship Earth means we're getting close

The finish line is up ahead and we hit a run interval and run it in.

Of course, some how I catch my headphones cord on my interval timer and pull the ear bud out of my ear.  Then my interval timer starts to fall off my Garmin and it is just a huge mess.  Silly the things that happen on the course.

 photo 201410K8_zps241bd7c4.jpg
Running toward the finish line
 photo 201410K5_zps8be2cf17.jpg
Equipment malfunction - everything got all tangled up!
 photo 201410K6_zps3f76c648.jpg
All done

I manage to get everything all back in order and I decide to hold up two fingers at the finish line - two down and two to go.

I head off to get my medal - love it.  Next I get water and powerade and then my 10K finisher's wristband.

 photo 201410K13_zpsb4833ed6.jpg
Got my wristband

The process was a lot smoother today.  The first volunteer puts an O on my 5K wristband with a black Sharpie and the second volunteer puts my 10K finisher's wristband on.  Time for finisher photos, then a snack box and banana.

 photo 201410K3_zps7176cf7e.jpg
 photo 201410K4_zps10be1d22.jpg
Got to have my finisher photos

 photo 201410K2_zpse8c2377e.jpg
There were a ton of photographer waiting to take photos and one was yelling about getting your official banana finisher photo - so I had to do it :)!

 photo 201410K1_zps891b7d74.jpg
Lots of pictures when you dress up and you don't even have to go looking for the photographers

My time was 1:37 which was faster than I planned on going, but I felt great physically through the whole thing and not overly tired so that's just fine.


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