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Monday, February 3, 2014

Dopey Challenge Day 1 - Walt Disney World Family Fun Run 5K

The day started out early when the alarm went off at 3:30am.  I got up and started to get ready for the first race of the Dopey Challenge.  I left the house at 4:10am and headed to Epcot.  The drive from home was quick and easy and I parked just before 4:30am.

I dressed as Pluto for this race and I was having some issues with my ears so I took a couple of minutes to adjust things and then I headed toward the staging area.  As with the Wine and Dine they had a bag check area set up and I headed over there to have my bag checked.  No big issue and it was quick and easy.

As I was wandering around I met up with Rae and we waited for Chris to arrive and then we met up with Mike R.

 photo 5KGroup_zps85a23c7f.jpg
A group shot to mark Day 1 of the Dopey Challenge!

As we were standing around it started to drizzle a bit.  Really, rain - ugh.  It actually wasn't to bad and it just made things a bit damp.  It wasn't super cold, but chilly if you were out in the open and a breeze came up.

We stood around for a few more minutes before they asked us to head to the corral area.  I decided to take a quick bio break and grab a cup of water.  Then Rae and I headed over to corral E.

Yep, for the 5K and 10K Rae and I are in the last corral.  Isn't that great?  Not too worried about being back that far for the first two races and at least I am a bit further ahead for the last two.

The corral was already packed, but we managed to make our way to the front of the corral.  It was fun to watch the other corrals go by on their way to the start line.  As we were getting ready to head to the start line the first runners were already coming in to the finish line - yes, Chris finished before we ever started.  It was fun to see them come in.

We made our way to the very front of the corral and were right at the start timing mat.
 photo 20145K9_zps965b054d.jpg

A lady behind me was complaining that we were in front of her because apparently she felt that we pushed our way up there, but I honestly have no idea what her problem was because we were there the whole time.  Then as we were getting ready to go Rae and I were discussing that we would start with a walk and the lady behind me started huffing again and complaining to her running partner that she wouldn't be able to run if people were walking in front of her.  I really wanted to turn around and ask what she expected since she was in the last corral, but people like that aren't worth bothering with.

After a minute or two we were on our way.  I had decided that to keep things light and easy I would do 5 minute walk and 1 minute run intervals and Rae decided to give that a try as well.  The first part of the course is not exciting as we go around the Epcot parking lot.  As we headed towards backstage Flik and Princess Atta were out for a photo opp.  Next up mile 1.

We headed backstage to the first water stop and most of the tables on the right side were out of water.  I did grab a cup from the left side, but I was surprised they were so depleted.  I mean I know I was in the last corral, but usually it's not that bad.  There were quite a few slippery areas from the rain and I was trying to be very careful so I that wouldn't slip and fall.

Out of backstage and in to World Showcase.  Around World Showcase there was Donald, Dopey, Jafar, and Remy and his friend.  The lines for the characters were all incredibly long as usual.  It would be fun to be fast enough to be able to stop, but for now that's just not going to happen for me.

 photo 20145K1_zpsc0837db9.jpg
Yes, it was still dark as we headed around World Showcase!

We continued our run/walk intervals and I was feeling pretty good after I warmed up a bit.  Coming out of World Showcase and around the International Gateway area we hit mile two.  Then the next water stop and all the front tables were completely out of water again.  The volunteers were doing their best to fill cups as we came by and I was able to grab one.

Heading in to Future World is always fun.  It was starting to rain a little bit more now, but it wasn't terrible.  There we go past Spaceship Earth and around by the entrance and back around for the last little backstage area before heading to mile 3 and the last little stretch.

 photo 20145K2_zpsf9e632a2.jpg
Spaceship Earth and getting near the end

Our run/walk intervals were timed just right and we ran the last tenth of a mile in to the finish line.
 photo 20145K3_zps0d80ea9a.jpg
The finish line

The medal volunteers were a bit swamped by people, but we managed to get our medals.  Then it was time to find the line for our Dopey Challenge 5K wristband.  This was a bit of a mess.  The line was extremely long and happened right past the medals, but there wasn't any signage until you went around the corner and got Powerade and water.  Still it didn't move to slowly even though it was very long.

Wristband in place it was time for a finisher's photo.
 photo 20145K8_zpsbdac8ef6.jpg
Finisher wristband

 photo 20145K4_zpse78ba3bc.jpg
 photo 20145K5_zps86019be2.jpg
Cute finisher backdrop

Then we grabbed a banana and snack box and headed towards the reunion area.

 photo 20145K6_zpsea0345bf.jpg
It's not hard to get photos when you're dressed up

Donald, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Pluto were out for photos and the lines were crazy, but we thought we'd get in line for Pluto - the longest line.

 photo 20145K7_zpsa7c0f054.jpg
Waiting in Pluto photo line

We waited for quite a while, but finally we decided that it was time for breakfast so we didn't stay to get our photo.  I was kind of bummed because I was dressed as Pluto, but the line was just crazy long and I was starving.

Race one done - Official 5K Time 48:07


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