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Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Disneyland Half

After a night of little sleep, the alarms went off at 3am, but I was already awake and up.  The start of the day was a deja vu of the previous day's routine - get up, get going and get my gear on.  My right knee was a bit achy and sore this morning - along with the rest of me.

I put a wet washcloth in the freezer of the mini fridge the night before and I pried it out of the freezer and put it in my waist pack.  I ate my Powerbar and my stomach was a bit upset.  I was a bit worried that I might already be a bit low on hydration, but my stomach was not up to putting anything else in it.

At 3:50am I headed out and made my way toward the Disneyland Hotel.  It struck me as super funny because as I passed the parking lot the speakers were already informing me that I had to use caution because the course ahead narrows.  I met up with De'Dee and Pam as they finished getting ready to head out.

It seemed like we made it to the gathering area super quickly.  There were a ton of photographers around so we had our picture taken a couple of times as we made our way over so they could meet up with the All Ears running team.
 photo 734797-1001-0039s_zps32270394.jpg
Waiting to Head to the Corrals with De'Dee and Pam

It was about 4:45am when we finally headed to the corrals.  The walk today was much calmer and less crowded than yesterday for the 10K.  I said goodbye to De'Dee and Pam as we headed to our separate corrals.  I made it in to my corral and was able to get pretty close to the front, but I wasn't really worried about finishing today.  As I was waiting I received a couple of texts from friends and I appreciated the pep talk!  I also discovered that my phone was cold and a bit damp from the frozen washcloth so I rearranged things and my Lifesavers ended up next to the frozen cloth.

I wanted to be in the corral earlier today why?  There wasn't a lot of fun to be had in standing in the corral for over an hour, but that's the way it usually goes.  The corrals were super full again and not all the participants were able to fit again.  People were starting to get annoying as they pulled apart the fences to climb in as far up as they could.  Then they wonder why people are giving them dirty looks and make snide comments about people not being happy - gosh, I can't imagine.  Hello people, the race is chip timed.  If you want to be in the front of the corral get there earlier like the rest of us.  Of course, this was really a minor annoyance because when it was time to actually go the runDisney officials let all those people waiting off to the side right in the front of the corral - UGH!

Yesterday was the first runDisney race that I had worn headphones in and I found that I enjoyed it and it helped in the less exciting parts of the course so I did the same for this race. I wear just one headphone so I can still take in everything around me.

Finally we were off.  I'm feeling a bit stiff and sore, but I knew I would loosen up after a mile or two.  I decided then and there that I would be walking the start - I usually do anyway because it tends to be a bit crowded at the start and the first mile is on the streets.  Mile 1 was 15:20 and the legs were starting to warm up and I was feeling pretty good mentally.

As you turn the corner and head to the mile two marker, it is also the mile 12 marker and just past that mile 12 marker the leader run came through and he was flying!  It's so awesome to see the lead runners go by.  Mile 2 was 15:10.

As we head in to the parks there are a lot of crowds and it makes it a bit tougher, but I kept up an okay pace.  I thought about starting to run/walk at this point - Mile 3, but I just wasn't feeling it and it was already starting to feel hot.  My legs were feeling good at this point

Now we're through California Adventure and on the way to Disneyland.  Mile 3 was 14:49, which would be my fastest mile.  I so enjoyed going through Disneyland.  Through the Castle and Tomorrowland.  I'm using my water and grabbing water at each water stop.
 photo 734819-1047-0041s_zps30161a4c.jpg
Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA!
 photo 734817-1058-0033s_zpscce8a429.jpg
This May Be Fantasyland, But This Weather is No Dream Come True  photo 734822-1102-0032s_zpsf2039aff.jpg
Look, It's the Castle!!!!

We're out of Disneyland now.  Mile 4 was 15:49.  I've been doing one Lifesaver every mile like I always do and it's funny because they are cold from being next to my frozen washcloth.  It's sort of fun, but they are a bit hard to chew.

We're back on the streets now and I'm hot and that's when I decide that I won't be doing run/walk until at least mile 6.  Another water stop and I was so ready for it.  Mile 5 was 15:45.  Trudging along the streets in the blazing sun - hot, hot, hot.  More water and here comes mile 6.  To run/walk or just walk - just walk.  Mile 6 was 15:03.

Just one foot in front of the other - repeat.  Mile 7 was 15:23.  And now we have the classic cars - over 300 of them.  I love the cars and everyone with them is so nice.  I thank and/or greet all of them.  Some of them are so surprised when you do that.  It's a boost for me for sure.

Mile 8 was 14:53.  Here's the Honda Center.
 photo 734826-1244-0032s_zps7136f14e.jpg
It's So Hot, but I'm Out Here Trudging Along!

More awesome cars and then they are all gone and we're on the Santa Ana River Trail and the going is slow.  It's always crowded here and dirt so you have to be careful.  Thankfully it's not too long. Mile 9 was 15:32.

Here I go in to the Angel's Stadium parking lot.  I decide to take it slow and easy through the stadium and then maybe I'll have enough to kick it up for the last 5K.  The little hill down on to the field hurts my knees, but right in front of me I see Pam and De'Dee.  I caught up to them - they started in corral D and I was in F and I caught them.  Normally they are much faster than me, but they are being smart and taking it slow and easy in the heat.  We chatted for a few seconds and I continued on my way.
 photo 734830-1046-0003s_zpsb31532d0.jpg
The wall is so close here at Angel's Stadium

Back out of the stadium and around the parking lot.  More water and this time I grab two.  Mile 10 was 16:44.  My slowest mile.

I really want to run/walk, but my body says no it's just too hot.  My legs are tired, but my mind is okay, but I am at the wall.  Two more water.  It's not exciting at this point and I'm suffering.  Mile 11 was 15:10.  I feel like I'm walking through quicksand.  I know I'm getting close, but I am feeling every step.  I take note that I am still sweating, but I also notice that I'm getting chills every once in a while - not good.

Finally headed to mile 12.  Mile 12 was 15:17.  Mentally it's tough.  I've missed my goal time, I'm hurting, the legs are done.  I keep going.  It's so close now.  It's really close.

Here comes mile 13.  Mile 13 was 15:33.
 photo 734834-1095-0014s_zps563856d0.jpg
The Final Stretch

I'm in the final stretch, my hands started swelling around mile 7 and I can barely close them now.  My Dumbo wristband which was loose is almost tight.  It doesn't matter - there's the finish line.  I am right there.

I high five Daisy and Minnie!  By the Garmin .41mi in 6:19.
 photo 734838-1055-0048s_zps841ca809.jpg
Hey Minnie - I Did It!
 photo 736197-1088-0036s_zps181aa3ae.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Finish Line

I get out my frozen towel and it feels so good to wipe off and cool down - the best decision I had made yet.  I noticed that I didn't get my finish text - oh no, did I not get a finish time?

I got my half medal and got a photo.
 photo 734840-1015-0047s_zps3dcd91e7.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Finish Line Photo

I got my Dumbo medal and got a photo.
 photo 736200-1022-0046s_zps06857207.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Finish Line Photo

I got one bottle of water and two Powerades.  I down them quickly.  I got in line for my finisher photo and then the Dumbo finisher photo.
 photo 734876-1014-0020s_zpsd8e2452f.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Finisher's Photo
   photo 734847-1015-0050s_zps98806a09.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Finisher's Photo

I got in line to get my snack box and a banana and headed in to the reunion area.  I texted De'Dee to make sure they were both okay and they were done too.  I walked through Downtown Disney and cheered on a few of the last runners heading in to the finish line.  So many of them are emotional - I totally get it.

Back in my room a little after 10am.  I ordered room service for breakfast, shower, ice bath, took some photos.  Food arrives and I ate, then I took a short nap.  The rest of the day I just took it easy around the room doing nothing exciting and I actually never left once I got back.  It took me a while to cool down after the race and I just didn't feel like going back out in the heat.
2013 Dumbo Double Dare photo DLToT079_zps3beab779.jpg
 photo DLToT078_zps9a3bb851.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Medal Lanyard
 photo DLToT076_zps0465179a.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Medal
 photo DLToT083_zps6c9a6163.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Medal Lanyard
 photo DLToT080_zpsf1adca4d.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Medal


Aly said...

Just catching up on reading now :) This race was so HOT! You did awesome, though, pacing well and keeping yourself healthy! I hope Dopey was good to you :) I'm still on my Dopey high!

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