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Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Dumbo Double Dare Expo

I know that lots of people have discussed the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Expo, but this was my fifth time doing the Disneyland events so I figured I'd share my thoughts.

I headed out to the Disneyland Hotel around 9am and went straight to the convention center to get in line.  Normally, I get my packet first and then head in to shop for merchandise, but today I decided to switch things up and get merchandise first.  There were lines all over the place and there was still almost an hour before the expo was scheduled to open.

Actually, there were three lines.  One heading downstairs to packet pick-up, one off to the side for the Disney New Balance Shoes, and one for entrance to the expo.  I was shocked by the lines, don't get me wrong the lines at this expo tend to be long, but people were winding all over the place.

As I was waiting I was chatting with a man I met in line and I looked back and just a few people behind me who do I see?  De'Dee and Pam!  De'Dee and I always end up bumping in to each other at the Expos - it is the strangest thing, but so cool to.  This was fun because we had a chance to catch up and chat while we waited in the hot, humid sun.

Finally it was time to head in and we headed straight to the official merchandise area.  Oh my gosh, this place was so crowded.  I've never seen it so crowded, it was truly difficult to move around and find things.  We all split up to go find the things that we wanted.  I have to say that this was a challenge and I struggled to find  the things I wanted. Remember this is literally five minutes after the expo opened and things were already gone.  It was sad to think of all the people that weren't going to get the things they wanted because they weren't there right at opening.

We all met back up and went in search of the end of the line to pay.  We walked, and we walked, and we walked until we were all the way past the speaker area and halfway in to the vendor area.  The line actually went all the way to the vendor area, along the presentation stage, and out in to the lobby where is zigged and zagged until it went back in to the official merchandise area, and zig-zagged some more.  We did finally make it through and get our merchandise.

After the lengthy wait we headed to see if the line for packet pick up was any shorter.  It wasn't any shorter, in fact, it was as long or longer than when the expo opened.  Back in to the expo to poke around the vendors.  Even the vendor area was so crowded that it was tough to walk around and see everything.

While we were walking around an announcement was made that you could sign up for the 2014 Dumbo Double Dare.  I went to check it out and found out that it was only available if you booked a travel package.  Bummer - I totally would have signed up, but I don't want a travel package.

Back out to the check the packet pickup line one more time and it was crazy long and all the way up to the expo area again.  On top of that, the line to get shirts was all the way out to the lobby of the hotel, which was weird because there didn't seem to be any one back at the shirt pickup area.

Since the lines were still so long and it was past lunch time we decided to go and grab a bite to eat.  We ended up at House of Blues since there was only a couple minute wait.  It was a great lunch and a nice break from the hectic atmosphere of the expo.  Did I mention it was well after 1pm when we went to lunch and we still didn't have our packets?

Once we got back to the convention center we were able to head down the ramp to get our bibs.  The lines were short at this point and I got my bib and pins and necklace card quick and easy.  I got my necklace and De'Dee discovered that her credit card was missing and decided it was back at House of Blues.  We grabbed our shirts and headed out to get De'Dee's credit card while Pam waited in line at runner relations.

It was 3:30pm when we all met back up.  I have never taken so long at an expo before and as I mentioned I've done this one four other years and over 30 other runDisney expos.  Normally I come in, get my packet, shop and am done in about an hour and a half.  This was an all day event.

I should also mention that it was so hot and humid this day.  I felt worn out from the heat and humidity and it didn't bode well for the races.
  photo DLToT036_zpse3e65f45.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Official Program
 photo DLToT032_zps2cc18d17.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Bib
 photo DLToT043_zpsa28bd643.jpg
2013 Disneyland 10K Tech Shirt
 photo DLToT046_zpsc8773045.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Tech Shirt
 photo DLToT048_zpsf2a24f11.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Tech Shirt
 photo DLToT010_zpsbdca286d.jpg
2013 Disneyland 10K Commemorative Pin
2013 DDD photo DLToT008_zps13331ed8.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Commemorative Pin
 photo DLToT004_zps7a70192e.jpg 
2013 Disneyland Half Commemorative Necklace 
 photo DLToT016_zps3dbad9b9.jpg 
2013 Disneyland Half Vinyl Medal
 photo DLToT024_zpse4ec816d.jpg 
2013 Disneyland Half Sweaty Band
 photo DLToT031_zps045c77c8.jpg
2013 Disneyland Half Bondi Band
 photo DLToT028_zps4cfb4eb9.jpg 
2013 Disneyland Half Magnetized Car Decal
 photo DLToT054_zps9af88f3b.jpg 
2013 Disneyland Half Tech Shirt
 photo DLToT018_zps53baf972.jpg 
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Commemorative Pin
 photo DLToT012_zps32c18dd1.jpg 
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Key Chain 
 photo DLToT020_zps9068f2dc.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Sweaty Band
 photo DLToT027_zps7e60ab52.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Magnetic Car Decal
 photo DLToT058_zps52320977.jpg 
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Tech Shirt Front
 photo DLToT059_zps566732f0.jpg
2013 Dumbo Double Dare Tech Shirt Back
 photo DLToT053_zps2e9a05a1.jpg
2013 Disneyland 10K T-Shirt
 photo DLToT040_zpsaacd3c94.jpg
Little Mermaid Magnet - Did I mention that these were originally put in the goody bag where people were putting their bibs...Not a good plan since magnets tend to make the B Tags not work correctly. Later in the day the volunteers were warning participants to make sure not to place bibs next to the magnet. OOPS!


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