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Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

As I mentioned in my 5K post I did packet pickup on Thursday night after work.  I was registered for the Goofy Challenge and although I wasn't medically cleared for these distances I knew I would have to at least try.  So I picked up all my stuff as you'll see here.
 photo IMG_4267.jpg 
Yes, that's a Goofy's Challenge Bib 
 photo IMG_4360.jpg 
Half Marathon Tech Shirt 
 photo IMG_4274.jpg 
Half Marathon Commemorative Pin 
 photo IMG_4284_zpsd6375568.jpg 
Half Marathon Commemorative Necklace
 photo IMG_4303.jpg 
Half Marathon Key Ring
 photo IMG_4361.jpg 
Marathon Tech Shirt 
 photo IMG_4276_zps153ed292.jpg 
Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo IMG_4299.jpg
Marathon Commemorative Pin
 photo IMG_4285.jpg 
Marathon Commemorative Necklace
 photo IMG_4278.jpg
Commemorative Marathon Button
 photo IMG_4280.jpg 
Commemorative Marathon Shoelaces
 photo IMG_4301.jpg 
Marathon Key Ring
 photo IMG_4362.jpg
Goofy's Challenge Tech Shirt
 photo IMG_4271.jpg 
Goofy's Challenge Commemorative Pin
 photo IMG_4281.jpg 
Goofy's Challenge Commemorative Necklace
 photo IMG_4297.jpg 
Commemorative Marathon Weekend Pin

New this year is the 3" runDisney Vinylmation with commemorative medals for the races.  A cool idea and takes up less room than a Vinylmation for each race although maybe not as unique.
 photo IMG_4287.jpg 
2013 runDisney Vinylmation
 photo IMG_4295.jpg 
Half Vinyl Medal
 photo IMG_4294.jpg
Marathon Vinyl Medal 
 photo IMG_4296.jpg 
Goofy's Challenge Vinyl Medal 

I got up early and drove to Epcot with the masses.  Actually, getting there and parking was not as bad as I expected.  It was already warm and I knew that wasn't going to ease up when the sun rose.  I headed to the staging area to meet up with my Team Voice buddies.  We hung out until it was time for the trek to the corrals.

Rae and I were in the very last corral.  Oh goody, less buffer and more waiting around.  We decided that we were going to get as close to the beginning of the corral as possible and we succeeded.  We were at the very front of our corral and we managed to stay there as our corral moved forward to take our place at the start line.

And we're off!  The first couple of miles are uneventful and I manage to keep with Rae.  Mile 3 and I start feeling some pain in my hip.  I continue to stay with Rae until about mile 4 when I realize that if I'm going to finish I'm going to have to slow down and hopefully get my hip to behave.

Thank goodness we're at the Contemporary Hill and headed in to the Magic Kingdom.
 photo 725280-1025-0016s.jpg
Magic Kingdom - my goodness is my form wacky in this shot or what?  You can see I'm already having issues.
 photo 725274-1121-0005s.jpg 
Yeah, the castle makes this all better!

By the time I'm heading out of the Magic Kingdom I'm feeling pretty bad.  The weather is hot and humid and my hip is an effort to move with each step.  Still I will trudge on as long as I can.  

Before I started this race I knew there was a possibility that I might get swept.  I wasn't able to train, I had medical issues, I moved across the country, started a new job, was in the last start corral...I was afraid that all these things would combine to bring me down, but I kept going.
 photo 725291-1247-0025s.jpg
Epcot - pain and determination
 photo 725290-1009-0025s.jpg 
Epcot - the end is near

It was not easy, but all be darned. 
 photo 725319-1023-0045s.jpg 
Woohoo - I did it!

Rae finished ahead of me and waited for me and we got our photo together.
 photo 725319-1023-0046s.jpg 
We did it!!!
 photo IMG_4352_zpsc8d46d53.jpg
Half Marathon Medal 
 photo IMG_4354_zps40e0939e.jpg 
Half Marathon Medal Lanyard

After the race I was really hurting.  I figured it was just an over use type injury, but I am not sure I've ever had one this bad.  I'm supposed to do the full marathon tomorrow.  Maybe I'll start and see how far I can go before getting swept.

After a sleepless night and continuing pain in my hip, I made the decision to skip doing the full marathon.  I knew I had Tinker Bell the following weekend and I figured I'd go for getting better for that instead.

When I drove to Epcot the next morning I left my bib at home so I wouldn't be tempted to cause myself more damage.  Instead, I spectated and was able to cheer on many of my friends as the completed a grueling surface of the sun hot full marathon.  Of course spectating is a sport all its own, but there's nothing better than giving runners a boost and a cheer when they think they can't go on.  So inspiring to see so many people finish this rough race - kudos to them all!

This wasn't how I wanted my third Goofy Challenge to go, but I'm glad I took my health first this time.


K+M said...

I just signed up for my first run disney. So nervous about getting paperwork in and doing the right stuff before it all starts. I don't want to mess up. Sept 6th is my half marathon grand I started training yesterday. Out of shape but I'm determined! I'm from AZ too, so yay!

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