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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

As I mentioned in my 2013 Never Land 5K report I got all my packets and goody bags on Friday and there were no issues and it was quick and easy.

I will say that the Expo was disappointing for me this year.  Last year there was a good selection of sizes and shapes for official shirts and merchandise and this year it seemed much smaller and less original which I wasn't expecting.  I still wish they'd realize that not all participants are 5'2" and 105 pounds, but I say this almost every time.
 photo IMG_4411.jpg 
Tinker Bell Half Bib (after the race)
 photo IMG_4406.jpg
Tinker Bell Tech Shirt (men's cut long sleeve)
 photo IMG_4484_zps7bd762f7.jpg 
Tinker Bell Drawstring Bag (fun bag)
 photo IMG_4493_zpse0e8dbb6.jpg 
Tinker Bell Commemorative Pin 
 photo IMG_4497_zps7b88cb8d.jpg 
Tinker Bell Vinyl Medal
 photo IMG_4489_zps42952afb.jpg 
Tinker Bell Half Commemorative Necklace
 photo IMG_4386.jpg 
Tinker Bell Half Car Magnet

This race started very, very early in the morning.  I got in my corral and had a good time chatting with a Cast Member from Disneyland.  Of course I had to defend Walt Disney World as I was told our Cast Members weren't as friendly or personable as the Disneyland Cast Members.

As we were getting ready to go I was right next to the stage.  Figured I'd need as much extra time as I could get.
 photo IMG_0705.jpg
Announcers and Daisy Duck Before the Race Starts

And we were off.  One thing I absolutely love about this race is that I got to go down Main Street in the dark.  I'm not fast enough to ever get to do that in Walt Disney World so for me it was a great treat.
 photo 725719-1037-0039s.jpg 
The Castle
 photo 725681-1020-0049s.jpg 
On the Road with California Adventure in the Background
 photo 725725-1016-0017s.jpg 
Nearing the End

This is a fun race.  The participants are very friendly, there are lots of wings and costumes to see and I just really enjoyed myself even though I still wasn't at 100% health-wise.
 photo 725694-1018-0018s.jpg 
Finisher Photo 1

Since I had completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon the week before this completed my Coast to Coast for 2013 and I received that medal at this race!
 photo 725708-1015-0006s.jpg 
Finisher Photo 2 (what is it with me and closed eyes in finisher photos?)
 photo IMG_4505_zpsab15e9af.jpg 
Tinker Bell Half Medal (Tinker Bells Spins)
 photo IMG_4510_zps8b332c7e.jpg
 photo IMG_4509_zps39018ba6.jpg
Tinker Bell Half Lanyard 
 photo IMG_4513_zpsa1bda70b.jpg
Coast to Coast Medal 
 photo IMG_4517_zps53f84489.jpg
 photo IMG_4516_zps37607700.jpg 
Coast to Coast Lanyard

After the race I was in World of Disney and they had the I Did It shirts on sale so I figured I'd pick one up since I hardly bought anything at the Expo.
 photo IMG_4363.jpg
I Did It Shirt - Front
 photo IMG_4364.jpg
I Did It Shirt - Back

This is a great race and I highly recommend it.  The course is not the same as the Disneyland Half so you do get a different experience.  It's also a good time to visit in terms of weather as it typically isn't as hot as Labor Day Weekend.


Sarah said...

I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon as the first half to my Coast to Coast Medal. I will earn my second half of my Coast to Coast medal and ultimately my Coast to Coast Medal Saturday night as I run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited!


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