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Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Princess Half Marathon - 5th Anniversary

As I mentioned in my post on the 2013 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Royal Family 5K, I picked up my packet on Friday afternoon and it wasn't the best experience.  Well, at least the packet pick up wasn't so bad, just the rest of it wasn't great.  I will still be happy to be back over at ESPN Wide World of Sports for this Expo next year.
 photo 009_zpsdbda8f1e.jpg 
Princess Half Official Program
 photo 004_zps77c0b358.jpg 
Princess Half Bib - Rapunzel
 photo IMG_4560_zpsb344c115.jpg 
Princess Half Tech Shirt (men's cut)

It's a great thing that we can now order a women's or men's cut shirt.  For me, the women's champion shirts have always run small (even when I wasn't as heavy as I am now) and I don't like shirts to cling so I always opt for the men's shirt now.

There was some extras for the fifth anniversary and I appreciated the little extras.
 photo IMG_4555_zpsa19e558d.jpg
Princess Mesh Drawstring Bag
 photo IMG_4537_zpsfb820067.jpg 
Princess Half Commemorative Button
 photo IMG_4526_zpsec75d0c0.jpg
Princess Half Temporary Tattoo
 photo IMG_4534_zpsba5da2b5.jpg 
Princess Half Commemorative Pin
 photo 003_zps09052f06.jpg
Princess Half Commemorative Pin
 photo IMG_4528_zps69acbe64.jpg
Princess Half Commemorative Necklace
 photo 005_zps52fad91e.jpg
Princess Half Bondi Band (headband)
 photo 007_zps651c6f27.jpg
Princess Half Vinyl Medal

I drove to Epcot to park in the early hours of the morning.  As I entered the staging area and went about my normal pre-corral routine I noticed that it was already quite warm and very humid.  This of course made me nervous as I don't do so well with the humidity.  I could only hope for the best and do what I could since I was still not at 100% in terms of my health and I really just wanted to finish upright.
 photo iPhoneOct2013349_zps9096e4cc.jpg 
Princess Half Start Line Banner 

The race got under way and soon it was light.  Thankfully, there was a nice cloud cover so the sun wasn't blaring down on us, but it was definitely warm and the humidity never did ease during the entire race.

This race course is the same as the WDW Half in January.  There's some road time with some special character spots prior to the Ticket and Transportation Center - there's a group of princes all together for a photo op that I always love as it's amazing to see them all together in one place like that, then you get the Contemporary hill and on to the Magic Kingdom which is always fun and energizing.  After the Magic Kingdom it's the crowded road by the Grand Floridian and Polynesian, some more lovely road with banked ramps an overpass, the Epcot parking lot and then in to Epcot where the end is near and the smiles come easily.  Finally you exit Epcot and head to the finish line where hopefully you get to high five one of the fab five!

 photo 727355-1016-0012s_zps6870ea31.jpg 
Trudging along
 photo 727337-1038-0007s_zps9d8a9224.jpg
Smiling in Epcot
 photo 727336-1099-0044s_zps22e61377.jpg
Smiling and My Secret is Out - Like Stitch I have extra arms
 photo 727359-1115-0007s_zpsd8766502.jpg
Happy to be Done
 photo 727369-1005-0014s_zps00f2755b.jpg 
Princess Half Finisher Photo
 photo IMG_4546_zpsb95624f7.jpg 
Princess Half Medal
 photo IMG_4549_zpsb846b954.jpg
 photo IMG_4551_zpscccb7368.jpg 
Princess Half Lanyard

I don't normally do the I Did It shirts any more as there are just so many, but the anniversary one was just too good to pass up this time around.
 photo 011_zpsa1612e15.jpg
I Did It T-Shirt - Front
 photo 012_zpse9140c9c.jpg
I Did It T-Shirt - Back

If you're looking for a great race for a girls' weekend, this is a must try.  The atmosphere is fun and there is a lot of energy on the course.  You'll see plenty of running skirts and tutus and glitter.  That doesn't mean that men should avoid this race, as someone once told me there's plenty to look at and who knows you might see something you like and set a new PR.  Beware men, you're not going to be in a corral above C in this race and if you're looking for an award other than your finisher's medal this race isn't for you.

In all seriousness, this is one of my favorite runDisney events and I highly recommend it!


-J.Darling said...

Looks like fun! :) We happened to be there during the race in 2013! It was really amazing to see all the ladies (and more than a few men) rocket through it! Maybe some year... maybe... :)

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