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Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Never Land 5K

The week after the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Events I headed out to California for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend. 

I went to the Expo on Friday to get my packets for the 5K and the Half Marathon and pick up some commemorative items - this went very smoothly and quickly and didn't take much time at all.

 photo IMG_4408.jpg
Never Land 5K Bib
 photo IMG_4415.jpg
Never Land 5K T-Shirt
 photo IMG_4367.jpg
Never Land 5K Commemorative Pin

The Inaugural Never Land 5K took place at night and while there were a few issues with lighting in a few spots it was still fun to have a 5K at night.  This year it took place very early in the morning.
 photo 726137-1002-0004s.jpg
Waiting for the Never Land 5K to start

Fireworks and Tinker Bell Flies
 photo IMG_0667.jpg
It Really is a Small World - Look at the Crowds

There were certainly a few spots in the course that were extremely crowded, but overall the flow of the race went pretty well.
 photo IMG_0676.jpg
Backstage at Disneyland - Christmas Decor
 photo IMG_0678.jpg 
Mile 1 Marker
 photo IMG_0685.jpg 
Backstage with the Tower of Terror in the Distance
2013 Neverland 5K photo IMG_0690.jpg 
A Bug's Land
 photo IMG_0694.jpg 
Mickey's Fun Wheel as the Sky Lightens
 photo 726108-1023-0041s.jpg 
Paradise Pier in California Adventure
 photo IMG_0700.jpg
Mile 3 Marker - Nope, I have no idea who these people are :)  photo IMG_0701.jpg
The Finish Line is Near
 photo 726140-1008-0013s.jpg 
Never Land 5K Finisher's Photo
 photo IMG_4390.jpg 
Never Land 5K Medal
 photo IMG_4391.jpg 
Never Land 5K Lanyard


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