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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Royal Family 5K Fun Run

The Princess Half Marathon Expo took place at the Coronado Springs Convention Center.  This was a huge mistake.  The first problem was having to bus from Downtown Disney to Coronado Springs because there isn't enough parking at Coronado Springs.  The next problem was the very small and cramped area they tried to put everything in.  It just felt very disorganized and underwhelming.

Still, I was able to get my bibs and packets pretty quickly and without too much fuss.  After I picked everything up I went in search of the timing mat to check to make sure my bib was correct and worked.  If you've followed me for any length of time you might recall that I've had some issues with bibs not working correctly, not just at Disney, but at other events.  I guess I'm a little bit skeptical that they will always work.  I walked the whole area and couldn't find the timing mat so I stopped by the runDisney booth and asked about it.  The Cast Member I spoke to didn't know if there was one set up and directed me to check with Runner Relations.

I head to the back corner and get in line to ask about the timing mat.  After waiting a few minutes I finally get to ask the Cast Member if there is a timing mat set up to verify the information and to see if the tag is functional.  The Cast Member was really very rude and patronizing and sort of rolled her eyes as she looked at me and said, "There's no reason to check these tags, they always work and the information is never wrong."  I explained that I've had a few races where that hasn't been the case so I'd just like to make sure everything is working and correct.  I was then told, "we're not going to do this any more and there's no reason to doubt that it will work."  Now, as you read this you're probably thinking that doesn't sound unreasonable or rude or patronizing, but I cannot type the attitude that I received from this Cast Member - she acted like a snotty teenager that feels she is way better than every one else she speaks to.  

At this point I asked to speak to a manager.  It just so happened that there was a manager and I stepped over to speak to him.  I explained my question and before I could even finish I was informed that if there was a problem with my bib then I must have bent it or did something wrong.  I explained that after 80+ races I was well aware of how to take care of and wear a bib and that technology isn't flawless, but I would appreciate it if he would backup for just one second.  I then explained that I understood his stand on not having the timing mat, but what I really wanted to discuss was the manner in which I was just treated by his Cast Member.  He sort of huffed and said fine.  I explained the situation and I again got the rolling eye treatment.  It was just very disheartening so I finally asked if there was someone that I could speak to regarding this situation and I was sent to the show event office.

I went to the show event office in the opposite corner of the space and guess what...There was no one there to speak to.  I waited about 15-20 minutes and never did find someone to speak to.  I left feeling very sad and disappointed at the way the afternoon progressed.  It makes you wonder about the value of the event when things like this happen.  Still, this isn't the norm and there are a lot of situations that might have caused this issue that I don't know about so I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
 photo 001_zpsde80e8bd.jpg
Royal Family 5K Bib
 photo IMG_4557_zps1723ba83.jpg
Royal Family 5K T-Shirt
 photo IMG_4531_zps90789fcd.jpg
Royal Family 5K Commemorative Pin

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Royal Family 5K took place Saturday at Epcot.  This is the same 5K course as January WDW Marathon Weekend 5K.  The course starts in the parking lot, goes backstage, in and around world showcase, to future world and back out to the parking lot.  

I drove to Epcot early in the morning and parking was painless and easy.  Then I headed to the staging area and grabbed a couple of quick photos and walked around to warm up a bit before getting in my corral to wait to go.
 photo iPhoneOct2013347_zpsebd52ee8.jpg
Royal Family 5K Start Line Banner

It was a warm humid morning, but not too bad overall in terms of weather.  I took off without any real goals for the race, but that quickly changed.  I am sure that I've mentioned Santa Claus in other race reports.  I have run with him in full marathons and half marathons and 5Ks and he always kicks my butt.  Yes, Santa is faster than me and he just plugs along like crazy.  Turns out that he was right in front of me pretty much from the start so I decided to use Santa as my pacer.  I stayed with him for a long time when I finally decided that I really needed to get in front of Santa and try to cross the finish line before him, just this once.
 photo 727109-1031-0028s_zps6aaf58e2.jpg
World Showcase
 photo 727107-1066-0034s_zps5a58b92c.jpg
Isn't the lady behind me happy?
 photo 727116-1021-0001s_zps73d8face.jpg
Nearing the Finish Line
 photo 727093-1020-0007s_zps148a4714.jpg
What do you think is making me so happy?

Yes, the announcer is calling out Santa Claus and you can't help but smile at the spectators calling out to Santa Claus and the announcers calling out Santa Claus as he gets closer to the finish line.
 photo 727072-1047-0034s_zps7341a45b.jpg
The Finish Line

And the picture above is my proof that at least one time I was able to get in front of Santa Claus and cross the line before him.  Now, you may think that sounds horrible - trying to beat Santa Claus, but I promise it wasn't anything against Santa Claus, I just needed something to get me through the race more quickly.

After getting my drinks, I was headed to get my finisher photo and I was next to Santa Claus again and I did have a quick chat with him.  I thanked him for pacing me through the race.  Congratulated him on his finish not only today, but doing the Unofficial Dopey again this year and wished him luck with the half the next day.  He's really a very nice gentleman and I find a lot of inspiration in his spirit, perseverance, and amazing ability to continue to do these races.  I don't know how old he is, but I hope I can be doing these races well in to my older years.
 photo 727097-1005-0004s_zps4c6ca230.jpg
Royal Family 5K Finisher's Photo
 photo IMG_4539_zpsf4b48f10.jpg
Royal Family 5K Medal
 photo IMG_4543_zpsbd01c0b2.jpg
 photo IMG_4541_zps040c54b7.jpg
Royal Family 5K Lanyard


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