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Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Expedition Everest Challenge

The expo for the 2013 Expedition Everest Challenge was held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  If you've ever visited the other expos, this one is nothing like those.  This is a small expo.  There's bib pick-up, and bag/shirt pick-up.  Then there's a small official merchandise location and a few vendors.  They have some speakers and sessions to describe the course and the process for the 5K and the scavenger hunt - I recommend checking out one of these sessions if it is your first time doing this event.
 photo IMG_4584_zpsea931dff.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Tech Shirt
 photo IMG_4563_zpsa76bcd08.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Commemorative Pin

This is an evening event so plan on arriving at Animal Kingdom before or around sunset and then waiting around for a bit.  Driving to the Animal Kingdom and parking is quick and easy and the race starts in the parking lot.  

As I walked around I noticed a lot of interesting costumes this year - including the guys dressed princesses - yes, one of them was dressed as Jasmine including the stomach baring top.  Lots of people were taking their pictures with these guys.  Too funny!

I took some pictures for people as I walked to my corral.  I knew I was going to be slow so I headed to my corral.  It was a very warm and humid evening and I was already sweating as I stood around and waited.  All of a sudden something hit my hair - I thought it was just someone passing behind me - then it happened again and I turned around.  The guy behind me said - sorry, there was a bug.  So I thanked him for getting rid of it.  That was very funny and nice of him.

There was a brief announcement about the Boston Marathon events and a moment of silence.  It was very tactfully done.  Then we had a sing along version of the National Anthem with trumpet accompaniment.  It was quite lovely.
 photo 730908-1001-0014s_zps36b3fc16.jpg 
The National Anthem
 photo 730908-1002-0001s_zps11048eee.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Challenge Start Line

The start line was rather fun as they had the snow machines out and there was snow floating and fans blowing.  It really added a lot to the atmosphere.

Then it was time to go.  The beginning of the race is around the parking lot and not a lot of fun, but thankfully the boring part ends quickly as the first obstacle approaches.
 photo 730946-1026-0049s_zps746d65e5.jpg 
The first obstacle - hay bales

The first obstacle is hay bales and if you look at the picture above you'll see in the background people on the ground.  Right as I was going over the first hay bale the woman next to me went down hard on her elbow.  She was hurting.  Thankfully, the medics saw her and I stayed with her until they arrived just a minute or two later.  She was crying and crushed.  I am sure her arm was hurting pretty good, but I think maybe she was more shaken up and embarrassed than anything else.  It seems to me that the worst part of this race is that it is a 5K with obstacles.  I think many people assume that since it's a 5K they can go all out even if they don't train and it gets them in to trouble.  I've seen plenty of people go down on this course.

The medics arrived and I headed on my way.  

The second obstacle is tires and this year was a little different than last year.  Last year the tires were set up so that people that didn't want to chance falling could walk between the rows of tires.  This year there was no way to get around the tires so you were stuck going through them.  It was a bit dark and there were way more tires this time.  I managed to get through them without killing myself.

I was having a rough time with this one because I was pretty sick.  It was about a week before I had surgery and was a bit rough, but I managed.

I met a very inspirational man after the tires and we chatted through most of the back part of Animal Kingdom.  He had his Achilles' rebuilt earlier in the year and this was a goal race for him in his recovery.  He was doing a great job and I hope I was able to give him a bit of a boost for the last part of the race.

The third obstacle came right after mile 3 and was the army crawl under netting.  Last year I got down and did this, but this year there was no way I was going to be able to crawl on my stomach so I went around this time.
 photo 730921-1062-0003s_zps249b7669.jpg 
Finish Line of the 5K Portion

 photo IMG_4568_zpsc86e369b.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Penlight
 photo 730922-1088-0021s_zps7dbb95d1.jpg
After the 5K Portion of the Event
 photo 730938-1007-0032s_zpsafa421b4.jpg 
Before the Scavenger Hunt

Once you get through the 5K you get a penlight and your first clue card and head back in to the park.  I have to say that I wasn't completely in to the scavenger hunt this year.  I felt that the clues were a bit tough or my mind just wasn't in to riddling things out.  I worked with other participants, listened to others or just flat out asked volunteers for help.  I just really wanted to be done.

I managed to get through and get my medal so I was happy.
 photo 730930-1006-0043s_zps0bd1d2eb.jpg
After the Scavenger Hunt
 photo IMG_4569_zps6c438067.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Medal - Front Closed
 photo IMG_4573_zpsb1769ed0.jpg 
2013 Expedition Everest Medal - Front Open
 photo IMG_4574_zpsf795e0cd.jpg
2013 Expedition Everest Medal - Back
 photo IMG_4578_zps4f0592e2.jpg
 photo IMG_4576_zpsa5834013.jpg
2013 Expedition Everest Medal Lanyard

Apparently, runDisney after parties and I just can't seem to get together.  As soon as I got my medal, I headed straight to my car and headed for home.  I didn't even make it back in to the park.

I still like this event.  It's fun and different.  One thing I noticed this year is that it wasn't quite as fun as last year because they did the family scavenger hunt in the morning at ESPN Wide World of Sports which meant there weren't as many families on the course during the evening event.  One of the things I loved last year was watching the excitement all of the kids had during the event.  Still, whether you do this event as an individual or a team it is a fun event and I do recommend everyone try it at least once.


Traci S said...

Thanks for this! I was wondering if I could do it alone - my husband doesn't want to & everyone else seems to be in pairs. I do other runDisney events by myself & I'd really like to do this one, too. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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