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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

August 2013 Wrap Up

Weight Watch: -2.6 pounds
It's better than nothing, but let's face it, still not a focus for me.  I know, I know - it should be.

Mileage Watch:
Run/Walk: 63.71 miles
Bike: 45.85 miles
Elliptical: 4.64 miles
Total Miles: 114.20 miles

Goal Review
So, I set a goal for August - continue miles every day.  Didn't matter how many miles as long as I got up and moved.

I am happy to say that I met this goal. Even on travel days I made myself move.  I'm happy with the miles, but I feel like I'm not progressing as much as I'd like to.

September 2013
I intend to continue the miles every day goal in September. In addition to getting miles every day, I need to keep working on increasing the length of time for my workouts when appropriate. I need to continue building endurance and strength.

I will continue to use the Galloway Dopey Training plan.  While I have to modify the plan for races, I will work on the weekly workouts and work on focusing on the long runs.

One other thing I need to focus on is remembering that every step is a step in the right direction.  That while I don't feel like I've improved enough or fast enough, I am improving.  A positive attitude will go a long way in conquering the upcoming races.


-J.Darling said...

Looks awesome Amanda! That's a small, maintainable change. Totally doable!

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