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Thursday, September 26, 2013

2012 Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K

I'll be perfectly honest with this one.  I was extremely ill during this race and didn't really know how sick at the time.  I thought about stopping more times than I care to admit even though it was only a 5K.  I barely remember the course, except for the few bad areas I had.

The day was cool which was a blessing for me.  I remember the boring parking lot before going in to Animal Kingdom.  The backstage areas of the park and being in the park were highlights for me.

The end of this race left me with a very difficult decision - do I try Wine and Dine Half or not?  I put off that decision as long as I could, but ultimately decided that it would not be smart to try to do the race.  I know that if I started I'd push to the end and I wasn't sure my body was up for that. 

I finally found out a couple of weeks later that my decision to not do the race was the correct decision as I could have done serious harm to myself if I would have attempted it.  Still, not doing the half marathon was the first Disney race I had registered for and not completed, it was also the only runDisney race that I did not complete in 2012.  Needless to say, I was devastated to not reach my goal of doing all runDisney races in 2012, but I had to get over that and remember that long term health is much more important. 2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo MiscRaceSwag102_zps9a5cdb0d.jpg
Commemorative Pin
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo IMG_4586_zpsf7720da1.jpg
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo MiscRaceSwag112_zps42094d9c.jpg
Front of T-Shirt
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo 97209-532-012f_zps178fc406.jpg
Concentrating on finishing
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo 97209-389-033f_zpsb56638a8.jpg
This felt like a mountain of a race
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo 97209-331-012f_zps733e6772.jpg
At least the guy behind me was having a good time 2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo 97209-092-036f_zps72172990.jpg
I finished
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo MiscRaceSwag110_zpsc883098f.jpg2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo MiscRaceSwag108_zpsc99c06f2.jpg Lanyard
2012 Jingle Jungle 5K photo MiscRaceSwag104_zpsf9590dbb.jpg


Matt said...

I'm just glad you're ok!

-J.Darling said...

A 5k through the animal kingdom during the holiday season? That's got me written ALL over it!

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