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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Review: August 5 - 11

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Bike 7.7mi, 30 minutes, resistance level 3, 15.5mph avg
Notes:  It was a long day as I spent 4 hours on my feet doing a cross u shift at casting today, but it was fun and got me out of the office.  Got in a great bike workout despite being tired.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.10mi @ 14:18 per mi
Notes:  Raised my run speed a little bit and am very happy with the pace I was able to maintain tonight.  Still have to work on the breathing at this pace though.

PM Workout:  Elliptical 1.08mi, resistance level 1, ramp 20,25,30,40 two mins each repeated
Notes:  Changing the ramp more often helped keep my feet from falling asleep today - that was a bonus.  It was also really good because I felt the incline change in lots of different muscles in my legs.

PM Workout: Treadmill walk 2.16mi @ 14:13 per mi
Notes:  Great rough treadmill workout today.  Kept the same sort of pace as Tuesday so I guess it wasn't a fluke.  It feels good to see some improvement.

PM Workout: Treadmill hill intervals 1.58mi @ 18:59 per mi, incline 0-2.5%, up to 3.4 mph
Notes:  What a wimpy workout, but give me a little credit.  I actually didn't want to do anything, but I know I can't start making excuses.  So, even if I make it an easy workout, I know it won't hurt me.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 7.0mi @ 15:08 per mi
Notes: Not quite as fast as I hoped to be, but I still feel good about the miles.  I know I still have such a long way to go to get where I want and need to be.  Every step is still a step in the right direction and I have to keep telling myself that.  I won't claim that this was easy, but I did it.

AM Workout: Treadmill walk 2.21mi @ 15:47 per mi
Notes:  Amazingly, I feel good after yesterday's miles.  In fact, I feel great in terms of my legs.  Galloway's run/walk method seems to be working for me.  It was a really great easy walk tonight.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -3 pounds
Tracked my foot last week and it helped me keep an eye on my portions.  Also, ramping up the workouts didn't hurt.

Run/Walk Miles: 15.05
Bike Miles: 7.7
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 24.10
Bike Miles: 7.7
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Training Notes
The fear of working out is finally starting to move out of my head.  I am slowly able to start pushing myself harder and feel good about it instead of feeling like I'm going to hurt myself or fail all the time.

I still haven't missed a Galloway Dopey Training day.  I'm very happy about that.  I didn't expect 7 miles was going to be as hard as it was.  Even though it was hard, I stuck it out and did better than I thought I might do.  I'm a bit upset that I didn't get outside yet again, but the heat and humidity is just not healthy for me right now, but I know I need to get outside at some point soon.

I don't expect my weigh in to be great tomorrow.  I haven't been as good about watching my portions this week - I still tracked my food, but the log shows that I didn't do as well keeping things in check this week.  Still I'm trying and I am trying to add healthier options in when I feel like eating more than I should.  I know it's not perfect, but I still think it's better than I've been doing.


Richard said...

Looks like a good weeks's worth of activity for your base. You will start to see more progress as you ramp up on the distances you do. I'm look forward to watching your progress.

raeplace said...

Progress is so awesome!!! :)

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