2017 Training Stats

Miles Completed = 29.01
(Run/Walked = 29.01, Biked = 0.0, Elliptical = 0.0)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Review: August 19 - 25, 2013

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Elliptical - 1.54mi, 45 minutes, resistance level 1, ramp incline 30%
Notes:  Good long workout on the elliptical tonight.  Felt pretty good in terms of cardio.  Knees a little bit sore.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 3.26mi @ 14:15 per mi
Notes:  Tired at the end of the 45 minutes, but overall I felt okay.  Still managed to do my run/walk intervals without adding extra walk breaks.

PM Workout: Bike 11.6 mi @ 15.5mph avg, resistance level 3, 45 minutes
Notes:  Bike is feeling better and better each time.  Stayed nice and consistent tonight.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.08mi @ 14:25 per mi
Notes:  Legs are super tight and the calves are sore tonight.  Still a good quality workout tonight - would have been better if I would have eaten today, but sometimes that's the way it goes.

PM Workout: Treadmill workout 2.75mi @ 16:21 per mi, incline 1%, up to 4.0 mph
Notes:  Very tired today.  Still a good walk tonight.  Always feels good getting the miles in.

PM Workout: Treadmill incline workout 1.86mi @ 16:07 per mi, 0-2.5% incline, 3.0-3.9mph
Notes: My right calf was so painful when I got up I could hardly walk.  So, I took it easy, rest, ice, elevate and by late evening it was feeling better.  I was able to do this workout without pain so I must have just been really had a good muscle spasm going on.

AM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 3.13mi @ 14:44 per mi
Notes:  Strayed from Galloway this week in preparation for the Dumbo Double Dare next week.  I want to keep some light workouts going and light miles so that I'm not too tired for the races next weekend.  My right calf is all better today - much better.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -.4 pounds
Meh...what can I say.  I'm trying, but not as hard as I should so I have a mix of good days and bad days.

Run/Walk Miles: 13.08
Bike Miles: 11.6
Elliptical Miles: 1.54

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 53.19
Bike Miles: 30.80
Elliptical Miles: 3.63

Training Notes
Ah the stress of work and life and all that is living sure can take a toll some days.  It was a bit rough this week, but I can't complain too much as I still managed my miles every day.  Yes, it's true - I never regret a workout.

I had to modify the Galloway Dopey Training Plan this week.  I should have done 9 miles this Saturday, but knowing I have a 10K and Half Marathon next weekend, I decided to cut the miles and save the legs.  That will be the case as each of the upcoming races get closer.  I will swap miles on certain weeks as I need to in order to be rested and ready for races.  I think this will work okay for me.

Food was so-so this week.  I have good days and bad days, good choices and bad choices.  I'll keep trying on this front and hopefully at some point my brain will agree with my body and things will click in to place.

I head out to California this week - the Disneyland races are calling my name.  It's a bit crazy to think that I'll be doing my first 10K after almost 90 races.  It's exciting and adds a little fear to the gut.  It's new territory - although you'd think doing the Goofy twice would make me feel easier about this...This will be the first race in almost two years in which I shouldn't have to deal with major medical issues.  That feels great, but I know I'm not as trained as I'd like to be and I want more than my body will likely be able to give me.  Still, I'm going to enjoy these races and hopefully revel in finishing!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Review: August 12 - 18, 2013

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout:  Elliptical - 1.01mi, 31 minutes, resistance level 1, ramp 20%
Notes:  I really didn't feel like working out tonight, but I did it anyway.  Never regret a workout and didn't feel guilty for skipping it.  Overall, I felt pretty good.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.12mi @ 14:11 per mi
Notes:  I was hoping to do 45 minutes today, but it just didn't happen.  I still got in a good quality run/walk.  My legs were a little lifeless and sore tonight.  Decided the 30 minutes would be a better choice tonight.

PM Workout:  Bike 11.5 mi @ 15.4mph avg, resistance level 3, 45 minutes
Notes:  Good bike ride tonight.  Legs are still a little tired so the bike was a nice change.

PM Workout: Treadmill walk 3.2mi @ 14:22 per mi
Notes:  I managed 45 minutes tonight, no skipping any run intervals.  I slowed down the pace just a little to get the extra time in.  I am really happy with the run/walk intervals right now as they seem to be helping me.

PM Workout: Treadmill hill intervals 1.86mi @ 16:07 per mi, incline 0-2.5%, up to 3.9 mph
Notes:  My feet were sore for some reason tonight, not sure what was up with that.  Still felt pretty good during the workout.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 5.0mi @ 14:23 per mi
Notes: I won't claim it's easy, but I managed my miles today and really didn't have to take any big breaks from the run intervals.

AM Workout: Treadmill walk 3.83mi @ 16:26 per mi
Notes:  Was hoping to go longer today, but I just didn't have it in me.  Still I got a nice slow walk in on the treadmill and felt pretty good.  Even after pushing a bit yesterday my legs felt pretty good today.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: +.4 pounds
Not upset by this number.  I still feel strong, I didn't do a great job on the food this week and I have a lot of work to do still, but I'll get there eventually.

Run/Walk Miles: 16.01
Bike Miles: 11.5
Elliptical Miles: 1.01

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 40.11
Bike Miles: 19.20
Elliptical Miles: 2.09

Training Notes
I am really glad that I am starting to embrace the Galloway method.  It's taken me a while to get over the not doing a scheduled number of miles each day, but the flexibility of doing time over miles is good for me as it takes some pressure off.  I'm also starting to get over the frustration that I used to feel whenever the interval timer would go off.  I used to get wound up waiting for the darn thing to change to the next interval.  Now, I don't look at it and just go with the flow and it's become a little easier for me.

I still haven't missed a Galloway Dopey Training day.  I went over my miles on Saturday, 5 instead of 3 because I was hoping to do long back to back for Dumbo this weekend.  I fell short on the Dumbo training plan, but I'm still right on track for the Dopey plan and that feels really good to me right now.

I did a little better on food this week, but still not great.  I keeping finding it tough to find the balance between eating right and having enough so that I'm not starving all the time.  I definitely feel more hungry when I put more in to my workouts.  Still, I'm working on it and that's a start.

My Dumbo Double Dare trip is only 10 days away.  I am happy to say I'm actually excited for races again.  It's been a long time since I haven't dreaded the races and how bad I'd feel.  Now, I am looking forward to seeing what I can do.  I just have to remember that no matter what happens it'll be fine.  Even if I can't get a good enough time to move up a corral for Dopey - it doesn't matter because I'll keep working and I'll be fast enough to compensate for a last corral start come January.  It's all about positive thinking and hard work at this point!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Review: August 5 - 11

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Bike 7.7mi, 30 minutes, resistance level 3, 15.5mph avg
Notes:  It was a long day as I spent 4 hours on my feet doing a cross u shift at casting today, but it was fun and got me out of the office.  Got in a great bike workout despite being tired.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.10mi @ 14:18 per mi
Notes:  Raised my run speed a little bit and am very happy with the pace I was able to maintain tonight.  Still have to work on the breathing at this pace though.

PM Workout:  Elliptical 1.08mi, resistance level 1, ramp 20,25,30,40 two mins each repeated
Notes:  Changing the ramp more often helped keep my feet from falling asleep today - that was a bonus.  It was also really good because I felt the incline change in lots of different muscles in my legs.

PM Workout: Treadmill walk 2.16mi @ 14:13 per mi
Notes:  Great rough treadmill workout today.  Kept the same sort of pace as Tuesday so I guess it wasn't a fluke.  It feels good to see some improvement.

PM Workout: Treadmill hill intervals 1.58mi @ 18:59 per mi, incline 0-2.5%, up to 3.4 mph
Notes:  What a wimpy workout, but give me a little credit.  I actually didn't want to do anything, but I know I can't start making excuses.  So, even if I make it an easy workout, I know it won't hurt me.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 7.0mi @ 15:08 per mi
Notes: Not quite as fast as I hoped to be, but I still feel good about the miles.  I know I still have such a long way to go to get where I want and need to be.  Every step is still a step in the right direction and I have to keep telling myself that.  I won't claim that this was easy, but I did it.

AM Workout: Treadmill walk 2.21mi @ 15:47 per mi
Notes:  Amazingly, I feel good after yesterday's miles.  In fact, I feel great in terms of my legs.  Galloway's run/walk method seems to be working for me.  It was a really great easy walk tonight.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -3 pounds
Tracked my foot last week and it helped me keep an eye on my portions.  Also, ramping up the workouts didn't hurt.

Run/Walk Miles: 15.05
Bike Miles: 7.7
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 24.10
Bike Miles: 7.7
Elliptical Miles: 1.08

Training Notes
The fear of working out is finally starting to move out of my head.  I am slowly able to start pushing myself harder and feel good about it instead of feeling like I'm going to hurt myself or fail all the time.

I still haven't missed a Galloway Dopey Training day.  I'm very happy about that.  I didn't expect 7 miles was going to be as hard as it was.  Even though it was hard, I stuck it out and did better than I thought I might do.  I'm a bit upset that I didn't get outside yet again, but the heat and humidity is just not healthy for me right now, but I know I need to get outside at some point soon.

I don't expect my weigh in to be great tomorrow.  I haven't been as good about watching my portions this week - I still tracked my food, but the log shows that I didn't do as well keeping things in check this week.  Still I'm trying and I am trying to add healthier options in when I feel like eating more than I should.  I know it's not perfect, but I still think it's better than I've been doing.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Review: July 29 - August 4

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Elliptical 1.0mi, 30 minutes, varied resistance levels, ramp 10 %
Notes:  I wasn't sure I'd make 30 minutes tonight, it was really rough.  Knees were fine, but my feet were really sore on here today.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.0mi @ 15:34 per mi
Notes:  Felt good, but was hoping to go longer than 30 minutes, but by the end of 30 minutes I was feeling it and had to stop.  At least I'm still trying.

PM Workout: Bike 10.5mi, 45 minutes, resistance level 2, 14.0mph avg
Notes:  Got in a really good bike ride tonight.  I am finally starting to feel stronger in the legs.  Got my corral for Disneyland today - F.

PM Workout: Treadmill walk 2.1mi @ 14:45 per mi
Notes:  New month, new miles.  I'm sore, a good sore, which means I've been pushing harder this week.

PM Workout: Treadmill hill intervals 1.92mi @ 18:13 per mi, incline 0-5.5%, 3 - 3.5 mph
Notes:  A bit tired and worn out today, but surprisingly the inclines didn't bother me as much as I thought they would.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 3.0mi @ 14:36 per mi
Notes: Nothing structured today, just sort of played with running/walking to see if I could get my body more comfortable with the running motion.  Legs felt really good through the whole workout, but sore after I was done.

AM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.03mi @ 14:46 per mi
Notes:  Would have liked to do more miles today, but it's really hard to do while I'm on call.  Still it was a good workout and the miles felt good even after pushing a little bit yesterday.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -.2 pounds
Well, there you have it. I won't complain with a negative number, but I won't claim it as a success either.

Run/Walk Miles: 11.05
Bike Miles: 10.5
Elliptical Miles: 1.0

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 9.05
Bike Miles: 0.0
Elliptical Miles: 0.0

Training Notes
I have to say that while I'm still not where I want to be, I am starting to feel stronger.  My legs are holding up better and better with each workout.  My cardio still needs work, but I am able to get through my workouts without too much huffing and puffing right now.  Things are going okay.  The tough part right now is not being able to get outside and trying to figure out my workouts while being on call.

I am still on track with the Galloway Dopey Training Plan and still haven't missed a workout there.  That makes me feel really good, of course, it's still early and the miles are still relatively short so I've been able to hold up. 

I am in corral F for the Dumbo Double Dare - at least it's not the last corral.  I'll take whatever buffer I can get, even if it is only one corral.  I'm feeling okay for the 10K - I don't think this one will be too bad for me.  I will have to be careful to save some energy for the half and not completely wear myself out.  I just have to remember that it'll be a PR no matter what for the 10K as I've never done a 10K race.  Then for the half I just want to give it my all and see what happens.  It's not the first time I've done the course so I know it well and I should be able to get myself through it okay.

On the food front, I've done really well this week.  Six days of eating better food and better portions and one day of splurging.  It's not perfect and it's still a work in progress, but it's at least a start.

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