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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Review: July 22 - 28

Here's this week's recap
PM Workout: Elliptical 1.04mi, resistance level 1, ramp 10 %
Notes:  Can't say that I fancied a workout tonight, but I did it anyway.  The elliptical was making my feet fall asleep tonight and my feet were sore.  That happens sometimes, but at least my knees felt okay.

PM Workout: Treadmill run/walk 2.17mi @ 14:44 per mi
Notes:  Was going to try for 45 minutes tonight, but only made it 32 minutes.  Just heavy tired legs that didn't feel like doing what they were supposed to.  Still trying to build up my endurance.

PM Workout: Bike 7.1mi, 30 minutes, resistance level 2, 14.3mph avg
Notes:  Still not feeling great today.  Definitely not feeling great about myself today.

PM Workout: Treadmill walk 1.68mi @ 17:51 per mi
Notes: I was sick, stayed home from work sick today.  Still I have a goal for the month so I kept it slow and easy and got some miles in.

PM Workout:  Treadmill hill intervals 1.64mi @ 18:17 per mi, incline 0-2.5%, 3 - 3.4 mph
Notes:  Still feeling a bit off today.  Legs sore, but I think it was more because I didn't feel well.

PM Workout: Treadmill hill intervals 1.86mi @ 16:07 per mi, incline 0-2.5%, 3 - 3.9 mph
Notes: Took the girls to the vet today which took up much of the morning.  Wanted to get outside, but the weather did not agree as it was hot and humid, really hot and humid.

AM Workout: Treadmill walk 5.5mi @ 16:21 per mi
Notes:  I am not sure what my problem is, but I couldn't get up and get moving this morning so by the time I was ready to head outside there was no way I could go outside so, I hit the treadmill again.  Just alternated 3mph and 4mph as I felt.  Still feeling like my legs are lead at times.  I know it's just getting back in to the swing of working out and I know they are stronger already.

Weekly Numbers:
Weight Watch: -.6 pounds
Well, there you have it.  I won't complain with a negative number, but I won't claim it as a success either.

Run/Walk Miles: 12.85
Bike Miles: 7.1
Elliptical Miles: 1.04

Monthly Numbers
Run/Walk Miles: 46.15
Bike Miles: 27.8
Elliptical Miles: 4.07

Training Notes
The Dumbo Double Dare is really just around the corner now.  Just over a month away.  I don't know why it scares me,but it does.  Yet, I've already trained more than I trained for my last five or six half marathons.  Don't get me wrong, I know I can finish the races, but I had really hoped I'd be further along with getting some more speed under my belt.  I'm not looking to go super fast, just faster than I have been without training.

I am happy to say that I am still on track with my Galloway Dopey training and even with being sick this week I have not missed a scheduled workout.  This is a good start.  I know I have to get my fear of long runs under control.  I know that doing the long training runs is so important to building endurance and making sure the races are enjoyable, but that doesn't mean I have stopped dreading them.  I mean honestly, it was just 5.5 miles today and I still dreaded it, but I'm taking Galloway's advise and remembering that even if I walk the distance I will still gain the benefits of endurance.

How's everyone else doing?


raeplace said...

Are you worried since the Dumbo Double will be your return race??
I am having the same issues with doing the longer miles. It is flat here. So i have no hills, unless I go to the park that does.
We all know you will finish this race. I would not even think about any type of PR, just be happy that you ARE able to be back out there. If you want a PR look forward to Tower, still time for it.

~* Jenn *~ said...

I totally relate to your fear of the long runs. I nearly cry with anxiety before hand. I have gained some weight since I was training heavy and running has gotten so much harder. I have given myself permission to slow down thinking it would make it easier, but it just makes me feel like a failure and then I want to run even less. Good luck with your training!!

Richard said...

These look like good moves in the right direction. For myself, I never seem to feel like I make progress during the hot and humid months. However, as soon as cooler weather rolls around, I find that I've made more progress than I thought I could. I'm sure all this hard work now is putting you in position for a big payoff in a few months.

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